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Pfeil gleb Gif transp Annapurna Circuit:  on this page you will find information and pictures of the trail going directly from Khangsar or from the Lodge in Sheree Kharka to Yakkharka or Churi Lethar on the way to Thorong Phedi

NATT trail No 34 From Khangsar to Yakkharka (thorong Phedi)

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1. Going from directly from Khangsar to Yakkharka

if you want to take a short cut just start at the end of the village ( if i remember well, there is a gompa)  am climb to the right up the hillside. You will have to look a little bit for trails. hed upwarts but aslo a little bit to the east ( Managdirection) Still on the hill side you will see some little stables and join the trail coming from Sheree Kharka. Continue east till oyu reach the viewpoint.

2. Going from Sheree Kharka to Yakkarka

This is a little longer journey but it is the nicest way to go from Manang to Thonong Phedi! I call it kissing the Grande Barriere, which is not realy thu because the Gb is still on the other side of the valley but anyway you will fall in love ;-) Go first  in direction of  the lodge in Sheree Kharka like described in NATT trail no. 31

just a little bit below the Lodge a trail will branch of the trail to the right

Khangsar--0907x 345

This trail continues nearly on the same altitude so that you will have not so much to climb. After a nice walk you will first come to the houses of Old Khangsar, which are only inhabited in summer. But this village offers stunning views on the Annapurna range with Gangapurna, glacier Dome and again the marvelous Grande Barriere.

old (upper) Khangsar

Khangsar--0913x 345Khangsar--0914x 345Khangsar--0915x 700

Continuing you will first come to the meadows above Khangsar with some herders houses and then to an fantastic viewpoint overlooking the Manang valley and the valley leading to Thorung la.


The awsome viewpoint above the Manang valley

Khangsar--0920x 700

With my freind Prem Rai. View in direction north with the Khatung Khang which is one of the mountains forming the Thorung La

Khangsar 05 0003 x 350Khangsar 05 0004 x 350

View into the into upper Manang valley. What a fantastic viewpointT In the Backround you can see Kanguru.

Going  from the veiwpoint to Yakkharka

The trail starts below the viewpoint, so that you have to look rather on the right side to find it. Then the trail descends gradually along the hill side. On the bottom of the valley cross the little Thorong river o a bridge and join the main trail going up to Thorong Phedi. If you had taken the upper trail through Gyaru and Ngawal and stayed one night in Khangsar or Sheree Kharka you can continue till Thorong Phedi, as you acclimatization is already pretty good. i prefer to stop in Churi Lethar and then walk the next day to high camp. Like this, i can totally enjoy crossing Thorong la without any problem.

Khangsar 05 0005 x 350Khangsar 05 0006 x 350


Overview Annapurna region

 Annapurna overview 

  No. 31 Manang to Khangsar Pfeil gleb Gif transp 

No. 32 Tilicho lake Pfeil gleb Gif transp

Pfeil gelb rechts Gif transp No. 30 Manang Thorong Phedi

 Pfeil gelb rechts Gif transp Thorong La

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