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Nepal Maps of Himalayan Map House at Amazon UK

When i started to mark the NATT trails with my friend Prem in the Annapurna region we went to the two major map editors to tell them about the new trails. When we told about this to Pawan Sakya from Himalayan Map house / Nepal Maps he directly phoned to the printer and told him, to stop printing the Annapurna Map and wait till a new on will be edited. So two weeks later a brand new and updated edition was printed with the new NATT trails. Since then I’m am  in a close cooperation with HMH. And the maps of Annapurna, but also the jiri EBC Maps have been updated with GPS DATA  I collected on trekking tours.

I’m selling now various Maps of HMH at Amazon UK. Here is an overview. See more information for each map  at Amazon

The maps are  shown from west to east-



all Nepal country map

N701 Nepal y400

 Nepal from West to east and south to north! Showing the main roads and the whole mountain area Amazon UK

West Nepal

NS 517 hidden himalaya  y0400NS 506 Rara Jumla y0400NS 514 Dhorpatan  y400

NS 517 Hidden Himalaya scale  1:90,000  Amazon UK

NS 506 Dunai to Rara Jumla Maßstab 1,150,00  Amazon UK

NS 514 Dhorpatan hunting Reserve This Map shows the region between central nepal and the Annapurnaregion. It shows the lower trail to Dolpo. Amazon UK


Dolpo and Dhaulagiri treks


Dolpo Map himalaya Map house  y400NE 513 Dolpo Circuite Front_y400NS 501 Daulagiri Circuit y0400

Dolpo, the land of Bon 1:125,000 Eastern dolpo with the northern trails till Annapurna .Rückseite der Karte Amazon UK

NE 513 Dolpo Circuit (2012) 1:125,000. Dolpo circuit. The map sows various trails in western Dolpo with it famous Phoksundo Lake Amazon UK

NS 501 Dhaulagiri Circuit Amazon UK

The Annapurna region


NA 503 Annapurna circuit NATT y400Na 506 Muktinat jomsom    y400NA 518 Mustang y0400

 NA 503 Around Annapurna    1:125,000 . With the newest NATT trail updated 2016 .  (Rückseite der Karte) Amazon UK

NA 506 Muktinath to Jomsom- the famous  Jomsom Trek  1:80,000. Amazon UK

NA 518 upper and lower mustang 1:90,000 (2016) Amazon UK

NA 510 Upper Mustang 1: 100,000 (2016) -identical information then NA 518, just a little bis smaller.Amazon UK


Till now Jjuly 2017)  the new  NA 503 Annapurna map is the only wher the traisl are correctly drawn. But it is nice to have a larger scaled ma ist die einzige Karte, in der die Wege richtig eingezeichnet sind die NA 503 Annapurna Circuit. Trotzdem ist es natürlich schön, zusätzlich eine Karte in größerem Maßstab dabei zu haben

 NA 521 Annapurna from Manang v y0400CL 806 Pisang & Chulu peaks y0400


NA 721 New Nar Phu Circuit,/ Annapurna from Manang 1:125,000. upper Marsyangi valle with Manang, and special trails in the Naar Phu valley Amazon UK

CL806 Pisang & Chulu Peaks 1:50.000  (2013) ‘The upper Marsyangi Valley with the aproach routes to pisang Peak and the chulus.. Amazon UK


Treks south of Annapurna

NA 501 ABC Map Nepamaps  y400NA 522 Mardi himal trek y 400NA 504 Ghorepani ghandruk + y0400

NA 501 Annapurna Base Camp Maßstab 1:50,000 . (2016) t (Rückseite der Karte)
Amazon UK

NA 522 Mardi Himal Trek, Maßstab  1:50, 000   Amazon UK

NA 505 Pokhara to Ghorpani Ghandruk 1:50,000 Poon hill, with the full Kopra Danda trek. updated with my GPS DAta from 2016. As HMH has used the old ISBN Number you might get older maps from other sellers. Amazon UK

Manaslu , Tsum Valley

NS 505 Manaslu  & Tsum Valley y0400NS 521 Manaslu Base Camp y0400

NS 505 Manaslu & Tsum Valley. Maßstab 1:125,000  Amazon UK

NS 521 Manaslu Base Camp 1:60.000 The upper Part of Manaslu circuit. The lower part is shown in a separate little map. This map is ideal if you  don’t want to go to Tsum valley. Amazon UK

Ganesh Himal

NS 502 Ganesch himal  y0400NS 512 Ruby valley trek y0400 

NS 502 Ganesh Himal und Tsum Valley Amazon UK

NS 512 Ruby Valley trek & Ganesh Himal Maßstab 1:100,000 Amazon UK

Langtang & Helambu

Since 2016 you can trek again in the Langtang valley

CL 819 Langtang  + y0400CL 819 the first map after the earthquake!

