Trekking in Nepal & Trekking Guides and Porterguides in Nepal On this page you will find a text from my friend Daniel Ionita who has been trekking several times in Nepal and whose comments in the Nepal forum are a pleasure to read. He describes the various possibilities organising a trek in Nepal from going on your own, employing a porter or Porterguide to joining a organised tour.
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The following text is from my friend Daniel,  known as yakshaver

How will I trek?

As you prepare to travel to the amazing country of Nepal for the first time, to follow in the footsteps of the exploring pioneers, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of other tourists before you, there are a couple of questions you will most probably consider. One of them will be whether you will go alone trekking in Nepal, or with friends, companions, family etc. Once you have decided that out of choice or necessity you will trek either alone, or with a companion, a small group, a large group, etc., another issue is bound to pop up. ”Will I (we) trek unaided? Will I employ a guide or porter? This may sound simple enough, but than all the possible alternatives pop up their head, and making decisions may not be so easy. Well, at least for some. I am sure that many people would have done their homework, read all the possible guidebooks, and consulted all the good web sites (like this one, say… or, and asked millions of questions of anyone who’s been within three thousand kilometers of Kathmandu … If you are one of these people, you would be very sure about the way you wish to trek in the Nepal Himalaya. For those still pondering, you will find some points below to help with the decision making process. These are by no means all the possible alternatives, just my pick of what I consider the main ones:

  • Going unaided – trekking by yourself and carrying your own gear.
  • Employing a guide or porter independently (I bunch these together as I see more similarities than differences between them)
  • Employing help in the form of a guide or porter through a local Nepali based agency
  • Join a trek with one of the major tour operators from your country of origin, or some other ”developed” country.
  • I will discuss the various alternatives, as well as possible variations as appropriate.

    1. Go unaided – trekking by yourself, carrying your own backpack (or Samsonite suitcase…).
    On treks like Jiri to Lukla to Gokyo or Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Annapurna Circuit, Langtang – you are not likely to get lost, or you have to try very hard to achieve this feat. If you employ a guide or a porter/guide it will not just be in order to simply show you the way. The chance of loosing your way is not the only reason, in some instances not even the main one, why people get a guide and/or porter (more about this in the next section). Secondly, going to Gokyo, or Everest Base Camp or the Annapurna Sanctuary is not exactly a wilderness experience, or not for the most part, anyway. Lodge owners and village people will show you the way if you ask.
    So do people employ a porter or a guide, or join a group where they employ some aid to their trek?
  • But let us first explore why some people don’t do this…
    Some people prefer not to employ anyone to carry their luggage. For whatever reason. Here are some: trekkers wishing to walk alone for a change (fat chance on Lukla to Namche, for example), to being people who like to keep to themselves most of the time, to macho attitudes like “I always carry my own stuff”, to feeling uncomfortable and guilty about paying someone to carry their load, to simply not having the small sum for this, or being stingy with the money, or whatever other reason.
  • One issue to consider here, is that it is a big difference between carrying 15 kg at 2500 meters altitude, compared to 4000 altitude. The effect altitude has on your body, no matter how fit you are, is serious, and you will pant for breath even if you take it very slowly.
  • For me, on the Gokyo trek say, trekking mostly in the rarefied air above Namche Bazaar (3600m) and up to Gokyo Gokyo Ri (4800 and 5300m respectively), or in the Annapurnas going over Thorong La (5400m), carrying a 15-20 kg pack, reduces a lot of the fun. Hence, spending somewhere between 10-50 US dollars a day, depending on the kind of arrangement, on a porter and/or guide, or perhaps an organized trek may be good value for money. After a few days of going up, and up, and up, and down and down etc, you will understand what I mean. But that's not the only reason for employing a porter or a guide. I employ them even if there is just me, or if I trek with one other person. I find it fun to trek having the companionship of a Nepali.
  • I own up to it, I guess this is a bias of mine, to some extent.
  • (Regarding my quip about the suitcase, Dano, a friend of mine and a seasoned trekker whom I trust, tells me he’s witnessed a porter carrying a silver Samsonite suitcase in his doko on the Annapurna circuit somewhere near Manang. I certainly saw a lady, with full Entertainment Tonight style make up, wearing a bright yellow top (not leaving much to the imaginantion), and with white poodle on leash going up from Jorsale towards Namche Bazaar. Kept me entertained for a couple of hours, and I missed the first glimpse of Everest half way up to Namche…
  • There are certainly bigger to near impossible challenges in trying to trek un-aided on more remote, and therefore less “infrastructured” treks. In this category would be Manaslu and Tsum Valley, Naar Phu, Mustang, Makalu, Kanchenjunga, and certainly the likes of Dolpo and Jumla to Rara Lake, around Holy Mt Kailash. These would most definitely require help, perhaps Manaslu a bit less so, but still… Not to speak of the round Dhaulagiri trek, which is a full on, and sometimes very dangerous, expedition…

    2. Employ a Guide/Porter Independently.
  • Having a good Guide (meaning knowledgeable, friendly & communicative, but not intrusive) with you can make a major positive difference to your trekking experience. Apart from ”getting more” in terms of knowledge and better understanding of the area and the people living there, the guide will look after logistics which, for me at least, is a big plus - like paying your ACAP and  tims or other fees (for the Annapurna, Manaslu regions, say), organising your transport to the trail head – weather you go by bus or plane, liaising and directing the porters, ensuring the food is cooked in a hygienic manner at lodges (yes, my guide does that… Sometimes he negotiates with lodges owners he knows better, and I get to do the cooking for our group! Yes, I can SO cook…) etc. These are important issues. You can perform these tasks yourself of course. However for the first (and for some maybe only) trip to Nepal it’s good to consider reducing the stress and augmenting your enjoyment of the experience. More importantly, having a Nepali sharing the trip with you brings so much more to the trip, things that are difficult to quantify. The other reason you might consider employing a guide is that most people usually need a porter. And not many porters speak good enough English (or any other foreign language). Some less experienced ones do not relate well to the western tourist. There is a certain hierarchy in Nepal which still holds for trekking especially, although some of the old ways are dying with various degrees of speed.
  • Sometimes you can find a porter-guide, which might be ideal if you are trekking alone or if you have only one other companion. This is usually a porter who has been on a number of treks, speaks some English, and aspires to graduate to the guide status. It’s not that easy to find a porter-guide, especially in peak season.
  • Most people employ a guide, who then employs his porter or porters as required by the size of the group and the stuff they wish to carry on trek. Porters usually carry up to 20 kg.
  • (Beware of figures “dating”…)Very generally the figures I have seen negotiated for hiring a guide independently vary between USD 10-25 per day. Quite a large variation, but probably 15-20 a day in most cases. Porter fees could be anywhere between USD 7-15 per day. From this the guide and porters pay their own food and accommodation (or rather many lodges give them their dhal-baht and bunk-bed accommodation for free, but not all of them…). These are only guideline figures and would obviously date, so make your own enquiries prior to departure.
  • A few things to be aware of when you want to employ guides/porters independently (not through an agency)
  • Some independent guides registered and sometimes covered by insurance; sometimes this is not the case. You are responsible if anything happens to them, as they are in your direct employment. If they are insured, this is not a problem. Getting insurance cover in Nepal for your guide/can be done, and is no longer as difficult as it once was - just the usual administrative hassle of filling out paperwork and paying some money. Hiring through an agency (from overseas, or a Nepali based one in KTD when you arrive), generally means they are insured, but please ask. Usually it’s not a major issue if you don’t have insurance for your porter or guide on the popular treks as the risk is minimal. Remember the popular treks in the Annapurna, Everest and Langtang areas are NOT, in the main, a wilderness adventure, and these days the quality of accommodation (even for porters) has improved, compared to twenty or thirty years ago... Many of these treks have been trade & communication routes for hundreds of years.
  • In more restricted areas like Naar Phu or Dolpo, trekking permits will require you to have registered guides, from registered agencies. (Please check the validity of this information at the time you decide to set out for a trek).
  • Guides and porters will charge you for time spent, whether on trek or not, e.g. if you hire a guide in Kathmandu and go to Annapurna, you will have to pay the extra day spend traveling by bus to Pokhara, unless you decide to fly yourself and the guide there.
  • You may have to pay the guide or porter’s bus or airfare to and from the start/end of the trek , e.g. Kathmandu-Pokhara, or Kathmandu-Lukla return, as well as any other travel for the purpose of the trek, e.g. airfare from Jomsom etc.
  • Customarily pay part of the agreed amount at the beginning and the rest in two or three other installments along the trek. Usually you pay the guide for the porters’ wages as well. However when it comes to tipping at the end of the trek, tip everyone individually (see notes at the end). Don’t give the guide the tips meant for the porters, they do appreciate the personal thanks and handling of tips.
  • Get a guide/porter recommended by other trekkers, or the hotel or lodge you are staying in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lukla etc. While most guides are honest, it is safer than just getting someone of the street.
  • 3. Organizing a trek through a Nepali based trekking agency:
  • This can be organized easily through the internet from your home country these days. There are good reputable agencies that have been there for a number of years, and there is the odd operator about whom trekkers relate unhappy incidents. Going with a recommended Nepali based agency is a safe option. Usually the cost is less than you’d  pay a reputable tour operator in your home country, but maybe a bit more expensive than employing a guide or porter independently. Usually the reputable Nepali based agencies are very good in organizing your trek, from picking you up from the airport, to all other logistical requirements. However from time to time there can be some cultural issues, perhaps in the way the negotiations are handled, what is requested by a first time trekker compared to assumptions made by the mentioned the first timer. Mostly the issues are not major, and for anyone with a bit of a flexible approach to life, it is extremely unlikely for these to become a show-stopper (Clear communication and asking all the “stupid” questions is the key to avoid misunderstandings). Plus, many Nepali based agencies are quite good at dealing with foreign first time trekkers, and taking care of their whims. Oops, needs I mean. Employing a trekking agency takes a lot of the hassle out of the exercise. For example, provided you go with a reputable and well recommended agency, they have their guides and porters insured. Hence if anything happens to them you are protected. This does not absolve you of the moral responsibility towards your employees on trek, and you still need to take due care (e.g. that they have adequate shelter, clothing etc). Obviously on the down side, you pay a bit more than for alternative 2 (employing your guide/porter independently), and your guide and porters get a bit less than if you employ them directly.
  • 4. Joining a trek with a major Western Tour operator
  • For those who want adventure but not too much of it (!), and wish to have everything done for them, joining a major “western” tour operator  might be the way to go. Usually adventure tour operators in your country are in partnership with travel/trekking agents, often they have their own “old trekking hands” from the likes of New Zealand, USA, Australia, UK, Switzerland or Germany etc – who’ll accompany you on the trek. Sometimes this is not the case, as local Nepali representatives may handle the trek leadership quite capably. Still, the setup is more or less the same. What are the advantages? As I said, you pay the money, and than almost everything is being taken care of for you, from the customary slide-show before the trek to (perhaps) tying up you shoe-laces in a cold morning at Gokyo. Who knows, some might offer an inflatable trekking companion for all I know... Most people having used this type of organization report positive experiences, and professional attitudes from their staff.
  • Some of the disadvantages now: the price is usually more expensive than if you organize your trek on the internet through a Nepali based agency. Secondly, while the ”western” tour operators will offer some tea-house treks in the lodge-trekking areas, some of them will sometimes try to sell you a fully-serviced tent trek, even on the popular lodge serviced treks like Annapurna Circuit or Gokyo, where such an arrangement is a bit over the top. But this is my personal opinion. Planting your tent in the middle of the village, next to a lodge, is not exactly my idea of camping…
  • However if you do a trek in a more remote area ( e.g. around Dhaulagiri or Kanchenjunga, or Naar Phu, or even Manaslu & Tsum Valley) it is necessary to accommodate in tents, as there are not many lodges in those areas. Personally I would not sleep in a tent for treks like Langtang/Helambu, Gokyo/EBC in the Everest Region, or the Annapurna Circuit or Base Camp treks. In April 2004, I woke up on a cold morning at Machermo (4400 m) and witnessed a Canadian tourist gingerly getting out of his tent (camped on our lodge’s front lawn) and making his say through the fresh snow to the lodge kitchen for a cup of tea… I am willing to bet that even Sir Edmund Hillary would sleep at a lodge these days, on treks where he could do so… Still, there is a great mystique on “tenting it”, having hot breakfast cooked and dinner cooked for you by excellent cooks over the kerosene stove at the camp mess, and feel like an explorer from the 1950ies. I have done it most recently on Manaslu & Tsum Valley in November 2009, and I would recommend it to anyone. As mentioned, on some treks like Makalu, Kanchenjunga, or Dhaulagiri, this is the only option.
  • Probably the most difficult aspect – for me – with large tour operators, is the fact that they are sometimes, out of necessity, inflexible with the schedule and itinerary. This is understandable, as they have to deal with larger groups, comprising mostly of busy people who have fitted the Nepal adventure holiday between important work projects, dental work or major surgery for their pet (or perhaps minor plastic surgery for themselves…). Hence, if you get sick on days other than the pre-determined rest days, tough luck!! You will get a porter assigned to you and your luggage, and you head down, or maybe stay put in a lodge until everyone else return to show you the nice pics. You won’t get any money back (it is in the small print of the contract). I am willing to stand corrected if things have changed in this area, but it would be very difficult for a large group of trekkers to be managed in any other fashion. I would do the same if I were them, without doubt.
  • There are also obvious advantages in being in a larger group, whether you’re with a Nepali based or a foreign based trekking agency. Many People live the group dynamics developing and make friends for life on these adventures.
  • In conclusion, as the clichés go, there are horses for courses, each to her own kind of yak shaving, if you like: there are plenty alternatives for different preferences and pockets.
  • Some notes and comments
  • This advice only deals with different trekking alternatives. Nepal is far more than just mountains, majestic as they might be. There is an intriguing cultural/religious mix unique in the world, as well as many diverse opportunities to spend your time. Planning for some time to visit the Kathmandu Valley, and Chitwan National Park makes the trip to Nepal a lot more interesting, exciting and varied than purely going there for trekking. You get to see more aspects of the country, it’s culture etc, as well as meeting a far greater variety of Nepali people from different regions (there over 30 ethnic groups in Nepal).
  • Note on emergency evacuation, mostly for independent trekkers, or trekkers going with independent guides/porters: If you or one of your trekking colleagues need emergency evacuation by helicopter, usually you will have to pay this upfront regardless if you have travel insurance or not. You get a receipt and claim this once you are back in your country. Helicopter companies will not come to pick you up, no matter what danger you are in, unless the cash or credit card payment hits the till… This is apparently because to many westerners on the verge of dying from altitude sickness or some other ailment, once safely in Kathmandu or Pokhara absconded without paying. There is one exception and one variation to this. The exception is when you trek with one of reputable Nepali or large “western” tour operators. They will either pay the money themselves, and will charge you once in Kathmandu; or they might have you already covered by insurance and will charge you any excess later. Good trekking agencies have a relationship with one of the helicopter companies, and when your guide phones base, they are able to summon a helicopter immediately. As mentioned, in this situation (usually) you don’t have to fork out money on the spot, but when you are safely out of danger, you will repay your agency (can also be done by credit card with the better trekking agents). In this later scenario, you will get to claim the cost of the emergency medical evacuation from your travel insurance in your own country.
  • If you go on a trek organized though an agency (Nepali based of otherwise) ask about how evacuation is handled.
  • A cultural note: it is customary to
  • Whichever way you choose to trek, whatever you chose to do, enjoy Nepal. It is an amazing place.
  • Written by yakshaver - updated July 2011

Take care of your Nepali Guide and porters!
When your are trekking one of the higher treks, like Everest base camp, Thorong la or ABC please make absolutely sure that your porters and guides are well equipped. If they are independent they might say that they don’t need good shoes or warm jackets, as will maybe tell the agency. I have seen porters in the very cold, whose equipment was ashaming and till nowadays porters die because of lack of warm equipment.
Please be aware, that it is an egoistic reason to have an well equipped porter. You need him in case of problems. If he’s in trouble, this means that your are double in trouble!.
I’ve met once a organised tour of Germans who had crossed Thorong la. It was End of October but there had been 5 days of snow the days before and the temperature was maybe -15 or 20°C. The group was leaded by the sirdar with the kitchen crew from the agency and several porters just hired for this tour and not equipped properly at all. (Normally in October Thorong la is easy without snow). About half an hour before reaching the top,  the porters got in panic, threw away every thing and run down. This may have saved them a few toes. While the sirdhar was completely busy collecting all the load, one of the  Germans got problems with his feet’s, but didn't realise that there where already freezing. The next morning, when I  met him in Muktinath, both of his feet’s where looking like big balloons with big cracks in it. We brought him by horse to Jomsom and he flew out to Pokhara/Kathmandu. Fortunately his feet’s are OK again.
The same day many other Tourists with mountain boots got frost blisters, imagine what this means for Nepalis with tinny cloth-shoes or slippers.
.When I ‘m going the high trails with possible days in snow or in the late season my porter guides have always good shoes and a warm Jacket and sunglasses. You have to check this carefully before leaving for the trek, even.  if your are going with porters from an agency.
See also the web site of the International Porter Protection Group

Looking for an independent porterguide or guide:
A very nice site to find independent porters is the web site of Fergal O'  Ceallaigh “Hiring your independent porter” 
See also portersprogress, they help porters in many ways. After your trek you can give   not anymore needed mountain clothes either in Lukhla or in Kathmandu and they will lend it to porters.
If you like to suggest a Guide or porter with whom you have trekked personally please send me an E-mail and a photo at namaste(at)


Independant Himalayan porterguides and guides recommended by trekkers

Bachan Tekman Rai x200 1) My friend  Tekman Rai / Guide
I met Tekmann the first time in 1999. I had asked in my hotel for two porterguides, and one of them was Tekman. I realised very fast how reliable and friendly he was and trekked till now five times with him. Our longest trek was seven weeks and we crossed Tilicho lake. Bachan has a deep knowlege of the whole Annapurna region, including Tilicho lake and the villages around Muktinath (see my magic places) and he knows all my favorites lodges. Bachan knows many nice and good other porterguides, so he can also organise a trek for a group.  In the last years Bachan has worked for many of my friends and other people, who liked him too and where very satisfied. In 2004 I trekked twice with him in the Everest area. We visited Phaplu - Namche Bazaar-Tengboche-Chukung-Kongma la- Gorakshep -EBC-Kalar Patar-Cho la-Gokyo fifth lake-Renjo la-Thame-Nangpa la-Jiri.  in Nov/Dec 2005 Bachan organised and guided our 4 person group for the Manaslu trek. He also organised a larger trekkingtour in the Annapurna for an Austrian friend with a group of 12 persons
Bachan has an official trekking guide license. he does not carry luggage.

