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Trekking in Nepal- round Manaslu

Day 2, from Armala to Machakhola


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Manaslu 2005 AdR 033 P 0325 The next day we trekked from Armala to Machakhola. Armala was already on the top of a high rock wall and the next days we always had to climb and to go down again.

On the way we met many of the people who have been at the big party the day before and I was astonished that obvisiouly the had come even from villages being 1 hour far away

The harvest of millet was full in progress.


Manaslu 2005 AdR 032 P 0325 But when I walked singing along the way they all came laughing to say hello








manaslu 05 02 HH 03 P 0325 In the narrow valley the sun reaches late the bottom and so we started in the haze and walked allong beautiful trees.







Manaslu 2005 AdR 026 P 0325 Soon the valley narrowed to a gorge and the path led through a nearly vertical rock wall.


Definitely not a good place to stumble





Trekking round manaslu 05 02 HPS01 P 0325Trekking round manaslu 05 02 HPS02 P 0325

Trekking round manaslu 05 02 HH 04 P 0325Trekking round manaslu 05 02 HH 06 P 0325


manaslu 05 02 HH 05 P 0325 Left the view down the gorge.

I just would like to advise all trekkers, that it is definitively much safer to trek with someone else. If you fall down on such a place you might not be able to climb up anymore and nobody of the few bypassers would hear your screams because of the noisy river.





This trail is not been built for the few trekkers but mainly for the people living in the Buddhi Gandaki valley. So be prepared to meet big families with children, traders and caravans of donkeys.


Videoclip Anfahrt Arughat  Bridge in the gorge
Videoclip HH, mp4 19 MB

Videoclip Anfahrt Arughat beautiful waterfall
Videoclip HH, 3,5 MB


manaslu 05 02 HH 08 P 0325manaslu 05 02 HH 07 P 0325


Trekking round  manaslu 05 02 HPS03 P 0325 after a wile the valley opened again and on the gentle slopes paddy grew on fertile terraces.


For me it was the first time, that i was going with a group and several porters. So we had to stop every day around 11 AM to have a daal bhat.

The only problem was, that there are no lodges prepared to feed 10 persons on the spot and it took around 2 hours to cool it. So we lost precious time in these short days in November/December when sunset is at 5:30 PM.

Later we found a solution. One of the porters was chosen every day to run ahead and order daal bhat for everyone. So our lunch break was reduced to half to one hour.

Lapubesi Manaslu 2005 AdR 029 P 0325 We stopped in Lapubesi for Lunch .

There my friends saw a foot driven machine for dehusking rice


Videoclip Anfahrt Arughat  Stups
Videoclip HH, mp4 3,4 MB



In the kitchen

In the lower part of the Manaslu valley kitchen are just an open annex with no chimney .

The smoke will just go away through holes and the holey roof . The best place is therefore on the floor where the air is acceptable.


Daal bhat manaslu 05 02 HH 09 P 0325Daal bhatmanaslu 05 02 HH 10 P 0325

Daal bhat manaslu 05 02 HH 11 P 0325Daal bhat manaslu 05 02 HH 12 P 0325

Daal bhat manaslu 05 02 HH 13 P 0325Daal bhat manaslu 05 02 HH 15 P 0325

Derai mitho !

Trekking round manaslu 05 02 HPS04 P 0325 Paddy fiels near Lapubesi





In this narrow valley there is nearly no place for any bigger fields. But these are very fertile.



Trekking round  Manaslu 2005 AdR 027 P 0325 Trekking round  Manaslu 2005 AdR 036 P 0325

Finally we reached Machakhola.

At the entrance gate a Maoist banner was attached, and we knew, that we entered Maoist country.

Trekking round  manaslu 05 02 HH 16 P 0325Maobadi manaslu 05 02 HH 17 P 0325


Machakhola Manaslu 2005 AdR 043 P 0325 In Machakhola we found a real Lodge with a sign board and a Menu card! They had a dormitory with beds and even blankets. Compared to the Annapurna region it was very basic but we slept very well.


Only Bachan, who preferred to sleep downstairs i a separate room was badly bitten by flees



manaslu 05 02 HH 19 P 0325 manaslu 05 02 HH 20 P 0325

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Photos: the pictures of the Manaslu pages are from me and my friends. You can see the respective photographer in the filename of the photo: HH = Hans Henninger, HPS = Hans-Peter Stupp, MJ = Manfred Jeckel and AdR = Andrées de Ruiter

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