Nepal, Trekking round Annapurna, Tukuche, Jomsom Trek

Tukuche was for many years the place where the caravans were changed, the goods stored and the custom duty taken. so Tukuche grew to one of the richest villages in the Kali Gandaki valley. You still can see this on the big houses with their large inner courtyards where the caravans could stay during the night. The goods were stored at the ground floor, and the people lived on the second floor. After the decline in the salt trade, it looked like if the days of Tukuche had gone, but now with the tourism there is life again.

Tukuche with the big place and his Gompa. Like in Marpha there are plenty apple trees growing



Endlich, die erste wahre Dusche auf dem Treck!

One of the biggest mani walls in the Kali Gandaki Valley

musicians at a wedding party



During monsum time, the Kali Gandaki will be a large river.

Dust storm in the middle of the valley