Jason McPherson from Adelaide, Australia, wrote:
We met Bachan in Pokhara after organising with him via email for him to be our guide on the trek from Jomsom to Beni (via Kagbeni and Muktinath). From the very beginning we found him to be friendly and extremely helpful. He helped us to organise plane trips, park permits and anything else we needed help with before embarking on our wonderful trek with him. On the trek he was a great companion and guide, pointing out things of interest, giving us more information if we wanted it, teaching us Nepali phrases and songs when we wanted too. He also seemed to know the best lodges and we met a great many people through him also. Bachan is reliable, honest and professional whilst also being a great trekking companion and I would recommend him highly to.
George from Hungary wrote
I would like to recommend Bachan Rai as a reliable, trained and prepared trekking guide. We, four Hungarian guys, were informed on independent trekking guides by and contacted Bachan via email 2 months before starting to Jomsom trek in the Annapurna region. He answered immediately and helped us very much in selecting accommodation, travel options and accessories for trekking. Although our original time schedule was changed because of a canceled charter flight and also some significant delays of domestic flights, Bachan was flexible and reorganized the trek accordingly. During these days (March 2005) the situation in Nepal was hardly predictable, so I am pretty sure that without Bachan we might face with serious problems. He was very kind and tactful when exploring our physical condition before the trek. He had very useful suggestions when partially redesigned the trek: we felt that he carefully balances safety and adventure
Bachan xx
He organized the best places for eating and lodging during the trek, we saw Bachan as a guide recognized by local people as well. He has good communication skills and a very good sense of humor that made the whole trek full with fun. We are all grateful for the huge amount of information he shared with us that could never be extracted from books. These included not only geographical, zoological and botanical data but also some historical, cultural and religious information that helped us very much to understand Nepali culture and people.
I hope visiting Nepal in the nearest future and I am sure that Bachan is the first guide to be asked to join us again.  

Bachan’s facebooksite:!/profile.php?id=100001185604042&ref=sgm

If you contact   “ Bachan “ Tekman Rai at  , please have in mind, that he is often on a trek for several weeks, where he can not answer your E-mails.

his mnobilphone in pokhara is  9846103061

Annette Smolej from Townsville, Australia, wrote in 2010:

I would highly recommend Bachan as a guide who is reliable, organised, well trained, honest, who is full of information about the area and the people in the area, as a man with a good sense of humour, flexible and who enjoys being a guide and being in the great outdoors. He ensured that we had a safe and enjoyable trek and never failed in his attempt to satisfy our every need.

We met Bachan in Pokhara a few days before our trek which I had 9 months previously organised via email. We had organised for Bachan to be our guide and also for him to organise two porters for our 30 day around the Annapurna Circuit trek. We wanted to take longer than the normal 18 to 21 day trek of the Annapurna region due to the fact that us four Australians (two women and two men) aged between 43 and 51 had never really been trekking before. We wanted to take it slow and not have to rush so that we could enjoy our trip and not have to worry about our physical limitations.

Bachan was from the moment we met him, a warm and friendly man with a pleasant and happy attitude and spoke good english as well. He was a wealth of information about the area and as far as a guide goes, you could not have asked for more. He was well known by the local people and appeared to be well respected and liked by all.

Bachan organised everything from our transport to and from the start and finish, our accommodation in tea houses/lodges, trekking permits, took our orders for all our meals and chased them up if something was wrong or missing, and plus also our two porters that Bachan organised, were really friendly and extremely helpful as well. They had worked for Bachan on previous treks and they all got along well and all treated each other with warmth and respect. Bachan and the porters were well equipped with proper hiking boots, warm clothes and jackets etc so no problems there.

We learnt Nepalese from Bachan everyday and by the end of our trek could actually string sentences together (some of us were better than others at this)!!

As we were not trekkers and taking it slowly, Bachan kept an eye on our physical condition and how we were coping and was always flexible in where we going that day, when we would stop for lunch, and when we would have a rest day or rest days in some cases, which really put our minds at ease. He would often ask how we were feeling, how our muscles were going and kept this in mind for the next day. Every evening he would take out his map, and explain where he thought we would walk to the next day and where we would stop for lunch. He would explain what was in store as far as distance, altitude that we would gain and any decents and how easy or hard it might be. He would ask if we were happy with what he was suggesting and was always open for changes. He was more than happy if we wanted to stop early for morning tea or lunch and at times suggested alternative routes with more interesting and beautiful views than we were already seeing.

I have recommended Bachan to a few people that we have met in India since and I would not hesitate to use Bachan again. You really are getting the best that money can buy.

Regards Annette Smolej Townsville Australia see also Group Photo


2) Guides Prem and Maina Rai - the perfect family business

Prem Rai 2007 MainaP 0150Premrai klein P 150Prem was already recommended by a German some years ago to my site. As he is a friend of Bachan I met him in 2005 when we just had finished our Manaslu tour.  When i wanted to go for a Annapurna trek in September 2007 neither Bachan nor Bir could go with me and I remembered this nice guy.  Well i was not disappointed. Prem was very helpful and a perfect companion. Based in Pokhara he knows all Annapurna area including Tilicho lake. He showed me Ice lake and Milarepas cave near Braga. Prem knows the shortcut from Muktinath directly to Kagbeni over the little villages of Jhong and Puttak avoiding the motorway. He knows also Everest area.

Together with Prem we explored and marked in 2010-2013 as partners the  NATT- trails in the annapurna area and he is Co Autor of aoour book. He marked and descibed on his own the new Khopra and Mardi himal trek, where he is now an outstandig specialist!

Prem not only carried a heavy part of my luggage but was also a perfect photo assistant, having always the tripod at hand or lenses if needed. I

Back from our 4 week trekking tour I met his lovely wife Maina at his home. Maina worked several years as a guide or porterguide for the well known three sisters trekking agency. She has many certificates for training courses and also knows the whole Annapurna area very well. She can carry up to 15 kg.

Prem and Maina have also a massage salon in lakeside. In March 2008 i took my mother with her 78 years to Kathmandu and Pokhara. She got 3 Massages from Maina and felt at least 5 years younger. According to my mother, Mainas massages where much better than any she ever got in Germany

In March 2008 German Jakob Flechtner went with Prem for 4 weeks to remote villages in eastern Nepal where Prem is coming from. So they could visit many of hei Rai relatives and it must have been an unforgetable trek!

you can contact them at

Prem has a Blog  www.trekwithpremrai.blogspot.c om

his mobilsnumber is  +977 9846306028 (Mainas is 9804115956 )

Prem and AMina have a beautiful facebook site where he also describes various treks with  nice photos:!/profile.php?id=100000964284786&ref=mf

Peter Nashak wrote me:

I wanted to send a recommendation for Prem Rai to anyone who reads your site. We used Prem to help set up our Annapurna circuit trip March-April 09. I found him on your site, contacted him, and he became an immediate asset . I also contacted various other independent guides, but Prem was the most detailed, helpful, and responsive - he was also a good value!
 Unfortunately Prem was not available to be our personal guide, but he arranged a terrific guide porter to assist us. I was trekking with my wife and 75 year old mother and Hari, our guide porter, was an amazing companion. We started near Pokhara at Begnes Tal lake and took four days to get to Khudi and the main circuit trek. From there we followed the main circuit, via  Gyaru (upper trail near Pisang), to Tilcho (which ended up snowed out), up over Thorung La, and finishing in Jomsom. The whole time, Hari was attentive to my mom, split heavy loads with me as my mom encountered problems, and went with me on all of my indulgent excursions up side trails. During our trek we were alos lucky enough to meet up with Prem and his group and for three days we enjoyed each other's company and had a lot of fun. Prem even gave my mom a much needed massage near Tilcho Lake!
I can't say enough about Prem and his family. They were conscientious, courteous, and fairly priced. They took care of all our arrangements from Katmandu to back. Incredible service at prices no western guiding outfit would ever offer. Prem is a true professional and deserves anyone's business. And if Prem is not available, ask him for one of his talented and friendly associates.
P. Naschak

Gobinda 2 x1804) Sim Lee from Malaysia recomend Porterguide Gobinda Rai, Pokhara

We went trekking in Nepal in March 2011. We were on a 5 day trek up Poon hill. Our guide, Gobinda Rai, was very responsible and patient. He could speak English well too. Attached are some photos taken with him during the t

My (Andrees) personal view: I know Gobinda and his family personally. He likes to laught and the people who where trekking with him like him very much. He speaks very well English and dont mind to carry a part of your luggage :-). Beeing a relative of my friend Prem he knows well the new NATT-trails . hehas also been to the tilicho lake. 

additional Photo1 , Photo 2  

Bede Brown wrote 2011: My friend Mike and I are from New Zealand and we were lucky enough to have Gobinda as a guide up to Annapurna Base Camp in Dec 2010. Gobinda was everything we wanted from a guide - he speaks excellent english; his approach was flexible to our requirements; he is very knowledgeable about the area and the finer details relating to both the trek and each guesthouse; he was happy to engage in conversation on all sorts of topics and equally happy just to take in the scenery - he even sang us a few songs along the journey. I felt with Gobinda that his top priority at all times was our well being and enjoyment.
 I have no hesitations in strongly recommending Gobinda as a guide. By the end of the trip I would consider him a friend and he was gracious enough to have Mike and I over for dinner at his house with his family after the trip. Gobinda has a wonderful presence about him, took better photos than either of us and you could tell he was well liked by all the guesthouse hosts.
Cheers, Bede Brown
Ulrich Wild  wrote (2012): As a member of a 17-person Group I made the Annapurna-Trek in the time between 16.March and 8.April 2012. Our local manager and leader of the guides and porters was Gobinda Rai. Helped by best weather, the good organization and the very friendly comrades from Nepal our group enjoyed a very nice and impressive Annapurna-Trek and an unforgettable holiday. Gobinda and his team planned good stages every day, so that no one was over strained and we could have a lot of impressions of the mountains, the country, the nature, the people and the foreign culture. The leader and his guide-team had always an open ear for the wishes of the group, also there was help by little problems. The porters carried our baggage reliable and took a lot of pains. So we all were a friendly team all these days and learned about each other every day. At last the parting was not easy, losing nice trekking-comrades, which we gladly remember. May be, we meet us again in future.
Ulrich Wild Germany 

Sukra Rai


Chandi Rai

Tara Rai porträt kleinAnya and Olga recoment Tara Rai (younger Brother of Maina) 2014

We trekked part of the Annapurna circuit this June (2014). We booked our porter and guide through Prem Rai's agency, and had a wonderful experience. Prem did a great job of figuring out an itinerary for our trip (including wisely leaving some slack in case of altitude sickness or other issues), and we never had to worry about figuring out the travel arrangements (flights, jeeps, etc.).

Our guide, Tara, and our porter, Ram, were both amazing. At the outset, we were definitely worried about the idea of spending two weeks constantly interacting with someone we hadn't met before, but Tara was the nicest, easiest person in the world to get along with. Having him along made the trip as stress-free as it could possibly be. We also learned a whole lot about life in Nepal from chatting with Tara.

We very highly recommend Prem's agency for anyone looking for a guide and/or porter for a trek in Nepal. Everyone we interacted with was responsible, thoughtful, and positive -- we could not have asked for a better experience.    Alya & Olga picture 1, picture 2, picture 3

Tara Kumar Rai geb 1987, Trekkingguide since 2006 , Offizielle Trekkingguide  License Nr.: 984, mobiler: +977 9846168331, Email:, Website:

5) Birding Guide Khanal Gorkhana
 Khanal, G kleinprotraet Kahnal G. was suggested by a german trekker who met him in a lodge in Gorepani. He was impressed by his knowledge and all the informations  Khanal could give. Khanal is spezialized in birding:
This is my almost 15th year working with tourist. I have goverment  licence  for safari ,Treking and bird watching.My proffesion is bird watching. But not  many tourist are bird watcher. So, when I doesn't have bird watching tourist, I  do work with treking and safari people.With all my tourist I go my self on  the fild.I don't carry things my self, but I do organize every thing what  tourist need through my travel agency.I am a free lance guide but I do  conect to my all tourist to this ageancy,
PLAN HOLIDAYS  Travel and Tours(p)Ltd.,Gpo.Box:11380,Thamel,Kathmandu,Nepal.
Untill now I have been doing Annapurna region: Annapurna round,Annapurna sanctuary,,jomsom muktinath, ghorepani. Everest region: Jiri to kalapathar,Everest bascamp, All Lantang area and safari.Also North india,south india and tibet mt.kailas .
I do regulary guide in the nepali  mountains. For language,I can write and speek english,nepali and indian.Beside,I can simply guide with German and Japanese language. This is I was just learn 4month. But still I like to learn this two language whenever i will have sweetable time.

Tanel from Estonia wrote 2010:  We contacted birding guide Gokarna Khanal whose contacts we found from your page and we were very happy with him.
Actually so happy that we decided to create a homepage for him to help
with promoting his services.
The page is on address

a recomandation letter from resources himalay

tr-raju tilak 6) Tilak  Thapa “Raju” is recomendet by Ms. Katrin Ertner  from Danmark
I'm very much pleased to recommend my Guide to those peoples, who are going to Nepal for a trekking purpose, and are planning to hire a guide for Annapurna, Everest, Langtang or Kanchenjunga.
I've already trekked twice with Tilak. My first trek with Tilak was Kanchenjunga in 1995, and second trek was Everest Base Camp this year (Nov. 2002). I'm very much impressed by his skill of guiding. He has graduated in English Literature, and Social Science from Tribhuwan University, Kathmandu. He also has been trained by Ministry of Tourism Nepal, and has got Trekking Guide licensed. Thus, he is well- educated, well- trained Trekking Guide, and good English speaking guide, and knows so many things about aspects of his country Nepal, and that helps you to make your trek much more interesting. During my trekking period and staying in Nepal, he took very good care of me, and I am fully satisfied by his excellent services.I'm greatly looking forward to returning to Nepal next year for the Annapurna trek with Tilak.
Once again I would like to highly recommend Tilak to the peoples who are planning to trek in Nepal.
Katrine L. Ertner ,Copenhagen, Denmark
Contact him at


7) trekking guide Hari

Hello from Belgium!!
I have been in Nepal with my friends for 3 times in  1996, 1998 & 2000. We did a trek to Annapurna Region two times & Gokyo  in Everest region with guide Hari. During our trekking period and time in Nepal  he did everything what we needed for travelling in Nepal. He is very honest,  helpful, reliable, friendly, well-educated and a well trained guide. He has been  trained by the Ministry of Tourism of Nepal, and became a trekking guide license  in 1993. He has graduated in history and in english literature. He has been  attended the classes about high altitude sickness, first aid training. Hari has  got great knowledge in history of Nepal, culture, life style, altitude sickness  and makes the right decisions in case of emergency, bad weather or sickness. As  we experienced in 1996 at the Annapurnatrek where Hari succesfully succeeded to  arrange a helicopter in very difficult circumstances to rescue a very sick  friend. For this we are still very grateful.
Of course he  did help us with plane tickets, permits and for all other necessary things. He  speaks  fluent English as well as Japanese.  I found Hari a real professional  trekking guide.
I have already recommended Hari to many people in Belgium  and also to many of my friends and they all enjoyed him a lot and liked his  professional work.
My wife and I are planning to do the Mustang Trekking in  the end of 2003 of course with  Hari.
His  address: Hari Sitaula ,Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal
I would not  hesitate a second to recommend him to everybody  who is planning a trek in  Nepal. I will be glad to answer your email, if you want to know  more.
Patrick de Saegher :

tr-KB klein 508) Porterguide KB
David Chidell  from Camborn UK recomends the porterguide KB:
I returned from a trek in the Annapurna region of Nepal last October (2002). The scenery was fantastic. The people we met were friendly, welcoming and helpful. But, I have no doubt in my mind that the best part of our holiday was our choice of guide. He went by the name of "KB".
I managed to contact KB by e-mail before leaving England. Everything was arranged in a week. On arrival in Pokhara, there he was, all as planned! After arranging the trekking permits for the four of us, the trek to Annapurna Base Camp - and back - began.
I grew to know KB very well & can honestly say that I have seldom met anyone I have as much respect for as a person. Totally honest, humble yet decisive, conscientious at all times, and full of local knowledge & stories. In the evenings, his laughter was infectious. He knew how to keep us safe, minimise what we spent, entertain us and educate us.
KB lives in Pokhara. His e-mail address is

prem khatri klein9) Trekking guide Prem Khatri

 Mr. Joy T.Y. Hung from  Burnaby, B.C. Canada recomends Prem Khatri
I would like to recommand an excellent trekking guide. I met Prem K. Khatri when I went trekking to the Annapurna Base Camp. Prem is a 20 year old young guy who is full of energy. He speaks excellent English, and will be able to communicate with trekkers regarding their concerns along the trek.
Prem has been a very experienced trekking guide, through his work as a trekking guide and his background of growing up in the mountains. He is certified by the Trekking and Tourism authority He is very knowlegable about the mountains, the trekking routes, and the environment. He is very attentive and sensitive to client's needs, and had made my trek a very pleasant and comfortable one. Prem is young, energetic, humorous and very imaginative, and trekking with him was a very fun and interesting experience for me.
Prem is an honest,responsible and conscientious person, at the same time very warm and caring. He has become a very close friend, and keeps regular contact with me. I will not hesitate to recommand Prem as your trekking guide. If you are looking for someone who is full of energy, humor and imagination, Prem will be your guide. Please feel free to contact me via email if you have need more information regarding Prem.
Prem K. Khatri. EmaiL:

 see also his own website

10) Trekking Guide Jagat Lama
Jagat_Lama p 175Antje Kharchi from Arlington, Virginia, USA recommends Jagat Lama
I did consider trekking when I first arrived in Nepal with only vague plans for my Indian visa break. But after having battled touts too often, the prospect of finding and hiring a trekking guide seemed daunting. Through a string of fortunate coincidences a mutual friend introduced me to Jagat Lama, an independent government-licensed guide with lots of experience. After considering my desire to see mountain village life, and my limited time span, he suggested the comfortable entry-level Ghorepani trek in the Anapurna region. Together we arranged the logistics, such as bus tickets, trekking license etc. At every step he showed me the tricks of the trade, and made sure that I paid fair prices for everything.
During the trek itself he took the lead in his quiet, unassuming manner, observing my physical abilities and adjusting the pace accordingly, never making me feel uncomfortable for my slow ascents on steep climbs. Instead, he encouraged me to find my groove and stick to it, so that even the hardest hikes were a joy.
His itinerary was perfect, a good balance of walking and rest stops, and he chose lovely places for the night halts, never the sleekest ones, but inexpensive places with lots of charm and hospitality. It was very cold during this pre -season, and every night we found ourselves sitting by the kitchen fire, chatting with the proprietresses and eating delicious Dal Bhats. Once we encountered a festival in a Gurung village along the way and decided to stay, adjusting our plans accordingly to enjoy an afternoon of singing and dancing.
Jagat is everything I could have wished for in a guide. He is professional, respectful, courteous, kind, and knowledgeable, has a subtle sense of humor and is a great travel companion. We had wonderful conversations along the way, as well as long stretches of comfortable silence. His second profession as a singer is an added bonus because on many occasions he lent his voice to an entertaining evening by the fire. He taught me many Nepali words and phrases and gave me a great introduction to the various cultures we encountered along the way. Already halfway into our trek I decided to return in April to tackle the Annapurna circuit with him. His prices are very reasonable, and in fact, he decided to work independently to avoid exploitation of both client and guide by agencies. He renews his license every five years after undergoing additional training.
I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. My e-mail address is ntjekharchi(at) . please remove the stars before sending the email Better yet, you can contact Jagat at jagatlama(at)    on his Kathmandu mobile number at 98510-76386

