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Trekking in Nepal -round Manaslu

 Larkya La

travellogue Day 13: Finally we crossed the Larkya la a pass of more than 5000 m .


    0 dharamsala google earth Larkya La P 300

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Our Nepali Crew started to make tea at half past five in the morning. so I could eat some breakfast and pack my things very early. i started as soon that there was some light, as I knew that I walk very slow in high altitude. There fore i call myself “snail on the trail” And I wanted to have enough time to be able to enjoy the moment when I on the pass.

My friends started later, they just began breakfast when I started my ascent.

Manaslu 05 Adr Larkya Lain the beginning the trail leads on the right side o the glacier moraine . I had started before all the others, but after 2 hours the catched me up. Nothing to worry, Hans is a very strong mounteneer ans Stupps is a triathlon runner.


Hans and Stupps continued very fast but Manfred stayed with me.


Manaslu 05 Adr Larkya La

A long time teh trail was just on the side of the moraine but more and more we were walking on snow fields and at the end we just walked mainly on the snow.

Teh inclination was not to hard so we could walk without using crampons or having difficulties.





Manaslu 05 Adr Larkya LaManaslu 05 Adr Bachan Rai

Manaslu 05 Adr Larkya LaManaslu 05 Adr 12-10 P0350



Finally we reached the Larkya La !

Manaslu 05 Adr Larkya La

Bachan and me

Manaslu 05 Adr Larkya LaManaslu 05 Adr Larkya La

    Manfred and me with in the east Samdo Peak           Bachan with in the north the Peri Himal

Manaslu 05 HH Larkya LaManaslu 05 HPS Larkya La

Hans                          Adin with the view to the west

In fact Larkya La is a double pass with the two passes in 15 min distance.

Manaslu 05 HPS 12-02 P0350 These pictures are from the east pass where a house with broken roof and full of snow doesnt give sherlter anymore.

Probably it was build by people form Samdo but some trades burned the wooden tyles .






Raj frolicing in the snow !

Manaslu 05 HH 12-02 P0350Manaslu 05 HH 12-03 P0350


Manaslu 05 HPS 12-01 P0350

The second pass is about the same height than the eastern one. In fact both passes are fals one, as thers is a deeper ravine on south. But it is probably to dangerous because of avalanches, so the trail goes above it. 






Manaslu 05 Adr 12-16 P0350 descending

From teh second pass one can see the awesome panorama and the step descent.






Manaslu 05 Adr 12-20 P0350 Manaslu 05 Adr 12-18 P0350


Manaslu 05 Adr 12-19 P0350  With Manfred i stayed pretty long on the pass. When we started to descend Hans and Adin came an made some steps with their Ice axes, The trail was very step and slippery on the western side. 

Dthe sescent was stepe and slippery.





 Manaslu 05 Adr 12-21 P0350 We should have used our crampons as this would have much helped to go down.









Manaslu 05 Adr 12-22 P0350 Finally down !

We were rather happy, when we reached the lower valley . The trail is heading along the moraine






Manaslu 05 HPS 12-04 P0350 Meantime the sun had gone . On the Nepal map two houses were marked but they did not appear.

This map from Paolo Goldoni is beautiful and the topography in correct but it is not really reliable concerning trails and villages,

But this is not a very big problem as the trail is normally easy to find and MCAP had put many signboards.

Probably Mr. Goldoni used accurate satellite Pictures and asked some Guide to tell him where trails and villages are. In the upper part this was not very successful.



As it was getting dark we decided to camp at the first suited meadow still on the side of big moraine.

Manaslu 05 HPS 12-05 P0350 Manaslu 05 HH 12-04 P0350


WE were all happy to have successfully crossed the Larkya LA.



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Photos: the pictures of the Manaslu pages are from me and my friends. You can see the respective photographer in the filename of the photo: HH = Hans Henninger, HPS = Hans-Peter Stupp, MJ = Manfred Jeckel and AdR = Andrées de Ruiter

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