trekking around the Annapurnas -  Braga ***

Abstract: trekking Annapurna circuit, the buddhist monastery of Bragga

Braga (3450) m is just 45 min before Manang. There you will find one of the nicest monasteries of the Himalayas.

In October the monks leave the monastery and go to Kathmandu in their main monastery. This is not only to avoid the cold winter, but mainly to get lectures from higher lamas. During their absence, some villagers take care of the Gompa (Buddhist monastery). To visit it, you will have to find someone with a key, this can take up to 1 hour, just ask people around the Gompa, they will start to yell and shout into the valley and later the key owner will come and show you the different parts. This can take another hour. It is definitively worth to wait even more than a hour! Dont forget to give a Tip to him and a donation for the Gompa. You will need a good torch to see the hundreds Buddha’s inside and a flash to take photos.



a meter high golden Buddha

Behind the prayer room there are hundreds of little , but beautiful statues, you need a torch to see them,


View from the roof, the mountain in the right is Annapurna II