Jeff Lam wrote:
I used the services of Jagat Lama in October 2008 and found him to be excellent.  He has been guiding for over 15 years, so everything he arranged went smoothly, his local knowledge was extensive and he really looked after our group (this included making sure that our food was
cooked properly, that the slow walkers were kept company, and that our accommodation in teahouses was secured in advance).
Jagat speaks excellent English and is exceptionally outgoing by Nepali standards- during our trip he ould describe the local culture and history which added to our experience.
Importantly, Jagat also looks after his porters.  He was quite firm about the maxiumum weight they could carry, and ensured that they had packs that also used shoulder straps rather than just the older-style head straps.  This was in sharp contrast to groups that I saw organised by better known Western guiding companies, where the porters had much larger, heavier and more primitive packs.
Jagat's site is:

Rajan Pulami kleines Ausschnitt11) Trekking Guide  Rajan Pulami
Linda Reid recomends Rajan. I am writing to recommend a really great guide we have trekked with in the Annapurna mountain range four times now. He is called Rajan Pulami and he lives in Pokhara with his wife and two children. He is 28 and has recently gained his guide certificate. My partner Allan and I have visited Nepal twice and each time done two treks with Rajan and have found him to be great company and very easy going. He has a great sense of humour and is so interesting to talk to and has helped us to learn so much about Nepalese culture. He knows the Annapurna area so well and has also taken us to more off the beaten track places too that he knew we would find interesting.
He is very professional in his guiding and always takes us to great places to stay and is very popular in all of the lodges we stayed in. He loves to sing and play the drum and quite often we will join him in the evening sitting around the fire whilst he plays music with other Nepalese people. He is 100 percent reliable and speaks excellent english. He has trekked with people of all nationalities and many of them have trekked with him several times. He is very experience in guiding and is very capable in all situations.
We have been invited round to eat with his wife and two lovely children on several occasions and we stay in touch with him by email.
I would recommend Rajan to anyone thinking of trekking in Nepal. He is very honest and a very caring person too besides being lots of fun.
His email address is   , facebook Rajaqn Pulami Magar
New cell no 9806742139 and Skype ID trekkingrajan  We chat ID -rajan_rajantrek123

Linda Reid and Allan Harris of Congleton England.linda(a) 

Jagat Lama was also highly revcomended by Jeff Lam

agasta_groá12) Trekking Guide Agasta David Klett from Germany recommends Agasta
In autumn, 2003 Agasta Mukhiya led us around the Annapurna-circuit. Already when doing the preparations of the trek Agasta turned out as extremely prudent and conscientious. He absolutely took care of everything, checked our equipment, helped us to procure missing pieces of equipment, and cared for the necessary permissions. On the trek we got to know Agasta as a dear-dignified and prudent road companion. He paid attention to our step speed very exactly, cared for the fact that we drank enough and didn't arise by bigger heights too quickly. When a cook fell out in a Teahouse, he cooked for us and at a half ragged suspension bridge he performed stirring psychological support. He helped in smaller hurts and wounds with his extensive outdoor-pharmacy and an actually staggering effective miracle toothpaste. Altogether Agasta is equipped professionally.
Without Agasta we would have got to know only little of the country and the people in Nepal. In excellent English he told us everything we wanted to know and helped us to get into conversation with natives. Besides, it was of great help that Agasta had been leading groups in this region for many years and has friends almost everywhere. For us this turned out to be of essential help, when one of our journey pals fell ill with Paratyphus.
Agasta, with the help of an Ex-Gurka-Captain, convinced an airline company in Katmandu via satellite telephone to send a helicopter to Gorepani, i.e. in the middle of the Maoist's area, during the most important day of a Hindu's -festival. Agasta leads groups around the Annapurna, to mustang and Tibet, organizes very fine rafting-tours, and also leads trips on Peaks like Chulu west, Chulu East, Iceland Peak, Mera Peak and Annapurna IV.
His E-mail address is:
In case of any querries feel free to send an E-mail to david(a)

Thakur timalsina klein13) Trekking Guide Thakur Timalsima Marty Brill from California recomends Thakur Timalsina
Thakur was my guide for the trek to Everest Base Camp and he was truly amazing right from the start. He picked me up at the airport and facilitated everything for me in Kathmandu prior to our departure. The following day, when the trek began, is when I really got to know Thakur. He is very smart, knowledgeable about world affairs, his country, politics, and of course, the Himalaya. He is also funny, outgoing, friendly, and in tune with his clients needs. He has been guiding for over eight years, including all of the major treks in Nepal, many peaks, and has guided the Everest Base Camp trek countless times. On our trek, he pointed out the name and height of every peak we saw in the Khumbu Region which was very impressive. Thakur is also very cautious and aware about AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness). He is very familiar with all of the symptoms and knows how to handle situations involving mild and/or serious AMS. He is also very experienced with weather patterns/conditions and safety precautions and he demonstrated excellent judgement on our trek.
In the tea houses, Thakur facilitated my breakfast, lunch, and dinner orders with the tea house owners. He always had us stay in the best tea houses, always made sure my room was suitable, then in the evening he would help me filter water for the next day and we would relax and play cards. Thanks to Thakur, every detail in the tea houses was taken care of and I never had any problems or uncomfortable situations. Thakur always had everything under control and provided service that far exceeded my expectations.
All told, I highly recommend Thakur and his trekking agency. I am very thankful I hired Thakur to be my guide, and on my next trip to the Himalaya, I will certainly call on him again. He is a very experienced, speaks English very well , and is always thinking about his client's needs and well-being. He provided me with the experience and service of a lifetime. I had a wonderful experience trekking in Nepal thanks to Thakur.
Email:   mobile: 00977 98510 93973
Recommended by: Marty Brill, San Francisco, California, USA

Bishnu Dharel P20014. Trekking Guide  Bishnu Dharel, Randy Cronk from USA recommends Bishnu Dharel
In October 2004, Bishnu and I met for the first time. Although I have extensive experience in wilderness and adventure travel around the world, this was my first time to trek in Nepal. The primary reason for wanting to travel with a guide was the companionship that I desired to have while trekking the Annapurna Circuit. I was not disappointed. Bishnu has an excellent command of English and a good sense of humor. We were constant companions; yet he was sensitive to my desires to be alone at various times each day. He is flexible and patient. He was always mindful of my safety as well as his own – anticipating and warning of potential hazards such as a slick stone or low doorway. We passed many an hour talking about Nepali culture, politics, economics, religion, and family life. He never tired of my questions. He conducted himself in a most professional manner at all times and made sure my needs were met.  I quickly grew to trust Bishnu as a friend. Near the end of our trek, Bishnu suggested we travel to the mountain village he grew up in between Pokhara and Katmandu. Our 3-day visit to his home, well off the tourist track, was a highlight of my month in Nepal. His parents graciously received me as a guest in their humble home. I have employed many guides across the years in East Africa, China, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, South America, and North America. Bishnu’s services were second to none. He is number one on my list of preferred guides to trek with.
Bishnu’s email address is: 
If you have questions, please contact me at:  (Responding to your queries may not be immediate if I’m traveling. You understand.)

Suajn P 20015. Trekking Guide Suajn ,WG Gates from Uk recomends his guide Suajn 
I have just returned after a few weeks trekking around Nepal and would like you to add our guide to your list-
I would like to recommend Suajn who took me and my brother for a trek to Annapurna Base Camp. We met in Kathmandu where we agreed on the scope of out trek and he ably organised everything from there to our return some 2 1/2 weeks later. Thrown in was a days tour of Kathmandu before we left and then on our return a days tour of the other cities in the Kathmandu valley.
He was cheerful and patient throughout, despite having to pit up with arguably the slowest walker in the world, and kept his sense of humour throughout.
He knew many of the T house owners well and when I go back next year I will avail myself of his services again.
Suajn Babu Devkota GPO Box : 3283, thamel Kathmandu, Nepal

Ram klein16. Trekking guide Ram, Mikael Person from Sweden recomends Ram Kamal Sapkota
 During the past 20 years I¹ve visited Nepal nine times, yes you are right, this is my favorite country! I have been here for many reasons, for writing articles, bird watching, visiting Nepali friends and of course trekking. The latter has always been brilliant experiences, mainly thanks to a very knowledgeable and polite guide Ram (Kamal) Sapkota, who is since more than ten years back become one of my closest friends. We have been trekking together to remote chepang villages (a kind of "stone age" people), Panch Pokhari (Lang Tang Region), Annapurna, and more obscure areas outside normal maps and tourist destinations. Two years ago we went to Api Himal in far western Nepal, an extremely remote and beautiful area with very interesting ethnic diversity. This was very much possible due to Rams (Kamals) knowledge.
Ram (Kamal) Sapkota has besides a vast trekking experience a great knowledge in nepali culture, history and politics (from university studies) and wildlife and nature from guiding many Scandinavian groups through the Nepali mountains. I use to recommend him to all my friends. Everyone has been so pleased with all his arrangements. Ram is gentle, easygoing and full of respect for his owns country and culture. He is 100 % honest and trustful, he never drinks alcohol (wich could be a bonus for single woman traveling alone. 
I would gratulate anyone fortunate enough like me going trekking with Ram (Kamal) Sapkota. Besides everything above, his pricelist is extremely reasonable. He can arrange all kind of trekks in Nepal plus trips to his beautiful, native home village Jyamrong (and a rare opportunity to stay for a few days in a nepali home).
If you want to reach me, please use my e-mail address: 
Yours sincerely, Mikael Persson, Kungsvagen 124 A 352 44 Vaxjo Sweden


amar klein17.Trekking Guide Ammar, Martin Breunig from Germany recomends the trekking guide Ammar
I would like to recomend you a wonderful trekking guide. I met Ammar by chance during dinner. He was very reserved and it took a long time until I found out, that he is leading people over the mountains. After eating and talking I decided to hire him as a trekking guide, and it was the right decission.
Ammar and I spend twelve fantastic day´s togehter. We went to the Annapurna Base Camp and to Poon Hill. Ammar is an excellent, honest and reliable guide. He is independent and well edjucated as a goeverment guide with licence.
He speaks fluently english , so that it was great to listen to him when he was telling me about his various knowledge about Nepal, the culture, the people and especially about the stories of the different places we where passing by.
He always find great places to stay and we had close contact to the local people. His timeing and organization of the sigle day´s was so good.
During the trek he was watching with eagle eyes for my safety. He was so sensitive and careful troughout the day and his smile and humor where a great companion.
Right now he finished his graduation in Tourism and Hotel Managment. Ammar became a good friend and we still have contact by e-mail. So I will not hesitate to recomend you Ammar as a very good trekking guide.
Please contact him at:  ,  , 
If you have any questions please contact me at: 

Bijay rai18.Trekking Guide Bijay Rai , Sue Mac Rae recomends Bijay rai
"In the spring of 2001, my girlfriend and I arrived in Pokhara to "trek". Being two women travelling alone we decided that we wanted to employ a guide to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. We were so lucky to find Bijay to be our trekking guide. Bijay was a true gentleman and was always very conscious of our safety. He was also very knowledgable about the sites and cultures we encountered and always went out of his way to find experiences for us that were "off the beaten path". Furthermore, it must not go unnoticed that Bijay is very strong, carrying the bulk of our gear all day long for ten days. In retrospect, I can't imagine what we would have done without Bijay's expertise, support and knowledge during our trek. I would highly recommend
him as a trekking guide."
See more in the website  they created for him

contact him at gofortrekking(at)

Sue MacRae
Toronto, Canada

further recomendations:

Wendy Smith from Kent wrote in May 2009:
I strongly recommend Bijay Rai as a guide having trekked with him to Annapurna Base camp in 2005 and with his company Beauty Nepal Adventure on The Annapurna Circuit in 2008.  I was extremely impressed with the logistics and organisation of both trips and Bijay’s reliability. When travelling on your own it is important to feel secure and confident with your guide, that they have excellent knowledge of the mountains and the trek is planned and organised accordingly with safety being the main priority.
Both occasions have been unforgettable experiences and unique journeys exploring the amazingly beautiful landscape that Nepal has to offer. In addition Bijay has great integrity, excellent communication skills and a deep knowledge of the varying cultures, plants, birds, animals, natural habitats and land formations. He is very happy to answer any questions you may have. He is great company and has excellent interpersonal and social skills. Being a good communicator he imparts knowledge easily and with clarity but also knows when to give space and your own time, for reflection.
I work as an artist and enjoy identifying and observing plants, so spent much time stopping to photograph and sketch.  Bijay was always very patient with me and I never felt rushed, this only added to the immense enjoyment of the trekking experience.
I do not hesitate to highly recommend Bijay and his company Beauty Nepal Adventure and I am happy to answer any questions.

Wendy Smith Kent, UK Contact: wendyart(at)

Bijay Ray Portät klein

Amir Dror from Israel wrote me in Nov. 2011
For the last two months I have been traveling in Nepal, trekking through the Dhaulagiri circuit and the Manasulu & Tsum valley circuit.
Arriving to Pokhara, I was looking for treks that will take me to less toured areas and to places rich with culture and sites. I ran into
Bijay Rai who guides tours all over Nepal. He was the one to provided me with the names of the off the beaten routes of Dhaulagiri circuit
and Manasulu & Tsum valley trek. He showed great deal of knowledge about the diverse cultural aspects of the regions in which I traveled
and of course of the trail and available side trips. He took me through an amazing trek through the nearly "untouched" by tourism Tsum Valley,
and also through Manasulu circuit and the extreme trek of Dhaulagiri. He is reliable, honest and above all- professional.
He can provide good porters who speaks English (two of them are his own sons!) and arranged all the needed logistics for a camping trek and
a tea house trek. He is a licenced guide by the Nepali tourist board, unlike many other guides you run into around here.



rhajan Dhungana19. Trekking Guide Rhajan Dungar, Bary Lindemann recommends Raj Dhungana
I am writing to recommend an excellent trekking guide with whom we recently trekked the Jomsom and Annapurna Sanctuary during October and November 2005. Rajan Dhungana (Raj) is nearly 30 years of age, very fit and is certified by the Trekking and Tourism authority. 
Raj speaks excellent English and I have found him to be great company and very easy going. He has a good sense of humour and is well educated and informed about Nepalese culture.
Raj is well aware of the need to ensure the safety of trekkers especially about AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) and is very experienced with weather patterns/conditions and known precarious sections of the trek.
He is well experienced in the Annapurna region and is highly regarded by his peers and was very popular in all of the lodges we stayed in. On many occasions during the trek there was healthy dialogue between guides and porters about the trekking and weather conditions and Raj’s opinions are well respected.
One of Raj’s great qualities is his ability in planning and organisation to meet our special requirements or change of plans during the trek but also to ensure our accommodation in advance. He was always very attentive and sensitive to our needs and made sure our room was suitable, schedule our meals and that our meals were of good quality. He demonstrated excellent judgment on our trek in and was always cognisant about our safety, walking rate and regularly checked with each of us to see how we were managing the trek.
Nothing was ever too much trouble for Raj and he was always there to meet our little requests. At the end of the trek, we stayed in Pokhara for a few days and Raj at his own expense accompanied us again sharing his wealth of experience and knowledge about the area and Nepalese culture while taking us to more off the beaten track places too that he knew we would find interesting.
Barry Lindemann Australia   E-mail:

min gurung 2 klein20. Porterguide Min Gurung, Annemiek and Peter from Holland,
We would like to recommend Min Gurung as a porter. He is a very kind, friendly and helpful person. October 2005 we did the Annapurna Circuit trekking with him. On that trekking we had the experience that he has the same knowledge about this area as a guide. He was able to give us all the information we need and made that we had an unforgettable time.
In the two months we were in Nepal we did several short trekkings with him and became good friends.
He also knows much about the Kathmandu Valley, religions, holy places and the history of Nepal.

March and April 2011 we visited Nepal for the second time and did the ABC trekking , he guided us safely through snow and ice. Again we had the experience that Min is a very good guide .

When you decide to make a trekking with Min as your porterguide, we are sure that you will have a very good time.

You can contact him at :   his mobile number is 9846118628.

Kim Hung from ‘Honkong wrote 2009

I had a special Chinese New Year 2009 in Nepal. Min Gurung as our porterguide on the trek in Ghorepani Circuit (Poon Hill). I searched him also on internet. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Min. Below is my description on Min.
Min Gurung is an honest, helpful traditional Gurung, he comes from famous Gorkha, the village of the bravest soldiers. He is experienced in trekking especially Annapurna area. Min now lives in Lakeside, Pokhara. On the way of trek, you can see he sing and joke. He will also give a little local wine to you. For safety and work, he just drinks a little. That time we were on budget, and he helped us with the very reasonable prices. He gave us the best offers and willing to give suggestions and information. We learnt a lot from him, from local culture to local politics.
He is a wise and friendly person to me. Once we finished our trekking, we were invited to his home, had dinner together. You will sure enhance your experience in Nepal with him as a porterguide. We become good friends now.
Kim Hung (kimcheq(at) & Afred Wong (keafred(at), from Hong Kong.

Mieke Schimmel from Holland wrote in 2009 about her experience in Nepal
My name is Mieke Schimmel and in November 2009 I was for sixteen days in Nepal. I went to Nepal with a group of fourteen others. This group was guided by Min Gurung. Min had very good communication skills and could explain a lot of background information during the whole stay in Nepal. Thanks to the skills of communication he made the stay in Nepal more interesting. Every spot in Nepal gets a bigger impression by getting good information. Besides the information part of the stay we could laugh a lot with Min. He is a kind man with good humour which makes the stay in Nepal more fun. We had a big group during the trekking, so it is hard to keep the whole group together, but Min had enough patience to do so. I would thank Min very much for his great work as a guide during our stay in Nepal. If I would come back, I would definitely prefer Min as my guide.
Kind regards
Mieke Schimmel

Peter van Laar from Holland wrote 2010:
 I am the chairman of the foundation Help to Nepal.
We are doing schoolprojects in Nepal. We are yearly coming to Nepal already during 20 years. We also did a lot of different trekkingroutes during that period.
The last four years we did every year a nice trekking with Min Gurung as a porter/guide.
He is original from Tanglichok in Gorkha District and is now living in Pokhara. He is very friendly and helpfull. He is very experienced in almost very trekking erea.
He can arrange your whole trip, including transport, other porters etc. And he will do that for reasonable prices.
We never had any bad experience with him and we can trust him totally. He is also very helpfull to us by arranging things about our schoolprojects in as well Dhadhing as Gorkha district.
Peter van de Laar can be contacted by mail:

further picture , further picture

Linda and Andrew from Australia wrote in 2014:
We highly recommend Min Gurung as an excellent trekking guide.  We used Min as a guide for our family trek to Annapurna Base Camp in late September 2014. We were a couple over 50 years old plus our 16 year old son. One of the best things about Min was that he listened, and was very responsive to, our particular requirements.  Min made sure that our itinerary was organised so that we had shorter days when there was a lot of downhill trekking so that Linda’s arthritic knees were not too painful.  He ensured that we were able to have two separate bedrooms most of the time and choose really good places to stay. On the routes below Chomrong where alternatives are possible, Min chose less busy ones which increased our enjoyment of the trek as the routes can get crowded.  Min was very flexible about the itinerary which changed from the original plan several times along the way in response to our needs and how we were going.  Min was always cheerful and happy to answer our many questions about Nepalese culture and society. His English is very good.  He organised all of our internal flights, trekking permits etc before we arrived.  He charged a very reasonable cost. He is honest, reliable and knowledgeable. We will  definitely use Min as our guide for future treks in Nepal. 

tr.tikaram subedi21. Tika Ram Subedi. , Mountain Trekking, Independant licensed guide.
We want to thank Tika Ram Subedi  for the eight fantastic days we spent with him (october 2007) on a short trek and to Poon Hill.

