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Trekking in Nepal - Round Manaslu

The Upper Budhi Gandaki Valley: Lho to Samagaon

Travellogue Day 9: On the ninth day we trekked from Lho to the village of Samagaon


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The mountains pasture of Shyala


starting in Lho we soon entered a forest along an icy littler river and had to climb steadily about an hour

Videothe icy river Forrest
Video clip HH, mp4 3 MB

manaslu 0508 AdR08  P 0325Then we reached the plateau of the high mountain pastures of Shyala entering the site through a beautiful chorten.






manaslu 0508 AdR06  P 0325

We were so lucky, in more than four weeks of trekking we did not have a single rain day an all the mountains of Manaslu massif shined in full glory. only Manaslu itself was a little bit shy and covered its head in thin frayed patches of fog.




manaslu 0508 AdR04  P 0325 With this panoramic view it’s wonderful to sit in the warm sun.






manaslu 0508 AdR09  P 0325 We only met one couple with their child, but in Summer hundreds of animals and many people live here.







VideoPanorama Shyala
Video clip HH, mp4 9 MB

manaslu 0508 AdR11  P 0325 manaslu 0508 AdR10  P 0325

    The Ngadi Chuli 7871m                             The ridge of the Larkya Himal


manaslu 0508 AdR12  P 0325 Continuing from Shyala we walked in hilly terrain through bushy forests.

We could feel that we had gained in altitude as sometimes we saw some patches of ice on the way. And this little river fall become a awesome ice sculpture.





manaslu 0508 AdR13  P 0325 Finally the valley opened wide and in the distance the next larger village Sama Gaon appeared.

There the valley turns to the north which will be the way for the next day.

But first we reached a big chörten an our funny porter Raj took the chance to frolic and performed several handstands.



manaslu 0508 AdR14  P 0250manaslu 0508 AdR15  P 0250manaslu 0508 AdR16  P 0250


Sama Gaon 3390 m

manaslu 0508 AdR17  P 0325

We arrived in Samagaon around 11:30 PM . We could had continued to Samdo which is just 3,5 hours away but we al ready had climbed 350 since Lho and it would have been some other 250 m to Samdo. Approaching Larkya la a good acclimatisation to altitude is crucial and one should not climb more than 500 m a night. And Anyway Samagaon is a gorgeous village and it does’ t make much sense to run if your are in one of the most beautiful spots of Nepal. So we had the full afternoon to wander through this marvellous village and it’s surroundings.

manaslu 0508 AdR24  P 0325

The welcome committee

manaslu 0508 AdR20  P 0325 manaslu 0508 AdR21  P 0325

To big chörten were surrounded by a long wall with prayer mills. The villagers had piled up thousands of mani stones engraved with the holly Om Mani Pedme Hum or other Buddhist texts or pictures.

manaslu 0508 AdR48  P 0250 manaslu 0508 AdR49  P 0250manaslu 0508 AdR22  P 0250

Most Manaslu Expedition will start from Sama Gaon so you can find three lodges and two camping sites.

When the expedition teams return after some weeks, they normally pillage al the beer of Sama. The German climber dieter Porsche told me hoe they went after a successful expedition back to Sama. Soon they had finished all the beer of their lodge some more was brought from other lodges. When all the beer of Sama was gone, beer from Lho was brought. At the end all the beer stock of the upper Valley had gone.

The bereaved one was another expedition who descended the next day. All what was left was mineral water and coke.....

manaslu 0508 AdR28  P 0325 manaslu 0508 AdR31  P 0325






We settled on a camping side with a large kitchen building. When we saw there the piles of soft mattresses we decided not to put up our tents an had a perfect night inside. 

manaslu 0508 AdR29  P 0250manaslu 0508 AdR50  P 0325






           surprising offer                   our beautiful landlady


Houses in Sama

manaslu 0508 AdR23  P 0250 manaslu 0508 AdR32  P 0250manaslu 0508 AdR33  P 0250


Manaslu05 AdR 08-02P0250Manaslu05 AdR 08-03P0250Manaslu05 AdR 08-07P0250


Manaslu05 AdR 08-06P0350Manaslu05 AdR 08-08P0350

cold water, you want some ice with it?

manaslu 0508 AdR34  P 0325 manaslu 0508 AdR35  P 0325


many women wear a nice silver spoon as jewellery.

Manaslu05 AdR 08-09P0350manaslu 0508 AdR46  P 0325


children, children, children

manaslu 0508 AdR26  P 0250 manaslu 0508 AdR27  P 0250manaslu 0508 AdR25  P 0250

manaslu 0508 AdR39  P 0250 manaslu 0508 AdR37  P 0250manaslu 0508 AdR38  P 0250

manaslu 0508 AdR44  P 0250 manaslu 0508 AdR41  P 0250manaslu 0508 AdR51  P 0250

manaslu 0508 AdR42  P 0250 manaslu 0508 AdR40  P 0250manaslu 0508 AdR47  P 0250


The Gompa of Samagaon

On a little hill near Samagaon is a old Gompa. When we reached it with the last sun rays it was closed on no one was seen. I started to shout as loud as possible : “Oh Lama, Oh Lama aunnus” and after 5 minutes a young monk appeared. We were really lucky. His sleeping house was about 100 m distance and he had heard us. He gladly showed us this beautiful Gompa.

manaslu 0508 AdR52  P 0250 manaslu 0508 AdR54  P 0250manaslu 0508 AdR55  P 0250

Manaslu05 AdR 08-01P0350manaslu 0508 AdR57  P 0325


manaslu 0508 AdR56  P 0250 manaslu 0508 AdR58  P 0250manaslu 0508 AdR59  P 0250



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Photos: the pictures of the Manaslu pages are from me and my friends. You can see the respective photographer in the filename of the photo: HH = Hans Henninger, HPS = Hans-Peter Stupp, MJ = Manfred Jeckel and AdR = Andrées de Ruiter

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