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Trekking in Nepal -Round Manaslu

travellogue Day 7: from Namrung on we fully entered the Buddhist cultural area and also the valley finally widened. We passed beautiful littel villages like Lihi and Sho and when we reached the bigger village of Lho we where so pleased, that we decided on the spot to have there a rest day.

Manaslu google Earth oben klein

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manaslu 0607 HH  11  P 0325

Today we could see for the first timer the Manaslu in all its beauty


manaslu 0607 HH  01  P 0325 Painted house on the exit of Namrung








manaslu 0607 HH  04  P 0325 manaslu 0607 HH  08  P 0325


manaslu 0607 HH  05  P 0325 With a digital Camera you can directly see the result and show the pictures which pleased a lot the ladies of Namrung







manaslu 0607 HH  03  P 0325 In Namrung we saw already a big chorten, but from no on, every little village had itís own little Gompa.








VideoThe proud carpenter or how to make angled planks from round tree trunks
Video clip HH mp4


manaslu 0607 HH  06  P 0325 Shortly after Lihi one can see a beautiful mountain like a razor blade. Itís the Simnang Himal. 6251 m .







manaslu 0607 HH  14  P 0325 And in the next village Sho the first mountains of the Manaslu massif appear







Videolittle Village
Video clip HH mp4


manaslu 0607 HH  16  P 0325 manaslu 0607 HH  17  P 0325


manaslu 0607 HH  19  P 0325 Finally we can see the Manaslu!

Shortly after the village of Sho we had the first sight of the majestic 8163 m of the Manaslu






manaslu 0607 HH  20  P 0325 Lho is one of the three biggest villages in the upper valley. It is on 3020 m.

And there we found a new lodge with thick and very soft mattresses. After several night on my rather thin and hard camping mat it was just like heaven. And as I had a double room just for myself i could even take two mattresses to sleep on.




Manaslu 2005 AdR 109  P 0325The village of stretches along the valley, on the back you see a hill where they build a new Gompa.






manaslu 0607 HPS  07  P 0325


In Lho one has the best view on the Manaslu with itís two Peaks.






Manaslu 2005 AdR 111  P 0325Manaslu 2005 AdR 112  P 0325


Manaslu 2005 AdR 110  P 0325Manaslu 2005 AdR 113  P 0325


manaslu 0607 HPS  06  P 0325Manaslu 2005 AdR 120  P 0325



Hair washing Manaslu pan stile

In the Manaslu area showers seem to be pretty unknown, doesnít matter there are other ways to get clean hair.

Manaslu 2005 AdR 116  P 0325Manaslu 2005 AdR 117  P 0325


The new Monastery of Lho

On top of the hill of Lho a new Gompa is build also for the many Tibetan refugees coming who live here

manaslu 0607 HPS  09  P 0325manaslu 0607 MJ 1  P 0325



VideoIn the new Gompa of Lho
Video clip HH mp4


The old Gompa Sangag Choling

Manaslu 2005 AdR 118  P 0325 While my friends went to the new Gompa I visited one of the older monasteries.

I had to go down the valley, cross the river an climb on the other side

I was lucky to find people to show me the Gompa.




MAnaslu 0507 AdR 1 P 0325MAnaslu 0507 AdR 2 P 0325


MAnaslu 0507 AdR 3 P 0325MAnaslu 0507 AdR 4 P 0325


manaslu 0507 Adr 9 P 0325MAnaslu 0507 AdR 6 P 0325


MAnaslu 0507 AdR 7 P 0325MAnaslu 0507 AdR 8 P 0325


evening concert

manaslu 0607 HPS  04  P 0325 We stayed in a good lodge and many people of Lho came to watch us sitting on the terrace. To entertain them, i sung many songs hopping that they would join me. But it were our porters who also started singing and Iím sure the Lho people will not forget us so soon.






VIDEO Singing in Lho in mp4 13,6 MB




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Photos: the pictures of the Manaslu pages are from me and my friends. You can see the respective photographer in the filename of the photo: HH = Hans Henninger, HPS = Hans-Peter Stupp, MJ = Manfred Jeckel and AdR = Andrťes de Ruiter

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