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Trekking in Nepal round Manaslu

 General information

This travellogue is about one of Nepal’s most beautiful treks, on this page you can find some general information .0 klick grosse  photosP125

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Round Manaslu

Normaly this is a regular 2,5 -3 week trek, where you end in Besisahar of the Annapurna round trek. With my friends we continued to manang, crossed the thorong la an walked till Beni. it took us 32 days.

screenshot google earth manaslu Übersicht groß P750 Kopie
  screenshot Google Earth, adapted by Andrées de Ruiter

The Manalsu massif lies around 100 km west of Kathmandu between the Ganesh and Annapurnamassif.

In the beginning one is driving beside the Trisuli River in the direction of Pokhara. There are two starting points for the round manaslu trek: Gorkha or Arughat Bazar.

Some travel companies take the route from Gorkha over the Rupina La with wonderful sights obver the Ganesh himal. But this means several days with tents and your own food so we choose the route from Arughat  along the Buddhi Gandaki.

As there are just a very few an very basic Lodges we also had to bring tents and food with us.


Trekking permit: For the Manaslu you need a special atrekking permit which cost 90 USD per week and person. You will need two weeks so it costs in total 180 USD. you must go throught an registered trekking agency and be at least two persons.

Manaslu Conservation Area Permit: Like in the annapurna area there ist the Manaslu conservation Area Project MCAP and you must get a permit from them as well for 2000 Rupies

Maoistensteuer: Gorkha area is a maoist stronghold. We were warned that the “donation2 could be as hight as 200 USD. Fortunately we didn’t met any of them so we could spend the money drinking beer with many toast to the invisible maoists. After the maoist are in the governement now, athere should not be any donation anymore.

Checkpoints: In theory there are checkposts in Gorkha, Arughat ,Jagat and Dharapani. When we trekked in the after season, there was noone at all. The checkpost of Jagat was blasted 3 years ago by maoists. The checkpost have been rebuilt meanwhile.

Is it possible to do Manaslu Round without tents ?

To get the permit, you are supposed to go throught an agency which will organise porters, tents and a Kitchen crew. And on the MC you will find many camping grounds. When we trekked in 2005 we stayed already often in little lodges and could get regulary dals bhat or noodles. We had 25 liters of kerosine and plenty of food with us, which appeared to be not necessary, as we could have bought it on the way. In athe last years, many new lodges have been build so that MC starts to be feasable without a tent. Only the last camp in Daramsala just befor larkya la has just a shelter with no windows or doors. The german Marc S. evern succeded to get a official permit by an agency without a guide or any porters and could do the whole circuit without a tent.

But dont expect lodges like on the Annapurna circuit. Often it’s just a private house where you get some basic food and can slep on the smokie first floor on basic beds with no matrasses.

Conclusion: For trekkers who like a very basic stile, the manaslu trek is feasable without a tent. But you will utterly need a own matrass and a good sleeping bag. It is rather probable that in the peak season lodges will be often completely full. For this reason I would still carry my own little tent. I still thing that for this trek a guide and a porter are to recomend. But one can organise this trek as a basic teahouse trek with very few camoping days, when necessary.

Overview over lodges and teahouses (2008)


Art (Stand Dez 2005) 2010


Arughat Bazar

2 lodges, shops, Phone, Kerosine, Electricity


Arkhet Bazar

lodge hotel manaslu, shops



private tea house

no sign board, dorm is very smoky


possible to stay in private houses



tea houses, dormitory


Macha Khola

basic lodge, bed bugs in the upper sleeping roomeinfache Lodge, Matratzen im Oberen Schlafsaal mit Ungeziefer

there is a small hot spring 20 min further


Tea house

Excellent hot shower

shotly after crossing Yara Khola


campoing site with bamboo hut

in Dhoban two basic lodges

when we reached the camping site, the owner stayed the night and we had a good dinner and breakfast


Checkpoint, basic Lodge Camping site, Teahouse, shops, Kerosine, Telefon


Sirdibas (Tara)

Teahouse and shop

The Tea house is on the end of the village, one can get also Dal bhat or noodle soup


Checkpoint, Camping site , Geschäfte, two basic lodges electricity, phone



possibility to camp on private ground

The next two hours there is no camping possibility

zwischen Nyak und Deng

on the north eastern side of the river in middle of the forest there is a fantastic overhanging rock with flat sleeping places


Between Nyak and Namrung the map from Neplmaps is not accurate at all.


lLodge and camping site


between Deng and Bihi



unterhalb Bihi

nice Camping site and Teahouse )

Above the campingsite there is the awsome old village of Bihi. it is absolutely worth to climb up, even when it takes one hour!


Lodge and camping site. On the opposite riverside two mor basic lodges



Checkpoint, Lodges, Camping site and shops Campingplatz und Geschäft, Eletricity



Camping site and basic lodge

beautiful little village


Privat tea house, lodge under construction

kein Schild, lecker Kartoffeln


big confortable lodge with very soft matrasses. The lodge is expensive. Shop Kerosine and Electricity. On might be able to sleep in the new big monastery on the hill where one can find also a phone.



at least 3 lodges and a camping site, shops, Kerosine, Phone , weak electricity.

This is the starting point for the mansalu expedidions. The lodges ar all at the end of the village.


Checkpoint, 3 new lodges an a camping site. electricity

A very good place for an acclimtisazion day, one can make a day hike to the tibetan boarder
A few people start from Samdo in the night a nd cross Larkya la without staying in Daramsala. I would not advice this.


shelter with no windows or doors, water, camping site

There is now a new lodge with around 15 rooms (2010)

shelter can be very crowded


at least 5 basic lodgesshops,Geschäfte


 2,5 hours after Bimtang

single tea hous in the middle of the forest

absolutely cute boihinis.





two basic lodges



the luxury of the AV

wonderful, hot showers ad big menus. All you were dreaming of. But after a very few days you will dream of the basic manaslu lodges again.
















































If you have newer informations about the lodges on MC please send me a email to

















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Photos: the pictures of the manaslu pages are from me and my friends. You can see the respective autor in the filename of the photo: HH = Hans Henninger, HPS = Hans-Peter Stupp, MJ = Manfred Jeckel und AdR = Andrées de Ruiter

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