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Trekking round Manaslu day 5: from the cave to Bihi

Travelogue: On the fifth day we still had to walk in the narrow gorge. Passing Deng we reached in the afternoon the camopingsite of Bihi.

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Manaslu 0505 HH04 P 0325 Soon after our breakfast in the cave we had to cross this
Good morning, are you well awake?” Bridge.

if not you will be it after the crossing. It was very sloopy and the left side was filled up with some stones and branches.




Manaslu 2005 AdR 081 P 0325It tool us more than one hour to reach the camping site of Pewa, what a luck that we did not try it the last night.

And it was just a little meadow with a little closed hut.

So our cave had been definitively the better choice.




Manaslu 2005 AdR 082 P 0325 In Pewa we met this three men. Their duty is to organise the building and maintenance of the trail.

Several times a year they walk all along the way and notice where some work has to be done. This work will be ordered from local people who are paid for this . If there are bigger works like new parts to be build also people from other parts of Nepal may get the order. They often come as a whole group and camp and camp directly at the road building site for some months. After the work is done, they will be paid.

Manaslu 0505 HH14 P 0325After a longer part in the gorge and forests we came to flatter patch of land called Deng or Dyang with some fields and a Lodge where we had our daily daal bhat.






Manaslu 2005 AdR 085 P 0325 Manaslu 2005 AdR 086 P 0325


Manaslu 0505 HH17 P 0325Manaslu 2005 AdR 087 P 0325


Manaslu 2005 AdR 090 P 0325 From the heights of Deng we had to go down to the river just to climb again on the other where the trail was going far above the riverbed.


Slowly the Area got a more alpine style and the mountains could be seen nearly al the time




Manaslu 2005 AdR 091 P 0325 We also had entered the Buddhist region with prayer flags and the first mani walls. And the women used Tibetan like jewellery with corals an turquoises.





Manaslu 2005 AdR 098  P0325 First corn was grown and harvested. In between Buckwheat was sawn so that a second harvest is possible.





Manaslu 2005 AdR 092 P 0325 Manaslu 2005 AdR 095 P 0325


Manaslu 2005 AdR 096 P 0325 The trail was still in the sun, bun down on the riverbed it was deep shade.









Videoclip  wassermühle Nepal ManasluThe gorge at Bihi
Videoclip HH, mp4

The camping site at Bihi

Manaslu 0505 HPS2 P 0325After the very long day yesterday we had promised our porters to go slower.

So when we reached the camping site at Bihi at around 3 PM, we decided to stop here.


This camping site is perched height over the river and has a little teahouse nearby.



Manaslu 0505 MJ2 P 0325Manaslu 0505 MJ1 P 0325


Manaslu 0505 HH01 P 0325Morning view from the tent, in the backround one can see the toilet.







Manaslu 2005 AdR 100  P0325  It is worth to climb the 150 m up to the proper village of BIhi, you will feel like in the middle age. Unfortunately i just arrived after sunset, so all the light had gone and my photos were not good.






Manaslu 2005 AdR 099  P0325 The People of Bihi are just farmers . It was one of the very few places I’ve been in Nepal, where many people could not understand my Nepali- they just speak their own dialect.






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Photos: the pictures of the Manaslu pages are from me and my friends. You can see the respective photographer in the filename of the photo: HH = Hans Henninger, HPS = Hans-Peter Stupp, MJ = Manfred Jeckel and AdR = Andrées de Ruiter

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