Tikaram is an excellent, honest and reliable guide. He is a true gentleman, funny, good sense of humour, cheerfull, reliable, patient, discreet and he was always very conscious of our safety.
He find great places to stay and we had close contact with the local peoples. His timing and organization of the day´s was very good. Everybody knew him and when he was arround there was always happiness.His great with kids to.
Tika Ram speaks good English and we have found him to be great company and very easy going. He is well educated and informed about Nepalese culture.
If  we ever have the chance to go back to Nepal, when trekking...... he is our only option without any doubt.
   Tikaram we miss you!
   Bea & Danny  from Belgium

  You can mail him at

  You can phone him on(00)977 98462 83310

Tika ram Subedi Talx250Sally Eathorne wrote 2010

My partner Paul and I have been to Nepal several times and have always trekked independantly, however we wanted to trek the Manaslu region in November 09 and by Nepali rules we had to employ a Guide as a minimum to qualify as an official group. Initially we were not keen on the idea of having a guide, being free spirits as we are but we had to if we were to do this trek. We used teahouses and lodges all the way around except for the night before the pass in which we had carried a tent to use.
After much deliberation and writing to several on your website we decided to go with Tikaram Subedi. He sounded very amenable and flexible to our requirements. He turned out to be perfect for the trip as we wanted our independance and to be able to walk and take photos on our own at times,  he was very agreable to this and would walk ahead or behind observing and making notes of the trip for his own use.
He has a wonderful sense of humour and is honest, patient and very trustworthy and quickly picks up on what is required of him. We would highly recommend Tikka for trekking in Manaslu along with the Annapurnas of which he has a great deal of experience and tremendous knowledge. If you need to know any more details or would like to ask anything about treking around Manaslu, please feel free to contact me on: sallysparkle2(at)

Theo Baker wrote in 2014
I would just like to take the opportunity to reccomend Tika Ram Subedi. I couldn't have asked for a better guide during the week long trek that I had. Throughout our time together, Tika was caring, patient and his great sense of humour helped managed to get me through some pretty tough days climbing! Not to mention that he has an excellent local knowledge, and was incredibly informative throughout the journey. I could not recommend him more highly

tr-rajan dongol22. Trekking Guide Rajan Dongol is recomended by Hana Tejmlova

I would like to highly recommend Rajan Dongol with whom I spent three weeks on the Thumang and Gosainkund trek. Rajan has a huge experience in trekking. He is 35 years old and his second profession is a teacher. Rajan is an honest, mature and very considerable trekking guide. He has been a guide for more than 10 years and has extensive knowledge of all trekking routes. He has a sense of humor and is a great travel companion.

I was very lucky to meet Rajan on my first trek to the Langtang region. Rajan was guiding a group of Dutch people and became very concerned about me as I was trekking on my own. Although I wasn’t his employer he simply acted as though I was – arranging accommodation and food, explaining things, and cheering me up.

The following year when I returned to Nepal I hired Rajan and we did the Thumang and Gosainkund trek. I found him very needed as people in Rasuwa region don’t speak Nepali but Thumang and Tibetan languages. Rajan is fluent in both languages not to mention that he speaks very good English. I was also impressed by the way he treated the local people, especially children. They just loved him and because of this people became very friendly and helpful towards both of us. He always ensured that the pace of the trek was compatible with my ability and even offered to carry my stuff for a couple of days when my backpack started to get a bit heavy. He taught me a few Nepali words and phrases and gave me a great introduction to the various cultures we encountered along the way. I am sure I’ll be back to trek with him again.

I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have or you can contact Rajan directly at his e-mail address .

I wish you beautiful trekking, 

Hana -  hana.tejmlova(a)

tr- tulasi groß23.Trekking Guide Tulasi Ram Paudelrecommended by Janine Buttig from Germany We`ve had a wonderful holiday time for a month to do travels in Nepal.

We made the plan to do trekking with the recommended guide Tulasi.

He took us for a twenty five days trek up to Tilicho Lake and Throng-La pass (round Annapurna).

The trek to Annapurna sound and Tilicho Lake trek were fantastic with our guide Tulasi. He was fully insured, trained, excellent, trustworthy, helpful. He has a wealth of knowledge regarding the geography, different cultures, traditions, wild life and about the Himalayan region.

He is physically fit, experienced and responsible to the client in respect to safety, health care, team spirit, the conservation of the landscape, understands rules and regulations in respect to effective management and environmental safe guards. He is professional in figuring a trek to suit our interests. We had our Conrad Stein book and lonely planet book – but no need to use it once, because he knows all the places with good food and the lodges on the way were lovely.

He has a great sense of humour and can make you laugh even after a hard day of trekking!!!

He is very well respected and gets along very good with the other guides, porters and lodge owners. We were very happy to make this Himalayan experience with him and he became more a real good friend than being “only” a guide. We already miss him!

He can do many kinds of organized treks as tea house trek, guide, porter services, camping trek. Especially in the Annapurna region such as Tilicho Lake trek, Nar-phu trek, Mardi Himal trek, Throng-La pass, Annapurna Base Camp trek, etc.

Book him! You won’t regret your decision!

Tulas Ram Paudel is also recomended by< Pro. Gentil de Faria from Brasil:

Trekking Guide Tulasi Ram Paudel  recommended by prof. Gentil de Faria

Reading the page on recommended trekking guides – – I chose five names and wrote to each of them. I got three answers and one of them was from Tulasi. Immediately I decided to take him as my guide. From the very beginning I found him to be very friendly and helpful. He helped me to organize my trip to Nepal, especially to Annapurna Circuit. He took care of everything, park permits, and all kind of information I need, such as what to take along, what to buy, to rent, etc.

He wrote to me frequently before my embarking on that wonderful journey with him. He proved to be so confident that I did not hesitate to fix an appointment with him right in Besisahar, very far from São Paulo, Brazil.

After a quite exotic trip by bus from Kathmandu to Besisahar, I was delighted to see his smiling face asking me if I were from Brazil. The date was November 5, 2008. From that moment we stayed 18 days together. I took advantage of his companionship and made an extension of my stay to Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha. We said good-bye for the last time on my way to Chitwan National Park, recommended by him.

I was amazed by his deep knowledge of the whole Annapurna circuit. He knows the region, all the lodges, lodges owners, and has an excellent relationship with other porter guides.  Seeing them talking together I realized that he was a leader and respected by his friends.

We had marvelous pleasant moments, and I took advantage of his solid cultural background, which includes historical, geographical, cultural facets. I profited from his ability to teach me Nepali, a language I had tried to learn by myself before leaving Brazil.

Although still in physical good shape, I am a sixty-year old man, professor of Comparative Literature. Tulasi knew how to keep me safe and took good care of me in the simplest details. After the 12th day of trekking, I was extremely exhausted in Thorung Phedi. I could barely move my feet up to climax of our trekking: Thorung La. Tulasi took all my stuff on his shoulders, and so I could finally reach the top of the mountain.

He is a very talkative and easygoing guy. We talked about everything: our families (he had a daughter of only one month!), religion, politics, cultural shock, etc. He is totally honest, respectful, courteous, patient and very kind, besides being simple and a humble human creature. He returned to me all small coins of change.

In Pokhara, where he lives, he invited me to dinner with him in his humble house. Wow, the chicken was delicious (mitho cha!).              
Tulasi speaks very good English, much above the average. He is well educated and has a college degree. It is impressive that he is only a trekking guide in that far remote land

Tulasi Ram Paudel independent trekking guide
Email: ,!/profile.php?id=1149498344 
Tel.: 00977 98460 58846

further recomendations:

In april 2009 we made our first trip to Nepal, but it will certainly not be our last !!
The first trekking we did was a bit disappointing, because my friend got so sick that we had to terminate our trek in an early stage.
But we gave it another go, this time with Tulasi Ram Paudel as our guide. The best decision ever. Tulasi made sure we had a wonderfull experience.
We only did a 8 days trek in the Jomsom area, but we will certainly come back in a few years en take on a longer trail, with Tulasi as our guide if possible.
Tulasi has a great sense of humour, he is energetic, intelligent, he knows a lot about the area and always did the extra mile for us. He's a confident en pleasurable guide to be with.
Almost every evening we had interesting and long talks about Nepal: the daily life, religion, politics. During the day Tulasi took us of the beaten tracks, pointed out interesting sights, took us to monastry's and temples. He deserves to earn a good living and we recommand him to everyone who can appreciate a guide that gives you an insight in the Nepali lifestyle while enjoying Nepal's nature by foot
 With best regards,  Audrey Claes and Gijs van Steenis, The Netherlands

Janet Wong wrote in 2011

If mountains are landmark of Nepal, then Tulasi is certainly the icon of the mountains in Nepal.

We got in touch with Tulasi & other guides through this web page. We confidently chose Tulasi because he convinced us with his simple yet detailed & comprehensive reply.

We spent a total of 9 days with him in April 2011. We covered the Panchasse trek, a non-commercialized trek recommended by Tulasi after he understood what we like to see in the trek.

Tulasi is honest, well-mannered, humble, reliable, genuine, street smart, jovial, patient, humorous & speaks fluent in English. Because he is highly responsible & takes his work seriously, makes him a good listener, observant & sensitive to our needs & preferences. He is certainly well trained, physically fit, knowledgeable in his field of expertise including familiarity of the trek routes, first aid, strict with the dos and don't, knows fauna & flora, weather & good understanding of Nepali culture and tribes. He was a good translator between locals & us. Tulasi was also very accommodating & flexible to the changes we made along our way & at the same time, well balance as a prudent trekking guide.

Tulasi is certainly an excellent logistics organizer. Besides organizing our flights to/from Kathmandu/Pokhara, he took us to very unique, lovely, charming & hospitable teahouses. He offers very personalized service. He made good effort in details just to ensure we were comfortable especially in the less equipped teahouses (because it was a non-commercialized trek) eg. he not only boiled water for our hot shower, he carried the buckets of boiled water to distant bathroom even during heavy downpours (no shelter). He even made sure we gone for shower before the water turn cold ! Very often, you find him landing in the kitchen preparing our meals & even cooked for us despite meals were paid for together with accommodation. He personally carried with him, fruits (he could have chose other stuffs which were light weight) during our treks so that we could have them on days we would not reached teahouses for lunch. He always utilized his resources and tapped on his network eg. we were linked-up to enjoy competitive exchange rates.

What touched me most was, during our stay in one of the village teahouse, there was no menu for meals.
Instead of verbally name a few, he delivered us a Tulasi-made-menu  So that we could refer when we had to order for one (yes, just ONE) breakfast !! It may seem trivial but one could tell from here, he is a guy who is, not only willing to take extra mile for his guests but he uses his heart to service his guests.

My observation revealed he always have his trekkers' interest as priority & NEVER his. Through some incidents, I also concluded Tulasi is not a calculative person.

Tulasi is certainly no ordinary guide . He only claimed his passion for trekking. But, if you read his eyes, they revealed his love for mountain, his appreciation & admiration to beauty of nature. I was amazed to notice during our trek, how the landscapes still appealed, charmed & attracted him even after his 12 years as a trekking guide.

I will highly recommend Tulasi to anyone who has read this. Unfortunately, i can't narrate every event that happened to testify how outstanding Tulasi was. However, i will like to stress, Tulasi is certainly value for money & he really made me feel he was a sherpherd taking good care of his herds (trekkers).
It was Tulasi that made my first Himalayan experience a unique & memorable one & i do not rule out i'll soon make another trip, perhaps just to meet up with this good trekking companion.

I'll be most willing if you like to write to me with regards to Tulasi. i can be reached at or i'm sure, Tulasi will be most delighted to receive inquiry who plans to visit Nepal or request for customs -make trek that will suit you. His email is at

By the way, Tulasi has two commonly repeated phrase which will make you laugh & forget the aching muscles or fatigue body even after a long, tedious & tiring trek. Will keep you in suspense & find out for yourself when you meet him !


tr-puru t24. Trekking Guide Puru Timalsena recommended by Jenny Claton from Australia

All my thanks goes out to Puru for being such a fantastic guide. we did a trekking to Annapurna with Puru in 2006. It’s been a year since I went on my Trek with Puru but I remember it like it was yesterday. What an unforgettable experience! The scenery of Nepal is absolutely amazing and the Nepali people so kind and genuine.
Puru is a great guide being very knowledgeable about the history, culture, geography, politics and the people of Nepal.  His English is excellent and he is very friendly and inspiring.  Before the trek we had all the details provided in writing and they were discussed with us well so we all knew exactly what we were doing.  Each evening, while trekking, we were told what to expect the next day in regards to terrain, time, weather, what to wear and carry etc. Puru was never wrong!
I couldn’t have expected more from a trekking guide. Puru was so enthusiastic about his job, he took the time to teach me about Nepal, it’s people and it’s flora and fauna. Everything. To have such a guide was a real privilege. To leave a country with memories and photographs is good . But to leave a country with a true friend is great. So thank you Puru. I have said it many times and every time I mean it. I sincerely hope to come back to your beautiful country. Any body are looking a guide with lots of knowledge of country and with excellent english contact puru at .
Jenny Claton

ngima Dorje Portraet klein jpg25. Trekkingguide Ngima Dorjee Lama

We've known Dorjee since we met him on the Annapurna Circuit in 2002. He was guiding an Australian couple. We spent much time together (as often happens on the AC) and we were impressed with him as a guide and friend. Subsequently, we've recommended him as a guide for several friends, and he again proved excellent (and they are now also recommending him to their friends).

We visit Nepal and trek regularly (7 tiimes so far) and have observed many guides (many very good; some terrible). Dorjee is among the best.

Learn about Dorjee on his company's website (he IS the company...):

Dorjee can be contacted by email:

David & Michelle, Vancouver, Canada

My husband Chris and I went did the Annapurna circuit trek in October of
2003.  We hired Mr. Nigma Dorjee Lama as our guide.  We had an
excellent experience doing the Annapurna circuit.  Having Dorjee as our
guide made our trip easy and relaxing (well, as relaxing as a 300 km trip
can be!).  Dorjee recommended much of our accommodation and we were
pleased his choices.  Dorjee also helped us with any paperwork and
translation required at various check points. He was a wonderful and
helpful companion during the day and played a mean game of cards with us
in the evenings.  We would highly recommend Dorjee as a guide to those
interested in doing a trek in Nepal.

Anna Van Maanen, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Dorjee can be contacted by email:

Kushang kleinportrait26. Porterguide Khushang Tamang

Khushang has many recomendations from german trekkers. here is one who wrote me one in English. i have met Kushang personally once on the annapurna cicuit when he was trekking with a friend of me and we talked about one hour. I can confirm that he is a really nice guy. 

Daniel Groeber from Germany wrote:

We can recommend Khushang as a porter-guide very much. He carried for 2 persons on the Annapurna Circuit incl. Tilicho Lake and the weight didnt even seem to bother him very much. He is very strong and very experienced. He knows the whole area very well. His englisch is very good and he even speaks a few words german. He is very interested in whats going on in the world and you can also have a lot of fun with him in the evening.
The walking with him was very nice. Sometimes we walked together, sometimes we went ahead and then met at a defined places for lunch or overnight stay. The lodges and restaurants recommended by him were always very good - always among the best in town. Often they were some of the newest (and most modern) which are not in any guidebook yet.
On the whole it was a lot of fun walking with him and we can highly recommend him.


contact him at   

he has a facebooksite: Khushang Tamang!/profile.php?id=100000496895857&ref=sgm

Heny Smithson wrote in 2010 Trek from 09-03-2010 to 18-03-2010. Langtang - Gosainkund - Helambu region
 When searching online for a Guide/Porter for our trek, it was refreshing to find Kushang Tamang offering an independent personal service at a daily rate. Most of the others I approached were only interested in offering me an all-in package at quite a high price - which is OK for inexperienced trekkers, but unnecessary for those, like us, with a bit of previous experience of trekking in Nepal.
He was happy to meet us in Kathmandu the day before we were due to start, and organised our permits and bus tickets, and gave us a little tour of the city at the same time. On the trek we found Kushang to be friendly, enthusiastic and sociable, and we had no trouble communicating due to his excellent English language skills. And he was happy to carry our pack, into which we had crammed two peoples belongings, without any problems through the varied terrains and temperatures along the way.Kushang has a lot of experience in all the trekking routes and, in our case, was able to enrich our trekking experience by recommending suitable lodges, and by keeping us informed with his vast knowledge of the region, its features, wildlife and culture. I would be happy to recommend Kushang Tamang to accompany you on your trek. see picture
 Henry Smithson. Reading, UK.

John and Lisa Landry from Calgary Alberta Canada wrote me in 2010
My wife Lisa and I are from Canada and are somewhat experienced at hiking and scrambling in the Canadian Rockies.  Our dream has always been to take our hiking adventures one step further and trek the Himalaya of Nepal.  Our first step in this endeavor was to hire a Nepalese porter/guide.  We couldn’t have been luckier in our choice of Khushang Tamang.  Not only did Khushang  prove to be an excellent porter/guide, his sense of humour and happy nature made our trip even more special. Khushang met us at the airport in Katmandu, got us to our hotel, set us up with all the trekking permits required, carried most of our gear, arranged lodging on the trail, helped us order food and led us on many acclimatization hikes.    His knowledge of the people and history of Nepal made trekking through the Himalaya most enjoyable.      
We highly recommend Khushang Tamang.

Charles and Matt from Melbourne wrote me in  2009

Having met Khushang in Kathmandu at the beginning of October,we trekked with him around Annapurna from Besi Sahar to Jomson and included a side trip to Tilicho Lake and to Ice Lake above Manang..
Khushang is a terrific porter guide. He is very knowledgeable about the area and culture. He is very friendly and sociable and a lot of fun to be with. His English is very good and he knows something of quite a few other languages !
He gave us very good advice about routes and did a great job carrying the father ( Charles)’s big pack! He also gave good advice about where to stay and to have lunch.
Overall we can strongly recommend Khushang as an experienced, reliable and professional porter guide and we very much enjoyed our time with him.

John and Lisa Landry from Calgary in Canada wrote 2010:

My wife Lisa and I are from Canada and are somewhat experienced at hiking and scrambling in the Canadian Rockies.  Our dream has always been to take our hiking adventures one step further and trek the Himalaya of Nepal.  Our first step in this endeavor was to hire a Nepalese porter/guide.  We couldn’t have been luckier in our choice of Khushang Tamang.  Not only did Khushang  prove to be an excellent porter/guide, his sense of humour and happy nature made our trip even more special. Khushang met us at the airport in Katmandu, got us to our hotel, set us up with all the trekking permits required, carried most of our gear, arranged lodging on the trail, helped us order food and led us on many acclimatization hikes.    His knowledge of the people and history of Nepal made trekking through the Himalaya most enjoyable.      

