Visa & Permits and fees

On this side you will find information about Visa ,trekking permits and trekking peaks in Nepal


The easiest Way is to get your Visa directly on the Airport at Kathmandu, you need the proper amount for the  fee in Cash US $, otherwise the custom officer might run out of change! Dont allow them this pleasure. The maximum stay is now 5 months per calendar year.

It is worth hurrying at the arrival in Kathmandu, At the end of the queue you will wait easily 45 min, still that is not so horrible, your are just in Asia, so take your time and relax. Anyway, you will have to wait for the luggage. Have your embarkation card filled out already, they give it normally right in the plane. You also will need another paper for requiring the visa, this form can be taken from the web at visa form


Entry points for Nepal.

There are only a few entrypoints for foreigners, these are described on the site of Nepal immigration office

Trekking Permits

The normal Visa is only valid for the towns  and the places reachable by road. for most of the country you need an extra trekking area. This is not any more necessary for Annapurna and Everest area. But for many other trekking areas you still need it (E.G. Manaslu, Mustang, Kanchenchunga, Daulagiri, Dolpo ect...). for most areas you need a nepali trekking agency who organises the tour and often a liason officer.

Entry permit for ACAP-area

After the abolishing of the trekking permit for the A nnapurna area the ACAP fee rose fast to an even more expensive level. ACAP is an organisation aimed to develop the Annapurna-area on the point environment, Tourism and education. In fact, ACAP has done much good. They trained the people, promoted things as toilets and solar showers, tree planting, build trails and help build schools and projects for women, just to mention a few. Their headquarters is in Gandrung, where they have also a little information museum.

The old trekking permit was a paper with your photo which you had to show at the many police and the few ACAP post, where they were stamped and the date written. After Nepal abolished the trekking permit, directly the fee for ACAP rose the the former fee for a trekking permit and you had to show the receipt at every check post again. Now the ACAP entry permit looks again like the old trekking permit, nothing has thus changed except a little confusion about the name of the paper.

The ACAP fee is actually 2000 Rupees (~30 US $),), and you have to get it either in Kathmandu/Thamel or in Pokhara at the lakeside. There the office is situated in the first floor opposite to the bank. Be aware, that ACAP offices can be closed for many days during the dassain festival in October. If you can not get the entry permit there, you can get it at the entry point, but you will have to pay the double!

Entry fee for Everest natinal parc

for the Everest area you need also to pay an entrance fee wich you either can get in Kathmandu or directly at the entrance of the parc at jorsale.

Fee for Trekking peaks

Trekking peaks are normaly around 6000m high. you need a permission and have to pay a fee. Contrary to what they are called, climbing “trekking peaks” is not trekking but a high altitude alpine expedition. you should have a lot of experience and be fully equipped, The permission is only issued in kathmandu and you must have the tour organised by an approved nepaly trekking agency an a approved sirdar must go with you. See mor information in the excellent site project -himalaya.