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Trekking in Nepal - Round Manaslu

The valley of Duth Kola - Bimtang

travellogue day 14: WE reached the lodge village of Bimtang and went down the valley in direction of the Marsyangi Valley of the Annapurna circuit.


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manslu 05 AdR 13-01 P0350

After an hour from our camp site we reached Bimtang and had a good breakfast and enjoyed again Cokes. 

manslu 05 HH 13-05 P0350 Bimtang (3590m). Situated between the big moraine and the slope lies a flat meadow. Now in the winter no animals are here but about ten lodges wait for trekkers.








manslu 05 AdR 13-03 P0350manslu 05 AdR 13-07 P0350


manslu 05 AdR 13-05 P0350manslu 05 AdR 13-06 P0350

after a long break we continued to descent the valley

Hans had seen in one of the lodges some black Yak sausages hanging from the roof in the kitchen and baught one.

manslu 05 AdR 13-08 P0350

In the distance one can see the trail going up along the moraine to Larkya la.

Some People go down in aone day from Bimtang to Dharapani. Being late anyway, we decided that there was no reason to hurry to much and that we will do it in two days- a very wise decision.

The strange glacier

Soon we saw the first little trees . We had to climb a stepe slope and just go down again.

It took a while till we realised that we were just walking on a real glacier on which bushes and little trees grew!

manslu 05 AdR 13-11 P0350 Between the bigger stones there was enough soil that small pants can grow, but underneath there was pure ice!

It was a definitively real glacier with some little glacier lakes.







manslu 05 AdR 13-12 P0350manslu 05 AdR 13-13 P0350


manslu 05 HH 13-06 P0350manslu 05 HH 13-07 P0350


On the other side we had to climb again 50 m on the opposite moraine. It looked like a high pass with prayer flags an a breath taking panorama of the Manaslu massif.

manslu 05 AdR 13-14 P0350


manslu 05 HH 13-02 P0750

 Manaslu panorama. Its the second mountain from the left. . XXL picture to scroll 1800x700 Pixel

Suddently we where in a warm an smelling Pine forest.

manslu 05 AdR 13-17 P0250manslu 05 AdR 13-19 P0250manslu 05 AdR 13-21 P0250

manslu 05 AdR 13-20 P0350 And we walked in warm and sunny weather, admiring the beautiful landscape.







In the early afternoon we reached a little hut. it was a teahouse and ideal for our lunch so we ordered Daal bhat for everybody.



The teahouse with the beautiful Boihinis

manslu 05 AdR 13-25 P0350

It was situated in a clearance in the middle of the forest

manslu 05 HH 13-09 P0350

We ordered lunch at around 2 PM but it took some 2 hours till it was ready, so we had to decide if we would continue some other one and a half hour to the next lodge, which would be rather late,

manslu 05 AdR 13-30 P0350 But after the first beers and seeing the loverly tenant we all agreed that the best thing would be to stay here and enjoy the day.







manslu 05 AdR 13-29 P0350

Soon we had drunk all the beer stock but there was still enough Bagpiper Whiskey for us all.






manslu 05 HH 13-27 P0250manslu 05 HH 13-31 P0250

The pots are rubbed with ashes so they can be easily cleaned. 

The porters reminded Bachan that he had to buy them some meat after the crossing. aThe Father of the boihini said that he had a good cock in his lower lodge, just one and half hours away. So he went down to send his other daughter to bring it to us.


Hans’s black Yak sausage

But tfirst we had to try the black and sooty yak sausage Hans had bought in the morning.

manslu 05 HH 13-10 P0250manslu 05 HH 13-11 P0250manslu 05 HH 13-13 P0250

To be honest it tasted like it looks.

manslu 05 HH 13-16 P0250manslu 05 HH 13-18 P0250manslu 05 HH 13-19 P0250


The two Boihinis

manslu 05 HH 13-23 P0350manslu 05 HH 13-24 P0350

manslu 05 HH 13-25 P0350


Mon Coque est mort , my cock is death

Meanwhile the second daughter had come all the way from the lower lodge, bringing a formidable cock.. manslu 05 HPS 13-02 P0350

And Adin instantly took care of it.


manslu 05 HPS 13-03 P0250







manslu 05 HH 13-22 P0250 . He cut the throat wit a kukri knife and put him in a basin hot water to pluck it.


The meat pieces were delicious spiced with curry and cocked in a big wok.




manslu 05 HH 13-26 P0250manslu 05 HH 13-28 P0250manslu 05 HH 13-29 P0250


manslu 05 MJ 13-01 P0250manslu 05 HH 13-30 P0250

And we watched curiously the cocking progress .





manslu 05 HH 13-33 P0350

Perfect dinner

manslu 05 HH 13-35 P0250manslu 05 HH 13-34 P0250manslu 05 HH 13-36 P0250

Mitho, mitho , mitho !


manslu 05 HH 13-01 P0350manslu 05 HH 13-37 P0350



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Photos: the pictures of the Manaslu pages are from me and my friends. You can see the respective photographer in the filename of the photo: HH = Hans Henninger, HPS = Hans-Peter Stupp, MJ = Manfred Jeckel and AdR = Andrées de Ruiter

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