We highly recommend Khushang Tamang.


Michael and Joy Warden from Tennessee  recomed Khushang in 2011
want to give a recommedation for a GREAT porter/guide, in Khushang Tamang. My husband and I, from Tennessee, in the United States, did the Everest Base Camp Trek in December 2010 and Khushang was our porter/guide. We were absolutely delighted with him. He has a great, positive and happy personality! He is EXTREMELY knowledgeable of the terrain and the area and its culture and history of the culture, as well. He is truly a delight to be around. He also takes extremely good care of his trekkers. He always made sure we had everything we needed at every meal, that our evening accommodations were to our liking. He made our airline reservations from Khatmandu to Lukla and took care of all the logistics associated with it. He is trustworthy, down to earth and you won't find a more honest porter/guide! We paid him a deposit a month or so before we left for the trek and he is totally trustworthy to handle a deposit. He way exceeded our expectations and we would whole heartedly recommend him as a porter/ won't be dissappointed....AT ALL!


Hem Adhikari klein

27. Porterguide Hem Adhikari

Nicolas de Kerkchove wrote
We would like to thank and to recommend our friend Hem Adhikari as independent trekking porterguide. We have been trekking with Hem for 10 days in the Annapurna region, among others we went to fantastic places like Muktinah, Beni, Kalopani,...

He is a local guide from the Pokhara Valley and has the appreciable capacity to adapt the itinerary and the accommodations to your desires. Some guides will only take you to pre-arranged places because they receive advantages there regarding the food and the accommodation. As a result, you don’t feel really free. Hem will always take care of your own happiness before his own. Moreover, all the days we spent together he was smiling and taking care of us, same in the moments where we were all very tired.
Finally, he will be able to adapt the itinerary according to the physical strength of everyone.
Hem speaks an excellent English and is now a friend of us with who we stay in close contacts.

Tina from Brazil, Patty from Peru, Nicolas from Belgium

Serge Verliat  wrote Feb 08:

I went to Nepal many times from 1980.
I spent around two years in this country.
I did some research in the Tamba Kosi area in human geography and anthropology.
Last year I spent 5 month in the Himalayas and my road cross the road of Hem. 28 years. He is from Pokhara and knows very well the Annapurnas. The first day, he was quite surprise to work with a foreigner who can speak nepali. .. but he speak also a  very good english. So you can talk with him about all subjects. I appreciate particularly his good contacts with every kind of people, foreigners, porters or simple nepali.
 We had very good moments together. This man is very friendly. Always happy with every day a large smile and a good feeling of communication.
 One more time,  I come back to Nepal with 8 friends and Hem was our guide. He choose himself 4 friends who worked as porters and we had a very good winter trek. Hem was just  perfect: He takes care about everything and everyone with the good distance.  All of my friends were so happy that we invite Hem and his wife to join us to Kathmandou It was for them an unexpected and enjoyable honeymoon journey. 
Two month ago, I came  back to  Népal. I was really happy to meet Hem again and to give him an opportunity of work.... because he is now a father of a nice baby. I know all his family of honnest Brahman. 
I can recommand Hem to anyone. This man is reliable, honnest, friendly...Every body who can make a trek with  Hem will be really satisfyed.
Serge VERLIAT, 35 chemin Concession 97432 Ravine des Cabris.
La Réunion. France.
Serge Verliat

You can contact Hem by email at  and/or see further information on his Blog:

his Website is:  


Lindsay grey wrote:
"I would strongly recommend taking Hem as your guide through any section of Nepal. He is safe, articulate, well informed and works very hard. My girlfriend and i completed the Annapurna circuit with him in October 2008 and were very impressed by his can do attitude. My girlfriend got altitude sickness at the top of the pass and Hem practically carried her down the mountain. As a doctor i was also impressed by his medical knowledge throughout the trip..  He is also very good at selecting porters who tend to be family members and are equally fun and enthusiastic.
Email me at linzgray(at)  if you have any questions.
  Lindsay Gray from Edinburgh

Maggi Rowell wrote in Mai 2009: I spent a delightful 8 days with Hem as my trekking guide in the Annapurna region in March 2009.
He is an excellent guide with a good sense of humour and the ability to ensure all your trekking needs are met.  Hem arranged my trek to suit my individual requirements and took great care to ensure I was comfortable and well looked after at all times. He is reliable, punctual, well informed and he is also very trust worthy. It is advisable to forward him an advance payment to guarantee his availability as he is usually very busy during the trekking season and it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to have him as a guide. i look forward to meeting Hem again and would readily have him as my guide any time I am in Nepal.

Nigel Evans wrote in may 2009:  My girlfriend and I booked Hem over the internet for a trek in April 09. We gave him our requirements and he sent us back an itinerary that he thought would suit us, this looked good and we sent a deposit to book the dates. He was waiting in Pokara for us when our coach arrived with a lovely smile and welcome.
The itinerary was perfect for our needs and he was very attentive for the full trek. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any individuals that wish to trek the Himalia (including lone lady walkers ) equally he is quite capable of organising a large party and has the relevant contacts in his locality to do this, including food and accommodation, in short he is an excellent guide with a good knowledge of all treks and the flora and fauna.  Thank You  Nigel Evans / Ann Skila

Marty and David Thornton wrote in 2010:

We spent six days trekking with Hem.  He was extremely thoughtful and helpful.  We had to reschedule our trek due to illness and he was the master of coordination!  He changed plane tickets and reservations with a blink of an eye.  During our trek he constantly monitored our physical were we feeling, did we need a rest and given that one of our days we had a 1000m increase in elevation this was very important.  We learned so much about the area we were in, his knowledge of the villages and history of the area was amazing.  Better than any guidebook we've seen!
We would recommend him in a heart beat.  He his English skills are good, he is very easy company, great sense of humor, and we would hike with him next time...and we are already thinking about when that next time might be.
Marty and David Thornton

Shiva Thapa P 20028. Guide Shiva Thapa is recommended by Jo Foster

I am writing to recommend Shiva Thapa as an excellent guide.  I went on the "Royal Trek" with him in October, 2008, and he impressed me as a very pleasant, experienced, and dedicated professional who loves his work.

 I have strong ideas about the kinds of experiences I am looking for while trekking. Shiva listened well, better than any other guide I have hired, so he developed a great sense of what I wanted to see and do.  He was always thinking about finding those kinds of experiences for me, so it was a wonderful, personalized trek. Shiva's interactions and involvement with local people along the way helped bring me closer to them, and have a lot of fun, too. He was also great about translating interesting little exchanges that he had with people, and adding in cultural context and insight when appropriate.

 Shiva is a thinker, his knowledge of the culture is deep, and his English skills are strong, so conversations with were very interesting and a big part of the experience.  This and his fun and positive attitude make him great company, but he also knows when to allow space and quiet. He also has great integrity, so a single woman will have no worries with Shiva as her guide.

 The pacing was just right for my needs, and Shiva always was vigilant about health and safety. In my trek this primarily meant being very careful to be sure that food preparation and sanitation standards were appropriate in an area not all that used to Western tourists. This particular route was an easy one, but Shiva has many years of experience and very good training so I would not hesitate to recommend him for a trek of any length or difficulty level.

His website is , Jo Foster (American), Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

he is also recomended by dutch ladys

October, 2005, we (3 elderly ladies 69, 60, 57 years old) came to Nepal to walk the Annapurna circuit. Two of us had made treks before in Nepal, but without a guide and porters.
This time we decided to walk with a guide and porters and it really was a fantastic trip! The guide, Shiva Thapa, speaking fluently English, made the country become much more alive by his knowledge of the background of the culture, fauna, and flora of the Himalaya’s. On the way to Manang there was suddenly a heavily snowfall, so we had to return. We were very glad to have Shiva with us to lead us safely through the places where avalanches were coming down and to know where the trail is in heavy snow!
Due to this fantastic experience we decided to ask him to guide us again for another trek in spring 2007 to the Tamang Heritage Trail, Langtang, Gosaikunda and Helambu.
Again we had a wonderful time and the same great experience as the other trek with him. He also became a very good friend of us.
He really is a very, very responsible guide and takes care of everything you need or is important for you. Besides that he is a very modest and lovely person!
He also is a very experienced guide: he guided more than 150 treks in the last 12 years!   Both trips made such an impression to all of us; thanks to the expertise of Shiva. We warmly recommend him for being your guide! He simply is great!

If you want to know more about him or contact him, please logon 

Martha Bisselink-Bakker
Miek Dornseiffen (dornseiffen(at) )

And recomended by David and Simona Melviez:on 1/09

We wanted to recommend Shiva on your website with the following :
Our trekking with Shiva was more than an amazing experience and Shiva is more than a wonderful guide. He will help you choose the best trek for you, by taking into account your interests as well as your physical condition. He will show you all the hidden beauties which caracterize Nepal and its mountains. Consequently, at the end of your trek,  you will recognize all the plants, trees and animals and will have incredible experiences to tell your friends.
Thanks to Shiva, we have been able to experience few evenings among native Nepalese people with whom we have shared a glass of the local alcool and food.
We recomend you to get Shiva's help if you are planning to trek in Nepal, as he is the best!
Have fun,
David and Simona

Radka wrote in 2011:

shiva Thapa kleinLast October/November, my boyfriend David (38), our friend Karel (45) and me (34) travelled to Nepal to trek around  Manaslu. Thanks to Andrées de Ruiter´s ( recommendation, we hired Shiva as our guide. We were very happy with  this choice! Shiva also hired two porters Netra and Nabaraj, who we grew totally fond of.Shiva was very honest about not having been to the area, we wanted to visit. But he was a great organizer, he communicated well with the locals.
He focussed on our needs and wishes, even if it didn´t exactly fit the original plan.As he spent a lot of time in Europe, he adapted very well to European mentality.If you are interested in nature, in seeing animals, we highly recommend Shiva! He is amazingly tuned to nature´s noises. He would hear and see animals, we would never have
detected. It was awesome! He also owns big knowledge of plants. "Trekking with Shiva" was an exceptional experience for us, we would go trekking with him anytime again.
Radka Pfister-Schnirchova, Switzerland/Czech republic

Max Barabash wrote in 2011 I would like to recommend Shiva Thapa who was my guide for 4-day Punhill trek in February 2011 . I contacted Shiva through his website . Shiva was very responsive and fast in his replies to my queries.
Everything was arranged in just a few days. Shiva bought me air ticket from Kathmandu to Pokhara, picked me at the airport, booked all hotels and perfectly organized everything for the trek.
Our trek was well planned with good balance of walking and rest stops, and Shiva chose cozy places for the night stops. Shiva speaks excellent English and during our trip I enjoyed his stories about the local culture and previous trips in Himalaya.
Shiva is a very good guy, 100 percent reliable with an extensive experience in guiding.

30. Sam Stearman recomends Bhakti Devkota

bhakti devoktaIf you are fortunate enough to travel to Nepal for a month or more - spend as much as possible here.  A 10 day trek will take you to the Anapurna Base Camp; a 30 day trek totally around the entire Anapurna Circuit.  If you only have a few days, you can get a good flavor of the Anapurnas with as little as a 2 – 3 day tour.

If you choose to come on your own, I would strongly recommend getting a guide, and if you do, I warmly recommend my guide and personal friend:  Bhakti Devkota.  He knows these mountains like the back of his hand as he still lives there today with his wife and young son, his English is excellent and he is knowledgeable, courteous, helpful, and reasonable.  If you are interested, you can reach him by phone at 98 0411 6389 or email him at bhakti8848(at) .  Tell him Sam said Namaste (Nepalese for hello)

You can find additional information about Bhakti from the following websites:
By phone-----------  00977-9846139572
By Email------------
Or by blog ----------  or
On Facebook------

further recomendation by Dave Allan: I trecked to Annapurna Base Camp with Bhakti in February 2009. He's a fantastic guide and a fantastic person. He is an absolute natural as a tour guide. He knows all of the routes, he is great with people, he likes to laugh, and he just makes everything very easy. He is very popular at all the lodges and he will arrange everything that you might want, from boot repairs to special meals. 
He also knows many of the best sites for rare birds and he has incredible eyesight.
 I trekked with two English friends, and we used Bhakti, his brother, and a friend of Bhakti as guides/porters. Soon we were 6 good friends, and I had great times learning the Nepali language and learning about Nepal.
 When I visit Nepal again I'll be delighted to meet up with Bhakti again and spend more time with him in the hills and mountains.
 I have no hesitation in recommending Bhakti as your guide or porter-guide.
 Dave Allan Lancashire, England,    bobolink(at)


Guide Bhakti Ram Devkota is also  recomended by Charlie Stainforth
Bhakti Ram Devkota – Brilliant Trekking Guide NEPAL
I spent 14 days with Bhakti trekking through the remote and magical Kingdom of Mustang and I can honestly say that he was the best guide I could have possibly had.
Not only did he guide me through the terrain with the ease and ability of a professional, he lead me through the culture, customs and history of an incredible land that can only be reached by foot or horseback.
Bhakti speaks perfect English, and even over days of walking we never ran out of anything to talk about especially my specific interest in the area, he interpreted for me perfectly and had some interesting questions for the locals, which I still think about.On the way to the trek my bag fell off the top of the jeep because I forgot to tie it down. Bhakti not only noticed and stopped the jeep; he jumped out and ran back along the dirt track to find it, not knowing if it had fallen minutes or hours ago! Legend! After that I knew I could trust him to look after me over the coming days.

If you are planning any trip to Nepal even without trekking intentions Bhakti knows everything and can give the best advice from a truly good guy, who will do everything he can to make your experience in Nepal the best it can be.
I spent a long time in Nepal and BHAKTI WAS BY FAR THE BEST GUIDE I HAD AND THE MOST EXPERIENCED and if you are planning to go to Mustang or anywhere with him you will have an incredible time and tell him Charlie says hi. I will be going back soon anyway! If you need anymore info contact me at  .

Recomendation 2010  bei Anna and Tom Redlinger

Martin Naylor from UK wrote in 2010:
My name is Martin Naylor and I am from England. My e mail is I have trekked 11 times in Nepal since 2001 and on 9 of my trips I have trekked with Bhakti Devkota. He is without doubt the best guide I have ever met in Nepal. He is honest, hardworking and professional with a happy personality. We have trekked together to ABC, Annapurna Circuit, Jomosom trek, Everest area etc.I can honestly say that I cannot imagine ever coming to Nepal and not trekking with Bhakti. He is essential to all my trips. My most recent trip with Bhakti was to Kala Pattar in the Everest region in November/December 2009. Bhakti arranged all the transport including flights from Lukla, Trekking permits and TIMS Card, hotel bookings in Kathmandu etc. As ususal everything went well and we all had a great time.It is so good to be able to rely on someone like Bhakti to manage all the arrangements and know that everything will be done properly.

I am a bird watcher and Bhakti's knowledge of the animals and birds of Nepal is excellent. He can point out so many interesting things on the trek and this makes it all the more rewarding. Martin J Naylor

Lailing yeong and his friends from Malaysia wrote 2011

You like a star in the dark sky. Showing people direction, guidance people to their destination . Bringing people to see the beauty side of Nepal. You doing a great job for you country! keep it up black tea!!

I always feel your job is interesting. really! You can meet with different people from all around the world, that's why you can speak english fluently. You're brave to fight with unpredictable weather which is out of your control to make sure your guest is safe. I still remember when the time me and my sister struggling to cross over the thorung la pass, the altitude and frozen cool weather really killing our spirit, while you're supportive. I see the strength and determination from your eyes which is helping us to cross over it. :) You're so close with the mother nature and the famous and highest mountain in the world. We all stay in the city too long, whatever we see and touch it just all the building, office or shopping mall. At Nepal i only know how blue is the blue sky, how starry is the starry night, how green is the green grass, how high is the mountain, Gangapurna glacier, Dhaulagiri Icefall and the amazing water fall. It's just took my breath away.

17 days 16 nights... We're glad that under your leading to complete this long journey. Thanks to our two porter Vyanu and Yubraj. They are just sincere and helpful. If portering were on Olympic endurance weight lifting event, the Nepali porter would win all the medals!!! You do take care of the porter a lot too. You not just act as a guide, we mix well and have fun during the whole trek. Threw ice to each other crazily after cross the pass. Chasing the baby goat at Dhumba lake for us to shot photo madly. We teach you playing Jenga(wood block game) at Marpha. Fighting with the strong winds on the way to Tukuche and playing UNO game laughing non-stop at night. You learn the game very fast too :) You're knowledgeable about plants and bird life. Now we know how was the seabuck thorn fruit looks like. :) And you saved my life in Muktinath. Thanks black tea! :)

Thank you your caring and guidance all the way. We really appreciate it. And the sweetest smiling from Nepali people. It's just a memorable journey for us. We miss you. I would like to recommend Bhakti Ram Devkota to who ever plan a trip to Nepal. Let this mountain boy use his way to bring you see the world. :)


Peter Dnoon wrote 2013

My daughter and I have just recently returned from Nepal where we did a trek to Everest Base Camp, guided by licensed trek guide, Bhakti Devkota.  Superb scenery and amazing experience, even though the cold high up was at times uncomfortable.  Bhakti has been a trekking guide in Nepal since 1997 and has led two school trips to Nepal, one of which my daughter went on, two years ago.  I am 58 and my daughter is 18, so I had a few concerns about our level of fitness [especially mine]!  I am a fairly fit 58, and was able to do the trek without any problems, as was my daughter.  What we did find was that over 4,500 metres we started to feel the effects of altitude, and the day that we reached the Base Camp, my daughter became quite suddenly unwell with altitude sickness.  Quick decision making by Bhakti meant that we were able to reach a lower altitude safely, thanks to Bhakti carrying our gear, and Bhakti's porter, Mr Ootah who carried Antonia for about two hours during our decent.  We were grateful to Bhakti who was so caring and considerate of all our needs.  Bhakti is quite unique as he is scrupulously honest and upfront.  The day that we had to come down quickly, Bhakti was approached by several agents who tried to convince him to have a helicopter airlift Antonia.  This may have cost us up to $7000 and given Bhakti a hefty commission, but he refused, saying that it was quite safe for Antonia to be carried to a lower level.  Sad but true, this honesty is not always easy to find in Nepal trekking guides, however I can recommend Bhakti without reservation.  Bhakti is based in Pokhara but is experienced in treks all over Nepal.  Please visit Bhakti's blog site for further information.  Whether it's Everest Base Camp or any other trek or excursion in Nepal, I could not recommend Bhakti more highly ... he is the number one guide for all your Nepal outdoor needs. Bhakti's blog site:  Peter D


Narayan Bhandari31.Trekking Guide Narayan Bhandari is recommended by Hans & Heleen van 't Zand, Holland
We highly recommend Narayan as a trekking guide. We first met him in October 2003, when he guided us to Annapurna Base Camp, and we became friends at that occasion. We met again during our visits to Pokhara in 2005 and 2006, and recently, in April 2009, he was our guide once more. He was great company to us, patiently and with humor answering our many questions about Nepali nature and culture, managing to get us the best rooms in guesthouses with a good kitchen, always offering a hand at a difficult or rough passage and encouraging us when we got tired.
He is very well experienced in the Annapurna region, respected by the other guides we met on the treks and popular in the lodges we stayed in.
You find Narayan or his wife at Pokhara Lakeside, the Northern part, in Nabin's Cold Store.
Read more about him on his website, , or mail him
at bhandaritrek(at) . Be aware that he may be on a trek and not be able to answer your e-mail right away.