As the old trail was partialy destroyed the old maps are not anymore accurate.

With the new trail in the Langtang Valley Amazon UK









      NL 504 Langtang Gosaik & Helambu y400NL 507 Helambu Cultural Trail y0400

NL 511 Langtang, Gosainkund, Helambu und Tamang Heritage trail . Amazon UK

Good map for the Tamang heritage trail which was not destroyed by the earthquake. For Langtang valley use the CL 819

t. Bild Karte Langtang, Bild Tamang Heritage Trail,  Amazon UK

NL 507 Helambu Maßstab 1:50.000

Die Karte deckt das helambugebiet von Kathmandu aus kommend ab. Der Laurebina la ist mehr mehr enthalten, so dass man für die Überquerung zu den Gosaikundseen zusätzlich die Langtang & Helambu Karte mitnehmen sollte. Rückseite der Karte   Amazon UK


Trekking is again possible after the earthquake

NS 512 Rolwaling y0400


Ne 512 Rolwaling Amazon UK

Everest Area

NE 521 jiri y400NE 517 Gokyo Everest    y400NE 519  Everest BC  Nepamaps  y400

 NE 521 Jiri to Everest Base Camp. Maßstab 1:50.000 double sided. A perfect map. My favorite. 

Rückseite der Karte  Amazon UK

NE 517 Everest Basecamp & Gokyo three passes M 1:50.000  Lukhla to  Gokyo and EBC  Renjo La, Cho La and Kongma la . Mit dem Renjo La.
Rückseite der Karte  Amazon UK

NE 519 Everest Base Camp Maßstab 1:50.000   Lukhla to  Gokyo and  EBC  With Chukung and Island Peak but without Renjo La.
Rückseite der Karte  Amazon UK

Ne 503 Lukhla to Gokyo y0400 NE 502 Everest&Gokyo  + y0400NE 508 Jiri  Everest Nepamaps  y400

NE 503 Lukhla to Gokyo 1 : 55.000
‘With the valley leading to Nangpa la! Amazon UK


NE 502 Everest & Gokyo 1:60:000 (Aug. 2016) This map is identical with NE 517 but printed a little bit smaller. Amazon UK

NE 508 Jiri to Everest 1:100.000 (2014) Amazon UK K

East of Khumbu

Numbur Cheese Circuit y0400NE 515 Tumlingtar y400

Numbur Cheese trek & Rowaling 1:100.000 Rückseite der Karte     Amazon UK

NE 515 Tumlingtar to Lukhla. 1:125.000 . Rückseite der Karte  Amazon UK

East- Nepal


NE 511 Makalu Base Camp y0400NE 518 Lumbasumba y0400Kanchenjunga  v 0001 y400

NE 511 Makalu Basee Camp 1:80,000 Trekkingkarte NE 511 Makalu Base Camp
Rückseite der Karte. -Amazon UK

NE 518 Lumbasumba Pass, Makalu & Kanchenjunga 1:125,000 Amazon UK

this Map covers the whole region between Makalu and Kanchenjunga  and in between the Lumbasumba pass which is part of the great Himalayan Trail Amazon UK

Kanchenjunga ,  1:100,000. Amazon UK



Bhutan Map himalaya Map house y400

Maßstab 1:390,000

Rückseite der Karte  Amazon UK









Kailash, Manasarovar & Simikot



CR 707 Lhasa to Kailash y0400NS 503 Kailash Manasarovar  y0400 


CR 707 Lhasa to Kailash Roadmap 1:2.400.000 You will love it, when you travel through Tibet! Amazon UK

NS 503 Kailash, Manasarovar & Simikot  Rückseite der Karte   Amazon UK