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Pfeil gleb Gif transp Annapurna Circuit:  on this page you will find information and pictures of the high trail from Julu to Braka


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24. Julu to Braka on the high route * 4 hours

If when you reach Julu you still have 4 hours left until the evening you can choose the high route between Julu and Braka.  This route offers spectacular views but takes around 1 hour longer than the normal lower trail. You will also have to climb an additional 250 m. But you will be recompensed with absolutely great views of the valley below and the full range of Annapurna II till Tilicho peak. This trail is not yet marked and is a little bit confusing in the beginning, but soon it will be rather clear to follow. Start in Julu just after the entrance chorten gate and climb up the hill on various little trails. As long as you are climbing up the hill they are the right ones. When you reach the ridge of a larger plateau you will see more clearly trails going west in the direction of the main valley and soon it becomes an obvious trail. The plateau is rather flat but still you will have to climb a little bit. At the end the plateau gets wider with extended pastures and some herders’ huts. At the end you will see a chorten made to be framed by all photographers. From there the trail will steadily descend to Braka and soon you come to the junction where another trail goes up towards the ice lake. From there on the trail is indicated with the NATT blue/white marks and leads you directly to the upper part of the fantastic old village of Braka.

we esplored this trail in January 2012 coming from Braka. As we did not know him before we refrained from marking and i think that it is still not marked. But i think that the main trail should be found rathere easely coming from Julu. so just takt care that you have enough time before it is getting dark. in january the winter colours a pale, one could even say anaemic, so expect some brighter colours in the main trekkign season ;-)

Julu Braka high trail 01 x 700

Starting point is in Julu. You start climbing the hill slop just above the village on many different zigzagging little trails which is a little bit confusing. But when you reach the plateau you should see the main trail. On this picture you don’t see the trails; they are more on the right.

Julu Braka high trail 10 x 345Julu Braka high trail 11 x 345

going up in the dry an scrubby hillside


When you reach the top of the hillside, you will walk on a sort of balcony with breathtaking views of the Annapurna range on the other side of the valley

Julu Braka high trail 09l x 345Julu Braka high trail 02 x 345

Julu Braka high trail 07 x 345Julu Braka high trail 08 x 345

on the plateau there is pasture land ynd yo find some herders huts and stables

high trail Milarepa cave x700

if You are planning to make the side trek to Milarepa Cave you can see it already from here.

Julu Braka high trail 04 x 345Julu Braka high trail 05 x 345Julu Braka high trail 06 x 345Julu Braka high trail 03 x 345

At the end of the plateau is a beautiful stupa. From here the trail will go gently down till you arrive above beautiful Braka.


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