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The valley of the Duth Kola - the last hop to Dharapani

travellogue Day 1t: On the last day of our Manaslu round trek we reached dharapni, which is situated on the regular Annapurna circuit.


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manslu 05 HH 13-32 P0350

Our Porters Suresh and Ghopal

For breakfast we finished all the remaining eggs in our lovely teahouse .

Manaslu 05 HPS 14-01 P0250Manaslu 05 HPS 14-02 P0250Manaslu 05 HPS 14-03 P0250

After landslides the trail can be somewhat difficult

Manaslu 05 AdR 14-03 P0250Manaslu 05 AdR 14-04 P0250Manaslu 05 AdR 14-06 P0250

Near the path a natural Marihuana patch

Manaslu 05 AdR 14-08 P0350


Manaslu 05 HPS 14-04 P0350Manaslu 05 HPS 14-05 P0350



When we first saw a big bird we thought it may be an eagle.

Manaslu 05 HH 14-06 P0350


Manaslu 05 HPS 14-07 P0350But soon we realised that it was Vultures, the so called Lammergeier. There were plenty of them.







Manaslu 05 HH 14-04 P0250Manaslu 05 HPS 14-08 P0250

Manaslu 05 HPS 14-12 P0250Manaslu 05 HPS 14-13 P0250Manaslu 05 HPS 14-11 P0250

Manaslu 05 HPS 14-10 P0250

When we arrived in the little village, we saw the reason. A horse had been killed by a Yak and it was horribly stinking. But for vultures this is a wonderful smell telling them of a tasty meal.


Manaslu 05 AdR 14-10 P0350Manaslu 05 AdR 14-11 P0350


Manaslu 05 HPS 14-15 P0350 In the lower parts the harvest of wheat was done and people where busy threshing.







The Gurung village of Tilije

Manaslu 05 AdR 14-12 P0350 In this beautiful village we had our lunch in one of the two lodges.


It was warm on everywhere flowers were flourishing.






Manaslu 05 AdR 14-15 P0350Manaslu 05 AdR 14-16 P0350


Manaslu 05 AdR 14-17 P0350Manaslu 05 AdR 14-18 P0350


Manaslu 05 AdR 14-22 P0350Manaslu 05 AdR 14-21 P0350


Manaslu 05 AdR 14-24 P0350


N05manaslu0485 P0350Manaslu 05 AdR 14-13 P0350


Manaslu 05 AdR 14-27 P0350Manaslu 05 AdR 14-28 P0350


Manaslu 05 AdR 14-31 P0350


Finaly we reached the Marsyangi Valley and the village of Dharapani

Manaslu 05 HH 14-10 P0350Manaslu 05 AdR 14-32 P0350


And we all needed a hot shower!

manslu 05 AdR 13-10 P0250manslu 05 HPS 13-04 P0250manslu 05 HPS 13-05 P0250


The End of Manaslu Round


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To the travellogue Annapurna circuit

Photos: the pictures of the Manaslu pages are from me and my friends. You can see the respective photographer in the filename of the photo: HH = Hans Henninger, HPS = Hans-Peter Stupp, MJ = Manfred Jeckel and AdR = Andrées de Ruiter

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