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From Kathmandu to Arughat Bazar

a travelogue about trekking round Manaslu

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We arrived the 19th November which is already pretty late in the year. So we hurried up and just stayed one day in Kathmandu.

As we were 4 tourists and 6 Nepali we hired a private minibus ato Dhading bazar, where ther should have a bus going to Arughat bazar. At 7 am Bachan arrived with the portes, who were all friends of him.

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Staying directly at Basantapur square we had a littl morning tea right there before we started.

manaslu 05 mj 00 anfahrt02p 0300Bachan and the porters

from left to right: Ghopal, Bachan, Suresh, Dill and Adin.

on top of the minibus is Raj




Shortly after the road reaches trishuli river a bifurkation leads to the nord. Till now it is still a normal road an we reached the little town of Dhading bazar.

No one could tell us, when the bus would start to Arughat so we just hired a complet truck which was directly loadesd from the roof of our minibus.

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n05-00 anfahrt hh01p 0300n05-00 anfahrt hh04p 0300

In Dhading Bazar was a clear presence of soldiers but later we did not see them anymore.

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Driving on the track from Dhading to Arughat Bazar

The next 5 hours we were shaken on a bumpy track and it was often difficult to get hold on something of the truck.

n05-00 anfahrt hh08p 0300 n05-00 anfahrt hh09p 0300


manaslu 2005 adr 004p 0300manaslu 2005 adr 008p 0300

but the scenery was awesome

n05-00 anfahrt hh13p 0300 n05-00 anfahrt hh15p 0300


n05-00 anfahrt hps 15p 0300n05-00 anfahrt hps 17p 0300


n05-00 anfahrt hh26p 0300 The best place was definitively on the cabin roof, but one had to be very cautious not to be thrown down.

I sit there the last 3 hours, but it was more like an rodeo on a furious bull.






Videoclip Anfahrt Arughat our truck passes a little village
mp4 Video clip Hans Henninger 7,5 MB

Videoclip Anfahrt Arughat bumpy track” ,
mp4 videoclip HH 3,5 MB


manaslu 2005 adr 010p 0300In the middle of the trip, we were overtake by the regular bus which was much faster than our truck.







The first Daal Bhat. A small restaurant served our first and delicious daal bhat. My friend Stups looks still a bit sceptical.

n05-00 anfahrt hh23p 0300 n05-00 anfahrt hh22p 0300


n05-00 anfahrt hps 20p 0300

Manfred loved it.






We drove down to the valley of the Buddhi Gandaki.

n05-00 anfahrt hps 32p 0300n05-00 anfahrt hps 31p 0300

We had to cross an interesting bridge

n05-00 anfahrt hh28p 0300 n05-00 anfahrt hps 21p 0300n05-00 anfahrt hps 21p 0300


n05-00 anfahrt hh30p 0300 n05-00 anfahrt hps 24p 0300


Videoclip Anfahrt Arughat crossing Buddhi Gandaki
Videoclip mp4 HH, 3,3 MB


n05-00 anfahrt hh29p 0300 Not only our bones were shaken hard, but also our truck had suffered and a few leaf springs were loose.


Raj with his spotless clean and white shirt did not hesitate to help the driver fixing the truck






n05-00 anfahrt hh32p 0300 n05-00 anfahrt hh31p 0300


Arughat Bazar

Finally we arrived in Arughat bazar, a little town on the bank of Buddhi Gandaki.


n05-00 anfahrt hps 33p 0300n05-00 anfahrt hps 35p 0300. manaslu 05 mj 00 anfahrt06p 0300

We stayed in the only lodge one the east sid of buddhi Gandaki. her was the last point to buy goods so we bought everythink necessary like 15 litres of kerosine an more than 150 packets noodles.

We did not knew that we could have bought later al these things also in Namrung and Lho and Samagaun




The lodge Didi made a excellent daal but soon we were al tied and went to bed.


n05-00 anfahrt hh37p 0300 n05-00 anfahrt hh36p 0300



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Photos: the pictures of the Manaslu pages are from me and my friends. You can see the respective photographer in the filename of the photo: HH = Hans Henninger, HPS = Hans-Peter Stupp, MJ = Manfred Jeckel und AdR = Andrées de Ruiter

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