Tek Rai Porträt 15032. Guide Tek Rai is recomended by Dirk Hansen Ruether from Germany

Thanks to our Guide TEK BAHADUR RAI the Annapurna Circuit has become a beautiful and unforgettable experience to us. He was a competent and sensitive accompanist, who has always found ways to meet our wishes and requirement.
TEK speaks fluent English and is open to every conversation.
At the same time he has a good flair for nearness and distance, so that we have always felt uninhibited and free.
TEK has plenty of experience with the routes around Annapurna and in the Everest region. His good contact to the population has opened us quite a few doors and hearts.

Kontakt Tek:

Britta Günther from Germany wrote in 2011:

Tek rai BG kleinIn October/November 2011 I went for a trek in Solo Khumbu, after I had contacted Tek Rai by e-mail and we had made all necessary arrangements. Right from the first contact I have learned to know and appreciate Tek as a reliable and competent person who has always answered all my questions quickly and meaningfully. At the airport in Kathmandu, we finally met in person and the whole time, from the preparation day over the entire trek up to the unplanned additional program at the end,

was, thanks to Tek, a wonderful and unforgettable adventure.

Our route took us from Lukla via Phakding, Namche, Pangboche, Pheriche, Lobuche and Gorakshep to the Kalapatthar and the Everest base camp, i.e. the classic EBC trek, and back again with an additional daytrip from Pheriche to the Ama Dablam base camp (very worthwhile). Due to bad weather we could not take the return flight from Lukla to Kathmandu and after days of waiting the decision was made, to walk to Shivalaya (direction to Jiri, 2 hours by bus afar from it) and return from there to Kathmandu by bus. Due to the fact that Tek hails from Nuthala, a village 1-2 days afar from Lukla, this trip was a “home match” for him and all trails were well known to him. For me this trip was a bonus that I do not want to miss, because I got to know his homeland and his family and additionally I experienced a completely different landscape. Even the final, whole-day bus ride was an experience in itself and Tek had made all necessary arrangements in advance, including bus tickets, so that everything went smoothly and we had good seats on the bus.

I have learned to know Tek as a thoroughly honest, absolutely reliable, punctual, trustworthy and kind man, who is always fully aware of his responsibilities, who takes his duties as a guide very seriously and who has always respected me. My wishes were met whenever possible and we planned the whole trip in perfect harmony. Due to his open nature, the many conversations we had and the many acquaintances he has in the Everest region, I could gain a very good insight into the life and culture of the local people.

33. Britta Günther from Germany also recomends Porterguide Roshan Rai (2011(

Roshan Rai kleinOn my EBC-Trek in October/November 2011 I was, besides Tek Rai, also  accompanied by Roshan Rai, a  porter guide with experience in the Annapurna region, the Manaslu Trek and the Everest region , who acted this time as a porter only.
I got to know and appreciate Roshan as a very nice, reliable and helpful person, whom you can absolutely trust without hesitation. His discreet and unobtrusive manner has definitely its advantages. Roshan hails from the Everest region and knows it very well. He speaks English and you can communicate well with him.
Contact Roshan Rai:

Surendra lamichane y20034. Guide Surendra lamichane is recomended by Vered

We would like to recommend Surendra lamichhane as a guide to Nepal. We traveled with him on November 06 and have since then kept in touch with him. We believe that he is a very responsible and reliable guide, and we know that he took excellent care of us during our stay.

Following our good experience with Surendra, we also recommended him to our family and they also had an excellent time with him. They trekked with him with 4 young children and had a great time.

 Enjoy your stay, Vered and Eyal Duenias.

Surendra lamichhane:

 35. Nicole and Danny from Belgium recomend guide Narayan Pandey (2011)

Narayan Pandey kleinIn April 2011 my husband and I did the Langtang-Gosaikund -Helambu trekking with Narayan Pandey, a guide from Gorka. It was our third trip to Nepal. We had a wonderful time mainly thanks to Narayan. He’s a very professional, intelligent and trustworthy guy , speaks very good English and is good fun, always smiling and in a good mood.

When there was a sudden change in the weather, he adapted our schedule accordingly. We never experienced the slightest headache due to the altitude since Narayan made sure we never climbed more than 500m a day. At places were accommodation was tight, he sent along a porter to secure a room for us. We intend to go trekking with him again in 2012 (Manaslu trek).

We very much recommend Narayan to other travellers because we think he can really make a difference!

 Email , Ph 00977 9841739141 , Skype narayan892*

36. Wade Morgan from Alaska recomends Mahesh Adikhari

Mahesh Adikharix 250As a first time visitor to Nepal and traveling solo I wasn't sure  what to expect when I landed in Katmandu.  It didn't take long to  realize I was welcome in the chaotic capital.  I had been in contact  with a company called Mountain Delights which took me in and showed  me hospitality I had only hoped to realize when I left my home in  Alaska.
After only two days in Nepal I set off on the Everest Base Camp trek  with my guide Mahesh Adhikari and my porter Jamba.  Little did I know  that Mahesh would become more than a guide and more than a traveling  companion.  Over the next month he would become a very trusted  friend.  His interest in my well being and his knowledge of the  Himalayas and the people and the villages of the mountains  along  with his interest in my own world back in Alaska, led to many great  conversations during the long chilly days of the January trek.  
Mahesh was always upbeat and he was a virtual encyclopedia when it  came to information pertinent to the Everest Region.  He proved to be  equally knowledgeable about the Annapurna Region on a subsequent  trek.  During my time in Katmandu he helped with everything from  sight seeing to acquiring money at the American Express office after  I lost my ATM card.  Never did I feel as if he was tiring of my  company and if I needed time to myself, then I had it.  From para- gliding to visiting temples to Kala Pattar he was the guide and the  friend that made my adventure enjoyable.

You can reach Mahesh by email at

Prem Adhikari x20037. John Hainsworth recomends in 2010 Trekking Guide: Prem Adhikari,
40 years old, 15 years of guiding experience, highly recommended.

Prem guided me to the Annapurna Base Camp in December 2009. I am from the UK and this was my first trek. I can honestly say that it was one of the best experiences I have ever had - beautiful scenery, fantastic walking and wonderful people. I can not recommend Prem highly enough, he was the perfect companion for the 9 day trek. Very reliable and dependable, Prem has a very easy-going and relaxed manner. His knowledge of the Annapurna range is excellent, thanks to having guided hundreds of trekkers safely around its trails for the past 15 years. His trekking style is very flexible - if you want to walk ahead and enjoy the scenery by yourself, Prem is very happy to follow behind. However, if you want to ask questions, or just spend a while casually chatting, Prem is very well informed, relaxed and easy to talk to. Whatever pace you want to trek at, Prem is happy to adjust to it - he won't rush you or hold you up - its entirely up to you.
Prem's recommendations for accommodation throughout the trek were very good - each night was comfortable and the teahouses we stayed in all had a great atmosphere. Having Prem there really helped to take out the hassle from the trek which I saw other independent trekkers struggling with - things like finding good teahouses, sorting out permits, finding the best trails and getting to good viewpoints at the right time of day.
Prem gets on well with everyone that he meets, and we had some really fun nights with other trekkers, guides and local villagers, eating, dancing and listening to Nepalese music. I also had a lot of fun just spending time with Prem learning about his family and his life in Nepal, as well as playing chess and Carrom, a game for which he has quite a talent!
On the other hand, if you want to spend a few quiet evenings alone, Prem is very happy to leave you to it, and off he will go and spend the evening happily chatting with other porters or guides.

I have no reservation in recommending Prem, and would be happy to answer any questions you have personally if you want to email me at I was originally planning to trek without a guide, however I am very glad that I decided to go with Prem, as he enriched the experience for me.

Prem can be contacted by email at: 

or by telephone on: +619846031838

38. Sanjib Adikhari ist recomended 2010  by German trekkers Sabine and Frank from Berlin

Sanjib Adhikari 2 x 250The ultimate compliment for Sanjib came from fellow trekkers we met along the way who remarked how lucky we were to have a guide so personable, knowledgeable and dedicated to us and our experience. We could not have agreed with them more. *We did a 21 day Annapurna circuit, Annapurna base camp trek and Langtang Valley trek and having never trekked this length before, we were both novices. It is without a doubt, that had our guide been anyone other than Sanjib, we would not have had nearly the rich, authentic and thoroughly enjoyable experience we did. When trekking
with Sanjib we enjoyed:
* honest, knowledgeable and sincere discussions regarding anything from Nepal's history and current politics, local religions and culture history, to geography natural landscape and all Mountains Name
* a sensitivity and sensibility to allow a good balance between conversation and respecting an individual or couple’s need for privacy * over 9 years of trekking guide experience
* a respect for an individual’s desired pace and physical condition
* an intimate knowledge of the best accommodations, tea stops and places of interest along the way, according to our own individual budget
We would highly recommend any potential trekker in Nepal to enlist the services of Sanjib Adhikari. It is without a doubt that you will be richly rewarded if you do so Trek in Nepal his contact address is:  and his website :  
facebook :  further picture

Silvana Pagani from Italy wrote in 2011: "My friend Sanjib Adhikari, Nepalse Guide

Silvana Pagani from Italy wrote in 2011 about my experience in Nepal and recommends as guide, Sanjib Adhikari.
This year at the end of february i went in Nepal for 18 days for the second time and i did a small trekking in the Annapurna region, I went to visit Pokhara, Kathmandu, Bakthapur and Nagarkot and I saw the National Park of Chitwan and in this trip I had the pleasure to meet Sanjib Adhikari.
He is an independent trekking guide and tour operator in Nepal and he has already obtained trekking guide license from the ministry of tourism, government of Nepal.
In his work Sanjib is a person very responsible and serious, very helpful and attentive to his customers, he knows very well the mountain because he has many years of experience and is also an excellent guide for visiting the cities.
He is someone very competent in his work and always ready to find the best solution, if necessary and speaks English very well.During the trekking and the tours he will tell you many interesting things about culture, about life in the villages, mountains, history and traditions in Nepal.
The best thing is that Sanjib loves his country very much and loves his work and always manages to convey all his enthusiasm with simple ways and always with the smile. He is a very nice person and is always attentive to the needs of his customers. Sanjib is also very funny and after this experience we became a very good friend. Next year at the end of January I will return for the third time in Nepal and Sanjib will be again my guide. 
For these reasons I am very glad to report all references of Sanjib


Sarah and Ryan from Perth wrote in 2012
We have just returned from trekking the everest region in Nepal. It was our first time traveling to Nepal and our first experience trekking. We contacted our guide, Sanjib Adhakari after reading reviews from his previous clients and it was the best decision we made. Sanjib made our whole experience much easier and more enjoyable! From regular contact before our trip, to booking hotels and flights for us, organizing our holiday was a very effortless experience. Sanjib is not only very knowledgable and experienced at trekking, he has a great sense of humour that makes even those longer days walking more fun! I would highly recommend Sanjib and have actually already begun organizing our next trek with him.
Feel free to contact me at  if you would like to know anything else or contact

Tracy Samassa wrote in 2012

I have just completed Mount Everest Base Camp trek.  I decided not to go in a group, but just with a guide.  I was recommended Sanjib Adhikari and contacted him 2 months before my intended departure.  From the first time I made contact, he was so responsive.  He answered all my questions and gave me all the advice and help I needed even before getting to Nepal.  Nothing was too much for him.
I was travelling alone, and worried I might get lonely for so long.  Sanjib could not do enough to make my trek a happy and successful one.  Everything went exactly as planned, he was 100% honest and reliable and is very knowledgeable about the Nepal, trekking, the areas and the people.
He also speaks very good English and has a good sense of humour.  Not only was the trip a success but he made it enjoyable and a memorable one. 
I would highly recommend any potential trekker in Nepal use  Sanjib Adhikari. It is without a doubt that you will be richly rewarded if you do so

39.Jhonaten and Enashka recomend Bai in 2010

bai x200 We would like to recommend Bai as a guide.  He is a very lovely young man. He is studying to be an English teacher.  When one of us was very sick he offered to carry our bags for us to help us out till we felt better.  He was flexible with our trek and we were able to rearrange days depending on how we were feeling. He was very helpful by leading the way and telling us where to step when we were crossing Cho La Pass and my wife kept falling over. 
 When we constantly asked him about the mountains on the track he was able to tell us about the mountains and villages.  He had a great sense of humor and he was very funny, so we had enjoyed our trek.  He speaks very good English and we had no difficulty communicating with him at all.  We told him the type of guest houses we would like to stay in and he was usually able to find us a good place to stay.

Overall we only have positive things to say about Bai.  We spent twenty four days with him and we still enjoyed each others company at the end of the trip.  He was honest and truthful.  We would recommend him to others in the future. 
If you would like to contact Bai email him on  or call him on 977-9841092216.Regards  Jonathen and Enaksha

deepack adhikari x25040. Marianne and H.A. from Canada recommend Deepak Adhikari as a trekking guide.

Our first trip to Nepal was in 1999. By chance, we came to Pokhara, decided that we wanted to try out trekking, and hired a guide from a trekking agency. It turned out to be Deepak Raj Adhikari, who has since become the guide on all of our 9 Nepal treks so far, as well as our friend.

Since our first 4-day trek in the Annapurna foothills, we have graduated to backpacking trips to the Annapurna Basecamp, around the Annapurnas, across the Annapurnas (through the Mesokantho Pass), the Langtang and Helambu, the Everest Basecamp, and the Royal Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve in Western Nepal, our latest trek in December 2009.

I will never forget our return from the Annapurna Base camp during the monsoon season. The levels of the rivers and waterfalls had risen and were fast-flowing on our way back, but Deepak kept calm and reassured and professionally helped us through the wet experience. At another occasion, he guided us to safety over a glacier across the Mesokanto Pass.

We are relatively slow trekkers and he would never hurry us, instead he always found encouraging words to make us reach the top of the trail happily. He hails from a charming farming village with a magnificent view onto Fishtail-Mountain, what must have inspired his love for nature.

Deepak likes to talk about the mountains, the people and customs of Nepal and show them to the people whom he guides. He once told us the “short version” of the legendary Ramayana which lasted one hour. He is entertaining and a lot of fun to be with, but at the same time, he also respects your privacy and leaves you to yourself. He is an honest person and he is also very respectful to his porters, whom he hires for the trek. If anyone wants to be picked up from the airport, he can arrange it, because he has an airport pass allowing him to go inside.

 We can highly recommend Deepak Raj Adhikari for a safe and enjoyable trekking. His email is  . His cell phone number is 977 9856029473.

Marianne and H.A. Eiselt (German citizens living in East-Canada)

Raj vishma nepal41. David Ritchie recomends Vishma  Raj  Nepal

I recently experienced Nepal for the first time with a complete trek around the Annapurna Circuit, and I enthusiastically recommend my guide, Raj Nepal,  Raj is experienced and knowledgeable about both the countryside and the people, and totally dedicated to ensuring that his clients have a good experience.  For example, when I expressed an interest in local cuisine, he made sure I had a chance to sample the specialties of the many regions we passed through.  He was solicitous throughout about my health (I experienced no difficulties, but it was reassuring to know that he was knowledgeable about and alert to symptoms. 
A couple of comments about the guide / porter decision.  I am in excellent condition, and could easily have carried my own gear over Thorong La - but I was trekking alone, and frankly appreciated the company of Raj and the excellent porter he hired, Dhana.  Yes, even on your first trip you can find your own way - by frequently asking directions (usually from guides who are present because someone else has hired and is paying them) and back-tracking a few miles when you turn into a dead-end (as we saw one self -guided group doing).  About expenses:  I have seen several mentions of $10 per day for a porter - this is badly obsolete.  Even though many lodges offer free or reduced rates to guides and porters, they still have expenses, and $10 per day will barely cover them.  If you go with a commercial trekking company, inquire whether they provide food and lodging for the porters; many do not, and the porter ends up with very little to take home after 20 days on the trail.  Don't be tight:  You spent at least a couple thousand dollars getting here - spend a little more to enjoy yourself and treat your employees right.  Yes, you can negotiate lower rates - unemployment is very high in Nepal, and people are desperate for work.  I guess it depends on your personal sense of ethics. 
David Ritchie
Portland Oregon USA

Slawomir Chorek from Poland wrote 2011:

I would like to give a recommendation for an excellent guide Vishma Raj Nepal. We, three Polish, did the Annapurna Circuit in March/April 2011. First of all, for the guys wondering to hire or not the guide and/or porter, I would answer YES, provided you are not desperate to save any money and have the lowest budget trek. In the very beginning we have planned to have the package trip but in the end we decided to hire only a guide and a porter and other expenses pay on place when necessary. It was the right decision because we had control over everything during the trek. We chose, among others, the offer of Raj with whom we had very good contact from the very beginning, he quickly and fully answered our questions. Raj arranged all necessary paperwork, permits, tickets and a porter. During the trek he took care we had better services possible at reasonable prices, saved us from hassle of arrangements with locals that gave us more free time for the rest and entertainment. He has very good knowledge of the mountains and the area and its culture and history. Raj is an excellent companion to travel with, very social, who knows everybody on the trek, very friendly to anyone. He always suggested the best options for food and lodge, we had never the reason to claim his services and choices. Of course everything you can do on your own but you cannot do it as smoothly as your guide will. To meet such a guy like Raj is priceless.

see Raj’s website ,

or his Facebook site

42. Recommendation for Guide Krishna Gurung  - for a successful Nepal visit
KB Gurung klein P 250
Recomendation by Manfred Sturm 2006

During the last 15 years I have made five trips to various regions of Nepal. I usually organize my trips myself and I travel with not more than three friends. Last year I met an excellent guide, K. B. GURUNG through Blue Mountain Travels & Tours ( He is a great guide who speaks easy to understand English and knows to plan ahead and is well organized. He is always friendly and calm, well informed and very knowledgeable regarding point of interest and local and national history. Needless to say he is dependable, supportive and cautious, especially when crossing icy trails. Also he is certified by the Trekking and Tourism authority.
If you are looking for a capable  guide and if you are looking to get in touch with the locals then contact K. B. Gurung . His specialty: MUSTANG area.

In March 2010 Katharina & Jochen Sturm (Kiel, Germany) and Manfred Sturm (Bielefeld, Germany) did a 15 days trekking tour through Helambu, Gosainkund and Langtang area during our three weeks stay in Nepal. We decided to contact the Guide Krishna Gurung (called “K. B.”, 27 years old) in our early planning to be in company with him during our trekking tour. Together with him we could plan a detailed around trip through the above mentioned areas in advance. He sent us several replies although he was underway with other trekkers in Nepal. On our arrival he was already waiting for us and gave us a hearty welcome. After a short but precisely briefing belonging our stay in Kathmandu and our tour we could start with him and one very helpful and always friendly porter (“Kalu”) to our trekking tour two days later.
Our guide K. B. gave us brilliant information about all important (view) points e. g. cultural buildings, politics, historical events, religion, social living, mountains, etc during our trek and as well before and after it in Kathmandu. Due to his well spoken English – and of course Nepali – we were always able to get in contact with the local people. We could be a part of the familiar civilisation, the way of living, eating, thinking, … K. B. Gurung was always very kind to us and the people we met underway, especially to the children. He was and is a polite, respectful and sociable guide always in good mood but never obtrusive to anyone. He liked to sit together within our group, laughed and played with us and interchanged about everything.
In critical situations he always kept the overview. For example he found out the right balance between passing the Laurebina La / Gosainkund La (4600m) and the handling with first symptoms of acute mountain sickness. We always could trust him and had a good feeling of safety. He also took care to our eldest and experienced crew -member (69 years) during all time of our stay.

