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Birding can be an exceptionel thing to do in Nepal, this article was written by Dano:


I've been to Nepal lots of times but only in recent years as a birder, so I re-visited places to see whay kind of birdlife I had missed.
It's hard to choose between Annapurna and Langtang for birding. My favourite way is to fly up to Jomsom and walk back. Its much more comfortable and a better gradient. The area around Jomson is very good and as you walk back to Tatopani and Gorapani you'll see lots of birds. Going with a bird guide can be a great experience as they will show you lots of birds you might miss. I only used guides in Kosi because I had no option and in Bardia where you cannot walk around by yourself..its dangerous.. you'll see tigers theree!!

Chitwan is a MUST! Great birding. Your camp will provide you with a guide and that's very helpful. Again you should take a telescope. Stay IN the park not outside. If you stay at Gaida or somewhere like that you'll see trogons etc and lots of river life. Stay at the camps for 4 nights not the 3 recommended with the packages as they are too short. Stress you are birders and don't want to tag along with others. No problem with this.

Lantang is great. The hiking and the birding. I don't think you need a guide or porter. Go light. Only with Gosainkunda you might want someone to go with you. Just ask at the town before for a lad to go with you, its easy! At your lodge there will be someone who will be happy to make 30 dollars. ( that's good money )

Pulchowki is easy to arrange. Just ask the front desk. Or, contact the KTM birding group and they will arrange everything. They might want 100 us a day for car, food, guide BUT they do everything well and understand what birders really need. Other drivers haven't a clue and may want to play loud pop music while they wait.

Around the Monkey Temple in KTM is a good start. Minivets etc. In Pokara there is good forest on the other side of the lake. Very good for barbets, magpies. A boat across the lake is also good for spotting green magpies and Tree pies. Pokara is a great place. Late after noon all the bushes and trees have something. Get on the roof of your hotel and just keep watching. Pokara airport for vultures!

Ibis bills! If you go by car to Chitwan stop at Hetauda and check the river. The car trip to Chitwan is very enjoyable cost 100 us and the guy will wait three days to bring you back to KTM or Pokara. Seems a lot but I loved it.

I reckon you will see more that 300 species. Study up on rose finches and flycatchers..they are tricky and raptors. The guys at KOSI are great experts and will give you a four day master class in top class birding. I saw so many new birds at Kosi and the location is magic. I love the place.

Joe cockram birding

Joe Cockram has beautiful photos in his blog from various  birding tours



Birding Guide Khanal Gorkhana

Kahnal G. was suggested by a german trekker who met him in a lodge in Gorepani. He was impressed by his knowledge and all the informations  Khanal could give. Khanal is spezialized in birding:

This is my almost 15th year working with tourist. I have goverment  licence  for safari,Treking and bird watching.My proffesion is bird watching.But not  many tourist are bird watcher.So,when doesn't have bird watching tourist, I  do work with treking and safari people.With all my tourist I go my self on  the fild.I don't carry things my self but I do organize every thing what  tourist need through my travel ageancy.I am a free land guide but I do  conect to my all tourist to this ageancy,
PLAN HOLIDAYS  Travel and Tours(p)Ltd.,Gpo.Box:11380,Thamel,Kathmandu,Nepal.
green_societynepal@hotmail.com http://birding-nepal.edicypages.com/en
Untill now I have been doing Annapurna region: Annapurna round,Annapurna sanctuary,,jomsom muktinath, ghorepani. Everest region: Jiri to kalapathar,Everest bascamp, All Lantang area and safari.Also North india,south india and tibet mt.kailas .
I do regulary guide in the nepali  mountains. For language,I can write and
speek english,nepali and indian.Beside,I can simply guide with german and
japanees language.This is I was just learn 4month.But still I like to learn
this two language whenever i will have sweetable time.