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Pfeil gleb Gif transp Annapurna Circuit:  on this page you will find information and pictures of the different possibilities to go from Tilicho Lake to jomsom. there are basically two passes: the classic Mesokanto la and the Mesokanto La north


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NATT trail No. 33 From Tilicho lake to Jomsom



Weg um den Tilichosee

This picture is from the german Schneider Map which is unfortunately outdated for the other trekkingtrails. but excellent for the map itself.

Please remember, that the trail shown here are only drawn by memory and not accurate.

there is now also a map of himalayan Map house whichs shows the trail over Mesokanto north


How to go to the western shore of the lake?

For both passes you first have to reach the western part of the lake. This is not  easy as on the left southern side of the lake often avalanches come down on the glacier and on the right lake side huge cliffs definitively obstruct any forthcoming.

Tilicho 05-26P 0300Tilicho 99-18P 0300

Tilicho lake 0041 Photo Prem Rai x 345 


The cliffs make it impossible to walk along the lake to the western shore.





Because Tilicho lake is so beautiful many people like to camp the first day on the eastern shore to have more time to explore the beautiful scenery. Photo Prem Rai

Tilicho Lake 0093 Photo Prem Rai x 345

Conturning the northern Hill

Tilicho 99-12P 0300Tilicho 99-13P 0300

Tilicho 99-15P 0300The only possibility is to climb behind the rock hill which is overlooking the lake on the north side. But as you are already on an altitude of around 5000 m this is not that easy. Behind the Rock you will be at around 5300 m.

Picture on the left sid. view back after passing the rock hill.The terrain is rather flat.



After a while there seems to be a possibility to go down on the left side to the lake, beware of this, it will bring you again just before the cliffs and all the climbing was in Vain!. . It is just the second valley which will lead you to the lake. Instead of going down, you could directly continue straight to the Mesokanto La North, it is probably just around 2,5 hours to the next camp site.

But far nicer is to descent to the western base camp at the lakes shore with wonderful views of Tilicho lake.

if  you started early in the morning from Tilicho base camp lodge you can reach the western Campsite in the same day

Western Camp site

Tilicho 99-20P 0300


crossing tilicho Tourist La /Mesokantu north

Nepal tilicho trekking map detail mesokanto north 200

Start from the campsite in direction where you were coming the day before but then climb the hill slope. After some beautiful viewpoints overlooking the lake you will approach the pass


Tilichosee  Pan 10 P 0600

Tilicho lake a seen on the trail going to Mesokanto north Photo XXL


Tilicho 99-21P 0300Tilicho 99-22P 0300


The Pass

From the pass on can see deep into Tibet (with Bachan Rai)

After the pass

After the pass the trail descends first in northern direction to turn down the valley before a huge and spectacular rock formation.

Cross the river and climb directly the other hill side. On top there is a flat terrain suited for camping but without water. In 1999 there were big cairns showing the direction. The trail is descending from this plateau a little bit more southern on a ridge and will bring you to a bridge over the river below.

After a while you will pass by a goat farm an then reach Thini  /Thinigaon which is already close to Jomsom

Mesokanto la (south)

One is the Mesokanto La, marked in all the maps but fairly difficult. The ACAP has also put up a signpost. Prem Rai crossed this pass in 2011 and found it very difficult and dangerous. The trail down to Kali Gandaki follows the south side of the valley passing an abandoned army camp. i hope that i will be able to explore the two Mesokanto passes more precisely in October 2015

here are some Photos from Prem Rai.

Meso Kanto 0161 Photo Prem Rai x 345Meso Kanto 0165 Photo Prem Rai x 345Meso Kanto 0188 Photo Prem Rai x 345Meso Kanto 0195 Photo Prem Rai x 345Meso Kanto 0194 Photo Prem Rai x 345Meso Kanto 0200 Photo Prem Rai x 345

Meso Kanto 0220 Photo Prem Rai x 345Meso Kanto 0222 Photo Prem Rai x 345

Meso Kanto 0236 Photo Prem Rai x 345

a last Camping

And finaly Thini

Tini and jomsom_0254 Photo Prem Rai x 700


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