If you are looking for a guide with a high sense of responsibility, excellent knowledge about Nepal and a good talent in organisation mixed with a very friendly aura we could recommend you K. B. Gurung as a guide and a friend. His well known trekking areas are all over Nepal.
For further information you could contact him namastekrishna@hotmail .com or send us a request to

Miriam wrote in 2009 : In October 2009 we (2 people) went trekking with Krishna (26 years) in the Annapurna Region (Jomsom – Muktinath – Marpha – Gorepani). It was our first trip to Nepal and we were not sure which trek to do and in which region etc., so we contacted Krishna by email and asked him a lot of questions, which he always answered in detail. He planned the whole tour according to our desires and requirements. We had a great time with Krishna, he is a wonderful person and we felt very well taken care of at every moment. He always did everything to make us happy and was very flexible, e.g. we spontaneously included a “side-trip” to a remote village which we had heard of from other trekkers. Krishna is very reliable, honest and caring and we felt very safe with him. At the same time, we had a lot of fun with him and laughed a lot. His English is excellent and he has a vast knowledge and it was always interesting to talk to him about the culture, political issues etc. We learnt a lot from him about Nepal and he was always able to answer all kinds of questions. Even when the trek was finished and we were back in Kathmandu, we stayed in contact, met to eat together and exchange pictures etc. He would highly recommend Krishna as a guide!


Basu simkhada porträt x25043. Abs Lakin recomend Guide Basu Simkhada (2010)

I’ve worked in the tourism industry for over 10 years and know how a guide can make or break a trip. I always ask to meet the guide before I sign up and was very lucky that Basu was in the office of the Tour Operator in Thamel at the time I was there. I wanted a mature guide, someone good fun, responsible  but also with an indepth knowledge of Langtang National Park, our destination for 8 days trekking. He greeted us with a big smile and his smile never left. His English is very good, fun to be around and entertained us each night with his funny stories. The most memorable moment however was when we were in Langtang Vilage, the sun was setting through the peaks of the Himalayas and Basu got out his flute. It was magical. We met other tourists and their guides along the way and they were always envious that our guide was Basu, not theirs. He explained the local customs well, taught us some simple phrases in Nepalese, ate every meal with us (some guides don’t do this with their tourists) and we met many local people through him. I highly recommend Basu and have already recommended him to a few fellow travellers, and he has never let me down. He can be contacted at

khamal klein44. David William recomends Kamal in 2010:

Our trekking with kamal was more than an amazing experience and kamal is more than a wonderful guide. He will help you choose the best trek for you, by taking into account your interests as well as your physical condition. He will show you all the hidden beauties which characterize Nepal and its mountains. Consequently, at the end of your trek, you will recognize all the plants, trees and animals and will have incredible experiences to tell your friends.
Thanks to kamal, we have been able to experience few evenings among native Nepalese people with whom we have shared a glass of the local alcohol and food.
We recommend you to get kamal help if you are planning to trek in Nepal, as he is the best! His web site , his Email is

David William

45.Paul Derrick - recomends Baikuntha (Nov 2011)

Baikunta kleinI would like to recommend (BK) Baikuntha Prasad Nepal as a guide.

I met BK in Kathmandu, then we flew by helicopter into Surke then completed the Gokyo, Cho La Pass and Everest Base Camp circuit. The first half was good, however I caught a chest infection going over the Cho La Pass and that took me 8 hours to complete. BK and my porter Christian. (Balkrishna Magyar) were excellent. Christian had already carried my bags already to the top of the pass then came two thirds the way down to help me up and carry my day bag. Both BK and Christian were on hand at all times and BK carried by day pack from the top of the pass down to Dzonglha. He offered many times prior and afterwards, but I insisted in carrying, it was my decision.

BK is studying to be an English teacher and his English was very good. He was constantly tell us information about the mountains, his favourite being Ama Dablam, and after seeing it I would quite agree. When at the lodges he was also very helpful and attentive to anything we required.

I enjoyed his company for the brief time we had together and would recommend him to other trekkers
If you would like to contact Bai email him on or call him on 977-9841092216. Regards Paul Derrick


46. Alexandra & Andy Blount, UK recomend Chandra in 2011
Ichandra and dawa kleinn September 2010 we spent two weeks trekking to Annapurna Base Camp with Chandra Tamang, a guide we had been recommended through Jagat Lama's independent trekking co-operative. We were first-time trekkers and throughout the two weeks Chandra always displayed a thoughtful, caring nature and was clearly well liked by the local people. To ensure that we had the best possible experience, he would always check that we had the best available place to stay, booking in advance where possible, and if it was raining (which it was most days in September) he would always arrange hot water to be boiled so that we could shower and try his best to find a way we could dry our clothes. In addition, he is very well educated having studied English at University and so very easy to communicate with. He made our long days trekking pass in pleasure with long chats along the trail, and friendly games of cards in the evenings. His in-depth knowledge of the area and of Nepal was only surpassed by his nearly-obsessive knowledge of cricket. We left Nepal firm friends and intend to return to Nepal when we will definitely trek with him again. We know he also treks with large groups and frequently does the Everest Base Camp trek.

On our trek we were also accompanied by an assitant guide called Dawa Lama who acted as a porter. He was arranged through the same independent trekking co-operative through which we met Chandra (the co-operative is managed by Jagat Lama). He was also very friendly and knowledgeable and is currently improving his English in order to advance to becoming a senior guide.

Chandra can either be contacted directly on +977 9841313200, email, or as we did via the independent trekking cooperative headed by Jagat Lama (whom we also met and is also a really nice guy). The website of the co-operative is If you need any more help regarding Chandra, please feel free to contact me at

In the photo left Chandra Tamang and right Dawa Lama

47. Chris and Dave Rolls from UK recomend Superguide Ripa Rai in 2011

ripa rai kleinRipa lives in Pokhara, has been a porter and guide for 15 years and has extensive experience of the Annapurna, Everest and Langtang regions. He speaks excellent English, knows all about the routes, timings and altitude issues and acts as an informative link to the nature, wildlife and local people you will meet along the way. He can arrange treks, porters, kit hire, permits, accommodation and transport for small or large groups.

Ripa Rai is probably the nicest man we have ever met! A friend put us in touch who had enjoyed trekking with him recently. When we arrived at the bus station in Pokhara, he met us, sorted our accommodation, transport, permits, kit hire and organised a welcome meal to get to know each other and discuss the route. Over the 9 day trek he was always cheerful, always helpful, advised us about the timings, the altitude, helped with food and accommodation, was informative about the nature and wildlife we saw and interacted so nicely with everyone we met. Basically, the whole trip was a pleasure and we could just relax, enjoy the views and keep walking! Ripa Rai deserves to always be busy with treks, he is a great advert for Nepal and we would highly recommend him to anyone. His fees are also very reasonable. Thanks Ripa for a great ABC trek - we did it! Contact details:

Email - , Mobile - 9846155641

48. Trekking Guide Sagar Thapa is recommended by Andrea Roth from Switzerland 2011

sagar thapa kleinSagar Thapa started his career as a guide 10years ago, when his American English teacher at University asked him, to join him as a porter for the Annapurna-Circuit. On this tour he discovered his fascination for trekking and being in contact with clients from all over the world. Since that time he has guided many treks all over Nepal, in Everest, Langtang and Annapurna area.
In 2010 he was my guide on the Poonhill-Trek organised throughout my volunteering-organisation I stayed in Nepal for three months. I enjoyed trekking with Sagar, that’s why I choose him again as guide when I came back to Nepal this year.  I was trekking with him for 10days in Helambu and another trek with a group for 6days in the Annapurna area.

Sagar is 34 years old; he grew up in the Gurkha district and lives now in Pokhara and he is father of two children. He works as an independent guide, so you can directly talk with him about your trek, and no money goes to an agency.

I would like to recommend Sagar as a guide, because he is experienced, professional and he knows the trails, guesthouses and people living there very well, and has a friendly relation-ship with them. He’s able to find short -cuts or even longer ways, what ever you wish. He is an open-minded and helpful person, with a good sense of humour, who likes to talk about different subjects and with great knowledge about Nepali culture and society. And of course after studying English in major subject, he speaks very fluently English. 
Sagar has many friends; he works together with; porters, taxi-drivers, guesthouse-owners and jungle-guides. In this way they can rely on each other and make sure that the prices are reasonable. So he was very helpful to me, in organising my Chitwan-trip and changing my flight-ticket.

Sagar likes to satisfy also special wishes of his clients, he told me, once they carried one backpack of onions for a person really likes onions; or a snowboard, to slide down from Thorung-La. 

Contact Sagar about your simple or special plans:  Mobile: 00977 9846078043

If you have any questions you can also contact me in German or English:

49. Olaf Kroll recomends Shiva Kumar:(2011)

shiva Kumar kleinI'd like to strike a blow for our guide Shiva Kumar. We hired him for a 9 day Annapurna basecamp tour. His very nice young brother Buddhi joined as porter. Shiva is in his mid 30s and is doing the job as guide (initially as porter ) already for 16 (!) years now. He mentioned that there are maximum 10-15 guides in Pokhara (where he lives) that have a comparable experience in terms of years. His English is good and he's a very likable and laid-back fellow, who has friends in literally every corner and every village of the mountain, and therefore he could organize little extra wishes often times. For example, we usually got an extra nice room, or we could charge our battery even though it was not possible officially etc. His very long time in the mountains around Pokhara really paid off in numerous situations. Shiva is extremely attentive, very professional and stayed cool and sovereign in a critical situation, where he knew exactly what to do. In addition to this, he's in my view a very authentic and genuine person. Whatever he shows the trekker, this is him! All-out recommendation!!

His contact:,

50. John Shepard (UK) recomends Suresh Nepal (2011)

suresh nepali kleinIn March this year I used the services of Suresh Nepali, trekking guide, when trekking in the Langtang region. Suresh is very expereinced coming from a trekking familly. As well as running a guest house, his father is also a guide and so Suresh learnt to guide at a very early age. He lives in Pokhara and is very experienced in both the Annapurna and Langtang regions. The reason I chose Suresh as a guide is because his English is the best of any guide I have ever met . He has a great sense of humour and became a great companion as we could talk about all sorts of subjects whilst trekking. We had many laughs and became firm friends during the trekk. His knowlege of the mountains, wildlife and birdlife is excellent as is his local knowledge of where to stay. I can thoroughly recommend Suresh to anyone looking for a guide and look forward to seeing him again when I return to Pokhara. His number is 9846266774 or e-mail

51. Chayanut Chindarak from Thailand recomends Pema Sherpa (2011)

pema sherpa gebetsfahnenfb1 kleinNamaste, My name is Chayanut. I'm archivist at National Archives of Thailand. I went to Nepal for trekking 5 times with talent guide PEMA SHERPA. He is a very organized guide and he managed some of the trip details in a manner that did not distance me from the experience of traveling. His knowledge of the inherent risks of trekking (eg. AMS, water purification, impending weather conditions etc) and knowledge of flora, fauna and of course the magnificent of Nepal Himal was a perfect reflection of his professional behaviour towards his role as a guide. I saw Pema’s technical abilities in the mountains on Langtang trekking (my 5th time for trekking in Feb, 2011) during snowstorms and steep terrain. He was very helpful when I have to cross more difficult passages and frequently he asked me about my well-being. And when I got problems with the altitude, he help in many ways. He shared me many adventures in Nepal and Japan (He has ever been in Japan for trekking guide on Japan mt.) He speaks four languages (Nepali, Japanese, Sherpa and English). His prices were very competivitive. I would be happy to be a reference for him. PEMA SHERPA Trek & Mountaineering Guide
Phone No. 00977-9841-570980  Home Phone No. 00977-01-2090483

52. Pedro Carriho recomends Porter-Guide Padam Lama (2012)

Porter-Guide Padam Lama

PADAM LAMA kleinI had the pleasure and luck to meet and hire Padam for the Lukla -Kala Patthar-Cho La Pass-Gokyo Trek on November/December 2011.

It was just the two of us trekking during 15 days so I got to know Padam very well. He guided me when needed and carried my backpack throughout, while I carried my photographic equipment. He is strong, very reliable, extremely friendly and always good humored (that´s really important for long treks!), and has a big heart. Padam also helped people on the lodges we stayed and did the utmost to make me feel comfortable.

His english is from medium to good, but it´s very easy to communicate with him. He has a very good knowledge of the Khumbu area, taking me to some of the best lodges and some alternative viewpoints. Previously, Padam has also been trekking / guiding on areas like Annapurna, Langtang, Kangchenjunga, Mount Kailash, Kangshung Face, among many others.

He is now my Nepali friend and I wouldn´t hesitate on hiring him again or recommending his services to other trekkers.

Contact him at or

His mobile phones in Nepal are:
00977-9849546926   / 00977-9843081190

53. Ritapop Wong wrote in 2011
Dil  Gurung kleinI am writing to highly reccomend Dil Girung, a licensed trekking guide
to anyone reading this site. He had been a guide for more than 10 years and has vast knowledge of
all the trekking trails of Nepal.
Dil was recomendded to me by a friend who used him 3 times. He is a fantastic guide. I term him an "all-in-one" package guide. I did the Annapurna Circuit trail and Dil planned a perfect itininery for me according to my budget and pace.
He is so well versed with the trekking trails of Nepal and I just needed to tell him my interest. I was more than satisfied with what I got!!! He took me to all the interesting and amazing sites as we trekked along. Knowledgeable with the history of Nepal's trekking trails, he was able to explain to the tiniest detail.

He is very honest, caring, conciencious and a humourous guide. In the midst of your exhaustion as you trek along, he provides some medication for laughter that keeps you going on and on and on!!!

He ensures that you eat well and drink plenty of water daily. He would help carry your bagpack when he notice you struggling uphill. He is a fit guide. His encouragement and humorous character will boost you and increase your energy level.
So for those of you who are planning a visit to Nepal for trekking or leisure trip I highly reccomend you Dil Gurung. Its a guarentee that you will have no regrets at all.
Huh! I would like to mention that he is also a handy man who can help repair your bagpack if the zipper gives way- ha ha ha!!!
Dil can be contacted via...Mobile Phone 977 9851 1384 99
or Email:-

mankumar klein54. I want to recommend my good friend MAN KUMAR TAMANG.

In 2004 friends of mine picked him up on the way as a very young, just only 20 years old porterguide because of his friendly, open face. After the trekking tour they exchanged their contact details because his cheerful nature and because they got on so well while trekking.
Three years later they planed another visit in Nepal and contacted Man Kumar again and asked if he want to guide them another once.
This trekking tour was in 2007 and Man Kumar guided at least this friends and furthermore me , my aunt and my uncle on the Annapurnacircle. 3 years passed after 2004, Man Kumar ”grew up“, got the guide licence and learned English in Kathmandu very well.

All of us got to be good friends during this trek and in 2008 I walked alone with him to EBC. It was an unforgettable trekking! Since then I have recommended him to many friends, which all were happy with him.

He is a friendly, reliable and professional guide. He is trying to make all wishes possible and told us many interesting things about himself, his childhood and life in his village and about his family. It was so interesting to speak with him!
Together with Man Kumar we often got directly entrance to local kitchens and houses. Some of his costumers also had the possibility to visit his birth-village in Solukhumbu and to experience there with him and his parents, brothers and sister the "real Nepal" – people, culture and life away from the touristic ways.

Since 2010 Man Kumar is married and father of a very sweet daughter.
In 2011, I was last time with him on a treck – first trekking with my daughter.
 We had a great time together on this trek (Poon hill/Tatopani). Man Kumar and my little girl (this time nearly 3 years old) got on very well too.
I had no fear to entrust my child to him. In Kathmandu we met also his wife and his daughter and the little girls were playing together.

I hope he will guide many more costumers (friends!) in future and I wish his family all the best. I’m looking forward to go with Man Kumar many more times!

phone: +977 / 974 10 72 566
You can find Man Kumar Tamang also on facebook.

