Missing persons in the Himalaya

In this page i will try to have information of missing people in Nepal or the Himalaya. It make sense that you look at it, after coming back from a trekking tour or a travel. You might have met the missing person and know about her and her plans. This could be decisive Information. As the aim is focused to get  “fresh”information I will only have write about actual cases.

On the bottom of the page you can read what you could do yourself to help people tracing you , if rion you get lost .

All missing persons were trekking alone - please allways trek only
with a companion!



February 2014

Umit Aslim from Germany is missing in the Annapurna Area

▄mit 002 kleinHis brother Marco Aslim wrote:
Uemit is 39 years old, 1,75m tall, brown eyes and black hair (mostly ponytail). He is a German citizen.
He went to Nepal on the 11th of February, he had a return  flight at the 21th of February, which he missed. My family and I got great sorrows, because we didnÔÇ™t hear anything from  him since the 10th of February. He bought a trekking ticket  for the Annapurna
Trek, from the 13 18th February. This is our last trace! If  you got any kind of information, please send it to marco@kpp-*showroom.de
or give me a phone call 0049 171 3341160, or contact the German embassy ++ 977 1 441 27 86
Thank you for your help!
Marco Aslim
if you have seen Uemit or know any of his plans, please contact his brother, wevery hint could be of great vlaue

▄mit 005

Oktober 2012

Mario Menichetti is Missing in Dhorpatan/Dolpo/ his body was found

Mario MenichettiHe  left Germany for Nepal on a trekking tour on 20th October 2012 starting at Beni, was going to travel through Da Tharap and ending up at Dunai (Beni Dolpho track). I have had no contact with him since 19th October 2012. He was supposed to be on the flight back to Germany on the 10.11.12, but as of yet he has not shown up. I fear that something might have happened to him on his route.

The remains of Mario where found in Mai 2013 near a remote village in Rukum http://www .nepalireporter.com/missing-german-menichettis-dead-body-found-in-rolpa/




Missing (in Langtang??) April 2011

Paulius Zavadckis kleinMy brother Paulius Zavadckis (19 years old from Lithuania) may have gone missing in Nepal. He went to Nepal to volunteer for the Helambu Project in the Gangkharka village on the 27th February 2011, but soon after that has left the project and we-his family haven‘t heard from him since 7th March - the last time he e-mailed us. Up till now we are not sure whether something has happened to him or whether he decided not to/was unable to keep in touch with us. As much as we with the help Paulius Zavadckis 2 kleinof the Honorary Consul of Lithuania in Nepal can track his traces, Paulius went back to Kathmandu from Gangkharka on the 5th of March, on the 7th of March he was in Pokhara and on the 8th of March he was heading to Panga. About a week later some villagers said they may have seen Paulius back in the area of Gangkharka and that he wanted to head for the Ama Yangri Temple or just to wander in the forests of Langtang. So some trekkers may have met him or seen him on the way. Any information about Paulius would be very valuable and extremely appreciated.

For contact my e-mail is sima-z@hotmail.com and phone is +447532174021



Missing in Langtang april 2010

Aubrey Sacco a 23-year old american girl is missing in the Langtang. her last contact was  an email from Sybrubensi the 20th of april. if you have been in Langtang End of april pleas go the the site http://www.trekinfo.com/forums/showthread.php?t=24726 where you will find mor information and a photo of her.



December 2008

Julian Wynne is missing since 22 of December 2008 in the Everest area

 Default  brother is missing
My brother Julian Wynne, English, 32 has not made contact with any one and we are worried. He climbed the Gokyo Ri area, and safely decended, this was around the 21st December. He had then planned to go to EBC. We (his family) do not know if he was on his own or had met up with other trekers. Julian has now not made any contact for almost 4 weeks.
What I am wanting to know is are the weather conditions dangerous at this time? how safe would the route be? I know accidents are always possible, but generally speaking. I'm afraid I don't know the names of the areas on the way to EBC or the trail he would have taken, can any one shed any light on this? is 4 weeks too long to still be treking, or do many people trek for many more weeks in this area. Would the trek to EBC be frequented this time of year by many? if he had been ill or injured on the trail would he have been found by other trekers?
The Embassy has been alerted, statements have been made to interpol. I would like to ask experienced trekers in this area, should we be acting to get the helicopter out at this stage?
If anyone has recently returned from EBC did you see or meet up with Julian?

If you have any information about julian please contact the family . If oyu know anyone who has been in the everst area duing Xmas time, please inform him about the missing Julian. Maybe they could provide some information .

julian wynne


Julian Whynne blue jacket
Julian was possibly wearing a pale blue North Face fleece or softshell jacket

if you have any knowledge about the plans of Julian or of places where he has been after the 21th of december please contact the family using gregcrowter@yahoo .com findjulianwynne@hotmail.co.uk  
further threads and information on

Update 3.2 The husband of julian sister and his friend Lee have been searching in The Gokyo valley. They stopped the search without result and are returning to Kathmandu.

if you have any knowledge about the plans of Julian or of places where he has been after the 21th of december please contact the family using gregcrowter@yahoo .com findjulianwynne@hotmail.co.uk or send me an Email at namaste(at)nepal-dia.de


further threads and infrormation on

http://www.trekinfo.com/forums/showthread.php?t=23397 ,


Kristina Kovacevic was found dead in a ravine near Dole. When her sister Karolin reached Namche Bazaar, police told her imidiatly, that they had found the body. Dole is on the way to Gokyo. Till now it is unclear if it was an accident or a crime.

