Abstract: Trekking Annapurna Circuit, the village of Manang

When I came the first time in 1981, there were just three private houses renting rooms for trekkers. Unfortunately I missed the only blanked of the whole village and had a very cold night. Today you can nearly feel as being in a Swiss winter resort with many hotels up to three floors high.

Between Annapurna III and the Gangapurna the Gangapurna glacier fells more than 2000m down


In 1999 the 100 Rupee monk was already 80 years old. He lives in a small monastery above Manang. For 100 Rupees he made a ceremony and blessed you. It is a very nice experience and I hope he is still living.

‘If you go up the step trail, you get a first idea how it will be going up Thorong la, no air to breathe anymore!



In the west of Manang one can see the “Grande barierre” or big wall. In 1950  a French expedition with Maurice Herzog hoped to find a way from here to the Annapurna I but staying before the colossal wall the had to realise, that there was no way to do so. Near this Mountains is the Tilicho lake, a very nice tree day side Trek.


View from the Monastery on the Gangapurna glacier.

You can even make a little boot tour on the lake on the foot of it.

Annapurna and Gangapurna are both the names of goddesses.

Gangapurna is 7457 m high










In the cold winter months, people stay inside around the little fire. Its only when the sun is high at midday, that its so warm, that they like to go outside






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tilicho lake