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Pfeil gleb Gif transp Annapurna Circuit:  on this page you will find information and pictures of the trail from Ngawal to Munji passing by the gompa baording school of Lophelling and the little village of Julu.


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Natt trail No. 23 Ngawal to Braka (Braga)

Part one: Ngawal to Munji

Ngawal upper and lower trails- x 500

There are two possible trails .


1. The lower trail

The lower one starts in the middle of the village and descends directly into the Marsyangi. And this trail divides later again into two trails, the left one is a little nicer as it will pass directly by the little village of Bensi Ngawal.

The Valley has spectacular hill slopes.

Bensi Ngwal Panorama - x 700


on this pictures you can see the two trails coming down from Ngawal and the little villag eof Bensi Ngawal. From here you just continue along the valley till you reach the dirt road in Munji.

Bensi Ngawal - x 345Bensi Ngawal 4- x 345Bensi Ngawal 3-  x 345 Bensi Ngawal 2 - x 345

Bensi Ngawal. weedeing the buckwheat field in August2. The upper trail **
gonig first to the gompa and boarding shool of Lophelling,  then to Julu to rejoin the dirt road in Munji.

This trail offers beautiful views and is fare more varied than the lower one. The trail is marked with the red/whit NATT signs. It starts at the top of the village just opposite of the gomps and passes through meadows and field below the hills to climb up to a little plateau.

DSC_3145- x 345DSC_3138-  x 345

DSC_3147- x 345


When we were there, some young monk sholars from the Gompa boarding school were coming down to play footbal below on the meadow.




lophelling 1- x 345lophelling 2- x 345

When you reach the plateau you will be owerwhelmed by the spectacular view with Annapurna 3 and tilicho peak

lophelling Panorama - x 700

in the backround you see the Gompa of Lophelling which is also a big boarding school

lophelling stupa 1- x 700

lophelling stupa 3 - x 345lophelling stupa 5- x 345lophelling stupa 6 - x 345lophelling stupa 4 x 345


lophelling 3- x 700

During monsoon

The gompa an boarding school of Lophelling

lophelling 5 - x 345lophelling 7 - x 345lophelling 15- x 345lophelling 11 HDR Kloster - x 345lophelling 8 - x 345lophelling 9- x 345lophelling 6 - x 345lophelling 10- x 345

The Gompa is rather new and many sholars of the whole valley go there for studies

lophelling  view z - x 700


view into the Marsyangi valley from the tressa of the gompa. Annapurna 3, Gangapurna Khangsar Khang and a the end the Grande Barriere with Tilicho Peak

To continue you desent below the gompa throug a pine forest down to a side valley where you can see the few houses of Julu.

lophelling to julu - x 345


julu 01 - x 345julu 05 - x 345


Julu is on the other side of the river and  a little bit further up of the bridge you will find a row of beautiful water driven prayer wheels.

julu prayer mills 10- x 345julu prayer mills 01- x 345julu prayer mills 03- x 345julu prayer mills 04 - x 345julu prayer mills 07- x 700


The village of Julu

julu 06 - x 345julu 03 - x 345julu 011 - x 345julu 012 - x 345julu 02- x 345julu  09 - x 345julu  08 - x 700


 To reach Braka *** you could take the high rout which is not marked yet and takes around 1 hour longer . Pfeil gelb rechts Gif transp Julu to Braka the hight route  or the standard route along the main Marsyangi valley

 Leaving Julu you continue in the valley walking past fields , meadows or through pine trees. The terrain is rather flat till you reach a places with chorten and many prayer flags. here you turn down int the main Marsyangi valley and descent thill the main trail. This will lead you to the village Munji where where the NATT-trail joins the dirt road from Pisang to Manang

DSC_7490 - x 345Junlu way to braka- x 345


Munji z - x 700

coming down to Munji where you join the main dirt road




Overview Annapurna region

 Annapurna overview 

    Pfeil gleb Gif transp   Pfeil gelb rechts Gif transp Munji to Braka***

Pfeil gelb rechts Gif transp high route from julu to Braka ***

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