Kristina misingp 300

Kristina from Germany send an Email on march13th from namche bazar. Since then, no other mesage was received. As she had planed to meet her friend Silke begin of April in Bali but did not come, her sister Karolin and her friend Silke ask for your help.

Kristina is 41 years old, has brown hair and is chubby.

She has a lot of travel experience on her own. She planned to come back march 20 to namche bazaar and the go antother 2 weeks to the wilderness?? it is not known where this should have been.

If you have meet her somewhere please contact her sister Karolin or her friend Silke

 dragon1314@yahoo.com oder Silke@sinkenken.de 

To women murdered in Nagarjun Forest /Shivapuri-Nagarjun Park near Kathmandu

CÚline Henry disappeared in September 2005, Sabine Grueneklee only six weeks later in October. Both women were last seen in Nagarjun Forest (aka Rani Ban). After extensive searches also by German and French policeteams and their searchdogs, the body of Mrs. Grueneklee was discovered in N.F. in February 2006. And only in November 2006, 14 months after her disappearance, were the remains of Mrs. Henry discovered there as well. Read more details in the Nepali Times, Issue 322 of November 10, 2006

In August 2007 the Nepalese government decided to integrate Nagarjun Forest in Shivapuri National Park. As of January 2009 the jungle where both European tourists lost their lives in the autumn of 2005, is called Shivapuri -Nagarjun National Park.

German Sabine Grueneklee (2005)

missing Sabine Grueneklee from Germany

Sabine from Munich was last seen the 16th of October and did not come to the airport the 18th. to meet her friend Dolan

She was last seen in Nagarjun forest reserve, a small fenced national park situated north west of Kathmandu.

Her body was later found in the Nagarjun forest and brought back to Germany

See the details on the website http://www.hasenfus.com/sabine/


or  doolanpeter@yahoo.co.uk


September 3th 2005 The french 33 year old CÚlin Henry is missing.

missing in nepal Celine Henry  We are looking for our daughter.

 Theacher , french woman , born┬ on 28 th june 1972 , 5.08 feet , short and brown┬ hairs , brown eyes .

 Missing since the 3 rd september 2005 .

Back then, she was located at KATMANDU, lonely, having worked on a construction site of the NIFC to Hetauda. (From 19th to 29th August 2005)

She has gone to French embassy in Katmandu to obtain the address of French associations which could welcome her as volunteer in Nepal. She got in touch with the association "Chantal Mauduit Namaste" but did not follow up.

 The last hotel where Celine stayed was the PILGRIM'S GUEST HOUSE in the district of Thamel in Katmandu. In the daytime of her disappearance, Celine let know to the desk clerk of the hotel that she went out for a walk near Katmandu, by saying to him: "see you this evening"

To date, she has never reappeared in the hotel and all her luggages are still there.

 It seems, according to the testimony of Katia Bellengier (back in France since then) who has worked with her on the construction site to Hetauda and stayed in the same hotel as Celine until August 31st, that she was "tracked down" in the street on August 31st, by a man speaking French .

Her body was later found and indentified in Nagarjun Forest

What you can do for yourself

Trekking is one of the most beatiful things to enjoy and surely a great part of the pleasure is, that you will be in very remote areas.

The embasys recomend that you allways go at least with two people, but I myself have been quite often just on my own in barren regions.

Unfortuonnaly every year a few personns go missing on their travel or trek in Nepal. The problem is, that it takes normally a long time befor relatives or friends realize that something is wrong, as it is just normal to have no kontakt for weeks while trekking.  And it is very difficult to know then where the personn has exactly been trekking . And no lodge owner can remember even after some days a face of one of these many trekkers who has visited his lodge. (Could you recognise the porters who have been with you in the same lodge even two days later?)

Sometimes missing people just have decided to go to India and to stop to communicate with friends and family, but there have been also fatal accidents or even trekkers murdered (very few)

If your are trekking one of the common treks you find in every lodge the meal ordering book. In this book every order is written and it is the base for the bill, so the lodge-owners take care of this book.

Most people just write their first name (like I did till now)

I suggest that everyone writes his full name, the date and in the morning where he is planning to go.

Like this, a potential search would be far easyer and faster.

I will do this on all my future treks.

trekker intention bookIf you are trekking in the Everest area look for the Trekkers Intention book. It was initiated by David Donaldson and Donlad  Bason  and distributed to many lodges in the khumbu area by the namche youth group http://www.namcheyouthgroup.org/pages/1/index.htm .

In this book trekkers can write their name and plans. If by any reason, they go missing it is much easyier to trak down their itinery. See also the general page of Namche Youth Group http://www.namcheyouthgroup.org/pages/6/index.htm