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Trekking in Nepal - Round Manaslu Trek

Manaslu travellogue Day 6: : This was the last day in a narrow valley and we reached Namrung


    google earth manaslu treck unterer teil 03 Kopie P0250

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Manaslu 0606 HH  08  P0325 After we joined again the river there were two possible ways. Our Nepa Map was of no help at all, as the trails marked in it were completely confusing, often on the wrong side of the river an villages were put on places where we could not found any.


We decided just to follow the signboard and anyway, as long as we were heading upwards everything was find




Manaslu 0606 MJ 09  P0325 Sometimes we crossed a caravan. Decidedly the cows looked more and more “Yaky”

Yak can live in very height altitude but the give just very little milk, So for every altitude zone, a different crossbreed is used. in the lower parts mainly cow and the higher you come the more Yak will be in it.

And for every crossbreed there is a different name




Manaslu 0606 HH  02  P0325Manaslu 0606 MJ 10  P0325

More and more big Chörten were built along the way.

Manaslu 0606 HH  04  P0325 Manaslu 0606 HH  05  P0325


Manaslu 0606 HH  01  P0325  And while we had to walk and climb hard, othes had just an easy life!







Manaslu 0606 HH  10  P0325 We had lunch on a small teahouse along the way.

it had just one big room and an open fire in the middle of it. The pots and pans were just put on two large tripods and the smoke had to find hie way out of the house.





Manaslu 0606 MJ 02  P0325Manaslu 0606 MJ 12  P0325


Manaslu 0606 MJ 01  P0325 Teh boy was very happy with his ballon. I never give sweets, as the next dentist is probably a week walking away an is also expensive. But ballons are a very light and perfect gift.






Manaslu 0606 HH  11  P0325  Manaslu 0606 MJ 11  P0325


Manaslu 0606 HPS03  P0325Manaslu 0606 HH  09  P0325


Manaslu 0606 HPS02  P0325After a long climb in the afternoon we finally reached Namrung where we found a real lodge. The dining room was perfect but the sleeping rooms were pretty filthy so i and our Nepali friends decided to sleep in my tent and my friend slept in the dinning room.






Manaslu 0606 HPS01  P0325But the signboard was really nice







Manaslu 0606 MJ 05  P0325The tenant had been on a village party and was completely drunken.

He wasn’t able to organise anything but fortunately some Didis of the village made an excellent Daal bhat dinner for us all.

The next morning he came with a big headache but was just able to bring the bill.





Manaslu 0606 MJ 07  P0325Nevertheless of the drunken tenant we enjoyed much the evening and as you can see with the many beer bottles we weren’t sober either.








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Photos: the pictures of the Manaslu pages are from me and my friends. You can see the respective photographer in the filename of the photo: HH = Hans Henninger, HPS = Hans-Peter Stupp, MJ = Manfred Jeckel and AdR = Andrées de Ruiter

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