Trekking round Annapurna, the Jomsom Trek, Kalopani


Kalopani is situated nearly between the Daulagiri and Annapurna. Its one of the few places where you can see the Annapurna 1 on the normal circuit. Being already south of the main Himalayan peak range, there is more rain falling and forest are growing. The houses need now normal roofs. From the lodges in the upper part of Kalopani, one can see great sunsets and sunrises.


The Daulagiri south east ridge seen from Kalopani

Sunset on the Annapurna 1( left peaks) and Baraha Shikar on the right


Thank to all the donkeys and mules who carry every day heavy loads for us

At the dassain festival in October many swings a erected for the children. They are called ping. Being held together by grass ropes, they will collapse after a few weeks and the children have to wait again till the next year.