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Trekking in Nepal - round Manaslu - lower part: the long gorge
from Machakhola on the way to Jagat

travellogue round manaslu day 3: We started in Machakhola, stopped at the hot springs in Tatopani and stopped at a campingsite one hour before Jagat

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The deep gorge

manaslu 0503 HH01 P 0325 Since Armala the valley was already narrow, but more and more the rocky hill slopes came closer and closer and for the next days we wlaked in a narrow gorge.

And in the morning it took a long time, till the sun reached the bottom.

Sometime the trail was in the bottom of the valley but often we had to do a lot of up and down when the path had to go on the step hill side.




manaslu 0503 HH06 P 0325 Only on a very few places we could see fields or houses.

Manaslu 2005 AdR 044 P 0325






Even at the end of November temperatures reached 25-17 °C



manaslu 0503 HPS04 P 0325We knew just from the word Tatopani, that there must bee a little hotspring in this village but we did not expected such a nice one. Under a huge poinsettia in full blosom a basin with two hot waterspouts ivited us.

And after many ascensts in the hot sun we urgently needed some good shower.





manaslu 0503 MJ02 P 0325Queue up was the word of the day, but after a wonderful hour everry one was clean and happy. And even all our dirty clothes were smelling nice again.







Manaslu 2005 AdR 041 P 0325Not only the tourist enjoyed the shower but so did our Neplai friends.






Manaslu 2005 AdR 039 P 0325Wellness under Maois flag

What a wonderfull day






manaslu 0503 HPS05 P 0325T atopani is just a village of three houses. one of them is a basic lodge and the didi was busy cooking daal bhat for 10 hungry men

So we spent almost 2,5 hours there






The little watermill on the trail

Videoclip Wassermühle Nepal MansluThe little watermill
Videoclip HH, mp4 2,7 MB

Videoclip  wassermühle Nepal Manasluand the lovely miller’s wife
Videoclip HH, mp4 2,7 MB


manaslu 0503 HPS06 P 0325manaslu 0503 HPS01 P 0325


manaslu 0503 HH02 P 0325Manaslu 2005 AdR 035 P 0325


Manaslu 2005 AdR 045 P 0325Manaslu 2005 AdR 046 P 0325


Manaslu 2005 AdR 034 P 0325Up and down al along the way.

Or ukkalo orralo in Nepali language

As so often in Nepal, walking along a river can be very strenuous because the trail will climb most of the time on some steep hill slopes





manaslu 0503 HPS07 P 0325Around 4 PM we reached a camping site with a little tea shop for local travellers. As Jagat was probably more than a hour away we decided to stop here as we did not wanted to risk to walk in the dark. a






First time camping

bei Jagat manaslu 0503 HPS08 P 0325manaslu 0503 HPS09 P 0325

and safari feeling in the evening

manaslu 0503 HH07 P 0325manaslu 0503 HH08 P 0325

Normally the tenant of the little tea shop returns in the evening to her village some 30 minutes away. But with so many hungry clients she decided to stay overnight and cooked on her simple fire place a delicious daal bhat and Tibetan bread in the morning.




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Photos: the pictures of the Manaslu pages are from me and my friends. You can see the respective photographer in the filename of the photo: HH = Hans Henninger, HPS = Hans-Peter Stupp, MJ = Manfred Jeckel and AdR = Andrées de Ruiter

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