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Pfeil gleb Gif transp Annapurna Circuit:  on this page you will find information and pictures of the trail from Gyaru to Ngawal on the high route


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NATT No. 22. Ghyaru – Ngawal;  2 – 2.5 hours

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After leaving Gyaru through  the big Chörten the trail  climbs up the hill and at the corner you see Ghale fort

22. Ghyaru – Ngawal 2 – 2.5 hours Climbing up the trail you will pass several Mani walls to reach a viewpoint with a big stupa and a beautiful view of Ghyaru and its many fields. A little further below you can see the ruins of Ghale Dzong, a fort used by the Ghale family when it ruled this part of the valley seven to eight hundred years ago. If you take the trail leading to the ruins, then take the trail leading west from there and it will rejoin the main trail.

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 Descending through an aromatic pine forest you will pass some meadows to climb again to an even bigger stupa with an excellent view over the entire valley.

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In the trekking season there is a little teashop. Continuing from there above many fields you will reach two other stupas and see around the corner the village of Ngawal.

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It is situated on a large and fertile plateau with many fields. Like in Gyaru barley and buckwheat are the predominant crops. Also you will find some potatoes. Coming down the yellow roof of the gompa is a good landmark.

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in Ngawal one has a breathtaking view on  Annapurna 3, which is dominating the village from the other Valley side.


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Beautiful clouds at sunset over the Himalaya Range

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The gompa of Ngawal

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From the gompa premises you get a awesome view over the village and Annapurna 3.
The prayer wheels look a little bit odd, but the important thing are the hundereds o

DSC_3114ff Panorama Gebetsmühlen x700

The prayer wheels look a little bit odd, but the important thing are the hundereds of prayer inside.


Ngawal 0005 x700

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mules  coming down the trail besides the gompa. here you will see a large signpost prohibiting trekkers to cross the pass without a permit.


To stay the night in Ngawal is highly recommended. Beeing at 3680 m you are already above the level of Manang. There fore your acclimatization is even better. People who have slept here don’t need a extra second  acclimatization day in Manang!

From Ngawa you have two possibilities to continue

1. You take the shorter down to the main valley and within two and a half hour you are in Braka. This trail starts in the center of the village

2: A better choice is the scenic high trail which passes by the Lophelling Monastery and Buddhist boarding school and the village of Julu, this will take you around 3.5 hours. This trail start just opposite of the gompa

you will never regret to have chosen the high route !

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