Tal waterfall

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On this page you find informations and pictures of the trail from Chamje to Tal

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NATT 07 Chamje to Tal



At the end of Chamje the road continues straight on the right riverside. Fortunately the NATT trail branches of to the river and you can continue on a beautiful natural NATT trail

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the bridge over the Marsyangi River

DSC_2718 x345DSC_2720 x345

Two monsoon pictures. in a deep gorge a landslide resulted in a huge natural dam. In the dry season the water will folw throught and under the big rocks but in the rainy season it comes down as an torrential white water river. Notice on the left picture the road high above the river

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In December, the grass is dry and brown, but the poinsettias are flowering :-)

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After walking with on typical Nepali ukkalo- oralo trail (permanently up and down ) one finally has climb the step slope leding up to the top of the dam/barriere. This can be very hot, but fortunatelly there is a teashop in the middle so that you can cool down with a cold drink.

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at the end of the climb you reach the entrance gate

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When you pass the police post on top of the dam you will look down to a large flat area with the village Tal.

DSC_6939 x345Tal Annapurna

work in Progress .........

In the neinties he village of Tal looked a little bit like a little wild western town.  The area is famous for their littles but strong horses.

N989 -25 TAL Panorama x700

Tal in 1998


Nowadays many new lodges haave been built and Tal looks quite similar to  like the other villages on the AC

DSC_2739 x345DSC_2740 x345 TalDSC_2741 x345DSC_6948 x345DSC_6947 x700 Tal


DSC_2745 x700

At the end of Tal there is a marvellous waterfall o faround 200 m hight.

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Tal waterfall

potato harvest

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