Nepal, trekking round Annapurna, Jomsom trek, Jharkot

Jharkot with its typical red Gompa (monastery) is situated on a hill. In the back you see the Daulagiri and the Tukuche peak.

Jharkot is just about 200 lower than Ranipuwa. It is a very nice place to stay, as it is a living village with many people living there

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In November the harvest is finished and the fields are ploughed. The whole valley is full of the songs, the farmers are singing to tell their oxen, what to do,

In the back one can see the erosion in the sandstone slopes. These sediments where formerly on the sea ground between the Indian Island and the Asian continent and where lifted in the crash between them. In this area you can still find many fossils, a soon that you go away from the beaten paths.