Manish rai klein55. Aaron Loukonen recomends Manish Rai

I would like to recommend our guide that we had the pleasure of using for our recent trek, Manish Rai. My wife and I had our first trek in Nepal in January 2012, an eight day trip in the Annapurna region, and didn't really know what to expect or how it would turn out, as we were putting it together very last minute. We happened upon some good reviews of a company called Nature-Treks (, and found the place in Thamel (Kathmandu) . Immediately we were impressed about how professional they were there. We were soon introduced to our guide, Manish, who took us from our hotel in Thamel to Pokhara, where we embarked for our trek in the Annapurna foothills. Our time spent with Manish was excellent. Not only was he very professional, knowledgeable, and kind, but he was keen to our needs and interests on our trek. One example is that he quickly realized that my wife is interested in birdwatching, so he put loads of energy into finding and  pointing out the many interesting birds we encountered. He can be a quiet man, until he sees a little of your personality, and then he connects well to it. My wife and I are very easy going, and his sense of humor and kindness came out within the first day. He is also a very energetic and enthusiastic man, and it is obvious that he is guiding because he loves it, to be in such a majestic place. I've never used a guide before, so for me, it seemed a bit awkward meeting someone for the first time to head out into the hills, but Manish really took this anxiety from me and gave my wife and I a trek that we will remember for a long time. Not only that, we connected to him so well that it was sad for us to part ways in the end, as he was someone I'd be proud to consider a friend. We now are planning our return to Nepal, at which time we will definitely use Manish as our guide again. Here is Manish's contact information:
Phone: 9841653757

56. Lun Emy recomends Gopi Lama (2012)

Gopi Lama kleinNot wanting to pay for services through a western agency, I decided to contact Jagat Lama at his government-endorsed independant trekking cooperative (http://www.independent-trekkingguide-nepal .com) to arrange for a guide to take my friends and I through Langtang National Park for 12 days. To my delight, he set me up with Gopi Lama (his nephew) and together, they helped us every step of the way, from the time I first contacted him through email to driving us to the airport on our last day.
All pre-departure details were sorted long before we even left the country- TIMS cards, permits, all transport and payment options were all ready by the time we arrived in Kathmandu. This was all done even though we had not paid for anything prior to the day before our departure, when we met Jagat and Gopi. They even drove to the airport at 11pm to retrieve a rucksack which had been misdirected en route to Kathmandu and delivered it back to our hostel that night.
Over the next 12 days Gopi accompanied us as an exceptional guide, and as his command of English was very good, he easily furnished us with information on Nepali culture, society, architecture, history, religion and regional communities. He and the 2 porters he brought along (Manoj Lama and Prakash Lama, who also worked for the same trekking cooperative) were always polite and respectful, made sure that our food was cooked properly and that we were warm enough at night. They were friendly and sociable (with many a night spent playing rowdy card games and many days being entertained by Gopi's singing and dancing!), with bundles of good humour to spare, but were comfortable with long periods of silence as well.
Gopi was always cheerful, courteous and was always the last person in our trekking group, ensuring that the slower walkers always had company. He was also generous to the umpteenth degree, eating and sharing food with us, offering to carry our daypacks as we trudged up to Kyangin Ri and keeping an eye on our condition as we got to higher and colder elevations.
I have no reservations in my recommendation of Gopi and would be happy to personally answer any questions you may have at . Alternatively, you can contact Gopi through the Independant Trekking Cooperative, the details of which are below: 

Bikash Gurung klein57. Johanna Sell recomends Bikash Gurung (2012)

A friend of mine recommended Bikash Gurung as trekking guide and thus my friend and I hired him to go the Tamang Heritage Trail. We had such a great time together that we extended our trek to the Langtang.
Bikash is a very cheerful and open-minded person. With his joking manner it is very easy to connect and to have interesting discussions with him, although, his English has some space to imrovement. He is also very empathic knowing when to speed up and when to rest. At times when I was feeling sick he was very caring and could well assess the situation and take the appropriate measures.
His charme and sociable character enabled us during the village trek to mix well with the villagers and get to know original Tamang culture. He understood well that we did not only want to trek fast but also take our time to meet the local people, therefore he was always willing to stop and talk to them (he speaks the local Gurung language therefore he could understand and communicate with the Tamang who often did not speak Nepali). Thereby we could learn many things about their daily work and were even once invited to the village festival with dancing and drinking local wine. Also, he loves children and children seem to love him so upon our arrival in a village we were always welcomed by a bunch of joking children.
Apart from that he introduced us to the local flora and fauna. He grew up in the mountains and has many years trekking experience working for different trekking companies for seven years in different capacities. Sometimes as porter, assistant guide, porterguide, and trekking guide. He knows all classic big trekking regions in Nepal such as Everest, Annapurna, Langtang/Helambu/Gosainkunda, Manaslu and Kanchenjunga. Besides Gurung, Nepali and English he also speaks Chinese. You should not miss his great cooking and singing skills either!
We became very good friends and I will go trekking with him and my friends the Annapurna Circuit this year. I can warmly recommend him as a professional and joyful guide to trek the beautiful Himalayan Mountains. 
He works for the Visit Nepal Adventure Treks and Expeditions Company located in Thamel. You can contact him directly at:  or on his mobile +9779846144270 . You can also visit his facebook page:  or his company’s page:

Suman Lama klein58. Anna Belozerova( Moscow ,Russia) introduces her porter-guide and big friend Suman Lama
I would very much like to sincerely recommend my porter-guide to other tourists. He was a real discovery! Last year was my first arrival to Nepal. It took me 20 days to make “Three-passes” trek of Everest region plus Lukla-Tumlingtar trek. Eastern Nepal left me very strong impression. It is laid back, I felt, things had not changed much for centuries. So, this year, I decided to do again something genuine, and opted for Kanchenjunga, as it is not so touristy as Everest or Anapurna. Beware, if you are planning a remote area, like Kanchenjunga , it takes some preparation , no agency will be able to find a proper guide for you within 10 min, as not so many guides are knowledgeable of that area. Suman Lama was highly recommended by the agency arranging all paper work. It was big luck ,as Suman became a real friend of mine.
  This pal is very hard working, so he was never out of job. When he had no offers as a guide, he worked as porter or cook, this way he had accumulated large experience of many areas, not only classic Everest and Anapurna but also Dolpo, Kanchenjunga, Langtang-Gosaykunda, Nar-Phu, Mustang and Manaslu , despite his 34 years of age. I saw so many mountain guides in my life, but this one is really particular, totally reliable, super friendly, psychologically stable, strong, good stamina, he sincerely cares about you as you were his family. I’m not exactly easy client, as we made every day 2 days program, but Suman never complained, he can shift to any tourist, however quick or slow you are,  he will make you feel very secure even passing through the deep snow in the thick fog. Due to him, I managed it all: Kanchenjunga North, Sele La pass, and  South base camp. Then we made Gosaykunda- Tarke Gyang in 5 days left.
 I would certainly like to return again and make another challenging trip with Suman Lama  His    +977 9741146167

59. Manami Takahashi  Japan recomends Trekking Guide Yam Gurung.

Yam Gurung kleinManami Takahashi highly recomends Yam. I am writing to recommend a really great guide we have trekked with in the Annapurna Base camp mountain range four times now. He lives in Kathmandu Nepal. My Japanese friends group and I have been visited Nepal four times and each time done two treks with Yam Gurung and have found him to be great company and very easy going. He has a great sense of humour and is so interesting to talk to and has helped us to learn so much about Nepalese culture. He knows the Annapurna area Everest Base Camp. So well and has also taken us to more off the beaten track places too that he knew we would find interesting.
He is very professional in his guiding and always takes us to great places to stay and is very popular in all of the lodges we stayed in. He loves to sing and play the drum and quite often We will join him in the evening sitting around the fire whilst he plays music with other Nepalese people. He is 100 percent reliable and speaks excellent British English. He has trekked with people of all nationalities and many of them have trekked with him several times. He is very experience in guiding and is very capable in all situations.
We stay keep & touch with him by email.
I would recommend Yam to anyone thinking of trekking in Nepal. He is very honest and a very caring person too besides being lots of fun.
Actually he is Asian British.
His contact email address here. or

Yam Gurung facebooksite:
He is often on a trek for several weeks, during the season. where he can not able to answer your E-mails on time.
He is cell ( mobile No ) + 977 9843 13 0792. or Home + 977 14488489. kathmandu Nepal.
 Consider that he can't check his mails daily when he is on a trek.
Recommended by: Manami Takahashi, Shinosuke Onishi, Mari Nakamura Niigata,Tokyo,Fukuoka Japan.

Bishnu_Portrait  klein60. Pia recomends Bishnu Paudel (2012)

We hired him for carrying our bag on the Poonhill Trek. He is a very friendly, funny and pleasent person. He speaks very good english, during the 4 day trek we talked a lot with him and had much fun. He explained a lot about Nepali people and culture and was also very interested in our culture.
He gave recommendations for teahouses to eat and sleep but where also fine, when we wanted to go to different places (at the end his choices would have been the better ones ;-)). As the weather was not the best, we couldn't see the Annapurnas all the days. One morning the sky was totally clear and Bishnu woke us up early so we could enjoy the sunrise. We were very pleased about that!

Bishnu has been working as a guide, porterguide and porter for a long time (10 years if I remember well) and knows the mountains perfectly. He lives in Pokhara and normally works in the Annapurna region but he also would go to the Everest and other regions. He has got a government licence and works independently. He carries up to 15 kg.
Email-adress: . Consider that he can't check his mails daily when he is on a trek.
Mobile phone: 9846054802 inside Nepal. For calling from outside Nepal dial 00977 first.
another photo

Raj Kumar Gurung y 25061. Magdalen and Willi Jost recommend Guide Raj Kumar Gurung (2012)

From the middle of September until the middle of October 2012 we visited Upper Mustang and the Gorkha area together with Raj our guide.
Despite his young age he is a very competent guide. We planned our trekkings through e-mail. Raj is a good organiser, a helpful, trustworthy and reliable guide.
His light-hearted and lively personality helped to meet the challenge of hard and long distances with a certain easiness.
We recommend him warmly.

 His Email is 

Dorche y30062. Dorche  Tamang is recommended by Diana Körner(2014)

Dorche Tamang is from Syaphru Bensi, which is the first stop of the Langtang trek. His guest can benefit from his more than 3 decades of trekking experience which he earned first as a porter and since 2005 as certified guide. He has good english skills, looks very well and responsibly after his groups and knows all common trekking regions like the back of his pocket.

The first time we met Dorche was when we trekked in 2011 with him in the Langtang region – his home turf – including the Tamang heritage trail and we booked him again for our 2013 tour around the Annapurna. Both treks were magnificent and with Dorche who meets a lot of friends along the way and always is invited for a chat we felt often more like house guests rather than visiting tourists. He is not only a guide in the sense of showing you the right way and organizing beds, but also has looked after us very well, e.g. he measured and tracked our blood oxygen and carried our backpack when necessary on a sick -day. Last but not least he has a very warm-hearted character, his jokes lighten the mood on exhausting days and his hearty laugh is often contagious and clearly is much appreciated addition to each tour, during which we even had the opportunity to enjoy his cooking skills. We would not hesitate to go on another trip with him and we wish him good health and success and many friendly customers.
If you want to book him for your trek, you can contact him via email address :  and his phone number is +977-9841473485

Jayandra x255 63.Petra Shilling recomend the Guide Jayandra

in october 2012 we did the manaslu circuit as an individual couple. we made tent-trekking and had 10 nepali people for staff to help us.
we can highly recommends our guide


He speaks fluently english and of course has an official trekking guide license.
Jayandra was always very caretaking of us, he never left us behind unattended.
He gives advice to prevent altitude sickness and always joins us for acclimatisation climbs and stayed with us.
As we had other guides on previous treks we can judge on the quality - Jayandra delivered and appreciated all times his guidance.
In the evenings he and his team were singing Nepali songs and playing the drum with dancing. Jayandra took care that our sleeping-tent has always been guarded while we were outside the sleeping-tent.
The wake-up time and daily schedule has been always discussed and finalized the evening before in a briefing, what to expect of the next stretch and where to take care.
When we had difficult stages or did not feel well he carried our daypack.
He had dinner with the team when we finished our meal.
He is born in the Manaslu area and knows the region very well, but not only in the Manaslu region he is experienced as a guide. You can contact Jayandra by Mail and by mobile-phone 98141727273. Petra and Frieder


Hans -Jürgen Nollau recomends Shisir Thapa

I recommend Mr. Shishir Thapa as Guide and Porterguide. He assisted me during my trekking tour around Annapurna along 25 days. He was born 1990 in Gorkha district and is in trekking business since 2005. He is a licensed guide (license number 6585).

Mr. Thapa speaks and writes a fluent, perfect English that gave opportunity to extended and interesting talks along the tour. Talks that gave further detailed information about the country beside written guidebooks.  Beginning from organizing bus tickets and accommodation he made it possible for me to focus on walking and taking photographs. Mr. Thapa has a fine sense to find a balance between service orientated guiding and giving the client space for own activities. I’m looking forward the Round Manaslu tour in 2013 together with him.

Have an unforgettable tour with Shishir Thapa! You can contact him via email: or via telephon: +977 9813494090.

Gopi Nath65. Jona mills recommends the Guide Gopi Nnath

Gopi has been working as a guide, for a long time 15 years and knows the mountains perfectly. He is a very kind, friendly and helpful person.  Gopi was very professional always ready help us. Well organized tour and Trekking our guide Gopi was very accommodating. He has got a government license and works in Himalayan Spirit adventure Treks and Expedition.

We will definitely recommend guide to our friends.


Mobile No:+977-9849791934   , Website


Bhim Raj klein66. Kevvin and Beverly recommend the Guide Bhim Raj

My wife and I travelled to Nepal on a three week trekking holiday  . Our guide for the trip was Bhim Raj, a quiet unassuming young man. Bhim is very polite and always ready to answer any questions on many subjects including the mountains in the area we visited, villages and village life and their history. He is also keen to learn from others about their language and life cultures. Bhim understands and speaks very good English and Dutch. We wanted to change part of our trip itinerary he very quickly arranged it. Bhim is a very good guide and If we return to Nepal in the future we will definitely be using Bhim as our tour organizer and travel guide for trek and tour. Kevin & Beverley Dawes

Facebook Address:

Mobile Phone Number: +977-9849810345, +977-9818704963

E-mail Address:

rajesh neupane x25567. Onno Pistorius  recomends  Rajesh Neupane

(2014) Recently I did a wonderful 25 day hike with the very professional Nepalese trekking guide Rajesh Neupane . He is a really professional guide, who has done all the possible treks you can imagine in Nepal, for many years now. In April and May of 2014 he organized the Manaslu & Tsum valley trek + Annapurna circuit for me.

 He is known with the Annapurna Region, Poon Hill, Upper Mustang, Naar-Phu, Dolpa , Manaslu and the Tsum valley, Kathmandu valley, Langtang area, all the treks in the Mount Everest Region, Mera Peak, Chitwan Region... and many many treks more, even in the far eastern and far western part of Nepal.

 During the trek, I met a lot of beautiful people. People, walking with guides as well, but I was surprised by the drama... guides getting drunk, harassing their customers, threatening to leave their customers because of a disagreement, guides without a valid permit in restricted areas, guides who did not speak English at all (beyond "yes?" :-) I was very very glad I had my happy and professional guide Rajesh with me! Everybody asked him for advice, about route and options and all, instead of their own guides!  

My guide Rajesh:

  • ...really knows the region well. Knows all upper- lower and optional routes, and beautiful side trips. Even the (yet) less known treks like Naar-Phu;
  • ...makes sure you will be in the best room of the best hotel with the nicest owners;
  • ...his English is very good;
  • ...loves to chat with the local people, to get the most recent information about the area, or make a joke or two;
  • ...knows a lot of nice, happy and polite porters as well;
  • ...really looks after you!
  • I highly recommend my guide Rajesh Neupane. You can contact him directly via:

E-mail:, also on facebook.

Phone: 009779841917136

68: Armin Rüedlinger from Switzerland recommends Chandra shor Rai, climbing and trekking guide (2014)

chandra shor rai x250One year ago when I went around Dhaulagiri and climbed Dhampus Peak, the travel agency assigned Chandra as my guide. Right from the beginning we understood each other perfectly and we became friends immediately. Chandra is a very caring person, who did everything to make my expedition successful, but also managed the porters and the cook very effectively. I was able to fully trust him in all situations we faced, because his decisions were always right and to the best of the team and me.


This year I planned to climb Mera Peak, to go over the Ambulapcha La and then climb Lobuche Peak to conclude the expedition. For me it was always clear I can do such a “heavy tour” with Chandra only and booked him well in advance. And again because of Chandra’s experience, his knowledge and his dedication the expedition was a real success, despite the difficulties we had to face. So could the bad weather at the beginning, because of a delayed monsoon, not stop us. Neither the poor porter who got sick. The way Chandra solved this problem was simply impressive. With his overview, his strength and his fitness he just saved the life of our unlucky porter. I am so glad this turned out that way.

Through Chandra I am now able to understand a lot more about Nepal, its people and their culture. This because of his openness I experienced in many discussions we had together and the mail contact we kept between the two expeditions. I think he is a very well-known and accepted guide in Nepal. This was visible when he met many of his friends along the way and how positively they always reacted to see him.

If I will stay healthy and fit (I am already 70 years old) I certainly like to go to Nepal again to explore other regions. I would do this only with Chandra as my guide.

If you look for an extremely serious, reliable and experienced guide, with a good humor, I only can recommend Chandra.

Personal data of Chandra Shor Rai

Born: 24th August 1973 in the Solokhumbu village Taksindu Nepal

  • He is in possession of theNepal Trekking Guide License No 3960.
  • Chandra worked as assistant cook and trekking guide as well as mountain guide.
  • He followed various trainings, provided by organizations like Nepal Mounaineering Association (NMA), Nepal Mountaineering Instructor Association (NMIA) and Alpine Association of Slovenia.
  • He is in possession of Mountain Guide Register No. 1392
  • Among others Chandra has trekked or climbed the following mountains:
  •       Ganjala Chuli in the Langtang area; Dhampus Peak in the Dhaulagiri region;
  •       Annapurna circuit with Thorong and Pisang Peak; Chulu east and west; Island-, Mera-
  •       Pachermo- and Lobuche Peak in the Everest region, Manaslu circuit with Larye Peak.       

            Mobile: +977 9841697697 or +977 9813897703             eMail:


68) Charlotte Wilson from the USA recommends Tulsi Bhatta (2014)

Tulsi BhattaMy daughter, Kirsten, and I travelled with Mr. Bhatta by airplane from Kathmandu to Pokhara on November 18, 2013.  We trekked with Mr. Bhatta and our porter for eight days in the Annapurna range on the Annapurna Sunrise Trek to Ghorepani.  My daughter is extremely fit, she is 45, and I am very fit as well. We very much enjoyed being with Mr. Tulsi and in the beautiful country of Nepal. However, during our trek, I started to suffer from heart problems and needed to stop many times on the ascent.  This was very disturbing to me as I had trekked and climbed in the Himalaya many times as well as in the Alps in Europe. Mr.  Bhatta is not only an excellent guide, he also has a background in with first aid.  He was extremely caring and  I was in very capable hands. 

  • Mr. Bhatta went far beyond the call of duty: he helped my daughter and me with our lodgings, made sure that we had warm blankets in addition to our sleeping bags and took care of all our needs: from breakfast, lunch and dinner.  We were even served early morning tea in our tea house lodgings.
  • Not only did Mr. Bhatta take care of us, on numerous occasions he helped other trekkers find the way and gave them advice regarding their needs and destination.
  • In addition to being an excellent guide, Mr. Tulsi is also a wonderful person.  My daughter and I very much enjoyed his company and we became friends during our trek.
  • Since returning to the United States, I have been in regular touch with Mr. Bhatta and we hope to trek with him again in the future.
  • I believe that he will be a strong asset to any climbing party in Nepal.  He is young and extremely fit and capable.  In addition, his English is very good.  I strongly recommend Mr. Tulsi Bhatta as a guide

Cell Phone Number : +977 9851190204; Email:

69) Dom from London recommends Lila Gurung (2014)

Lila Gurung guide kleinFriends,

I just want to tell you about our fantastic guide for our 8 day trek to Annapurna Base Camp... His name is Lila Gurung and took amazing care of us and provided fascinating insight into the life and culture of Nepal. So much so that I now consider him a really good friend.

Lila organised everything for us, the passes, porters, the lodges. In my view it is not necessary to go with a tour company/ group. It was myself and my girlfriend, Lila, and 2 porters. Some people say having 2 porters might be a it excessive, but it meant they were not overloaded, we had a fun time, and really importantly one of the porters was able to walk ahead and reserve the best room available in the lodge. It meant we could plan our trip as and how we felt at the time, press on if we felt like we had the extra energy, or just take it on our stride!

I am from England, my girlfriend from France - young reasonably fit travellers. Lila speaks great English, is a sound guy, reliable, great fun, goes out of his way to look after you. He also organises treks in other conservation areas e.g. Manang, Jomsom, Poon Hill....Great thing is we were able to plan our trip around what we wanted to see, the timings, where we wanted to stay - it was all in our discretion. It also means you are paying directly to the locals, rather a company taking a commission. If you're considering trekking in Annapurna, or any of the regions around there, email Lila His website:  picture 1

70) Matthias Zuff from Germany recomends Shyam Tamang (2014)

shyam_family kleinmy daughter stayed last year for volontering three month in Nepal in a primary school.

We visited her for three weeks. The son of her guestfamily named Shyam is a very friendly an expired mountain guide. He travelled with us to the best places off sightseeing in nepal. He often work for some groups as a mountain guide in all regions of nepal.

Shyam Tamang is a certified, young and dynamic Mountainguide from Nepal. He offers individual travels and trekkingtours through Nepal. The tours are planed individually according to your wishes. Due to his experience and commitment he will bring the best out of your travel. The travels can be booked for big travelgroups, single Persons or families.

email: ( in German) picture 1


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