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Pfeil gleb Gif transp Annapurna Circuit: Danaqyu to Temang: on this page you will find information and pictures of the trail climbing  from Danaqyu up to Temang

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NATT trail No. 12  Danaqyu –Temang 1:45-2 hours:

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Danaqyu is a long village stretched over more than 1 km with several lodges. Be aware that the next lodges after Danaqyu are in Temang, almost two hours further and requiring a steep ascent of more than 350 m. 

Trekking annapurna DanaqiuTrekking annapurna DanaqyuTrekking annapurna DanaqiuTrekking annapurna Danaqyu

In Danaqiu you will pass the first big buddhist mani wall. Please contour it alwayas on the left side (clockwise) . At the ende there is a huge prayer wheel . Turn it clockwise and enjoy the bellring after each turn. inside this big Wheel are enclosed hundredtousends of printet prayes and the idea is that wich every turn of the wheel there are spread to the universe.

Trekking annapurna Danaqiu prayer wheelTrekking annapurna Danaqyu prayer wheel


Follow the trail to the river and walk over a little wooden bridge. Soon a trail on the left side will steeply climb up in the forest. Whatch out for the NATT sign ;-) on the left roadside

DSC_7144 x345Trekking annapurna Danaqyu Temanag


On the way you will cross a few times the zigzagging road- always look for a foot trail going rather straight up. The higher you climb, the better are the views on the breathtaking Manaslu range.

Trekking annapurna Manaslu rangeTrekking annapurna Manaslu rangeTrekking annapurna Manaslu rangeTrekking annapurna Manaslu range

The Manaslu range

When you reach two small teashops you will know you are almost  in Temag, where they are in a frenzy building huge lodges.  Obviously they think that with the new road hundreds of guests will jump out of the busses to stay there, but I rather think the bus passengers will just pass by and trekkers will not want to stay directly near the busy road.

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