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Pfeil gleb Gif transp Annapurna Circuit:  on this page you will find information and pictures of the trail from Upper Pisang to Gyaru on the high route


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21. (Upper) Pisang to Ghyaru 2-2.5 hours: The trail starts at the west end of the big prayer wheel wall and leads through the entrance chorten of Upper Pisang. The trail is quite obvious and is marked with the NATT red/white signs. After 30 min you will pass above a beautiful small emerald green lake. 

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The alpine-style small mountain path leads mainly through small pine trees and shrubs and is not to be compared to walking on a large road. When you finally reach a long Mani wall turn to the right and take the long suspension bridge over the river. From here you can see some flags of Ghyaru high above on the hill.  You now have to decide if it’s really worth climbing up all that way! Well, it definitively is - so up you go on the trail with its seemingly endless switchbacks near the electricity poles, which go up in a direct line. Your goal is the last of the fourteen poles! .

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Gyaru 7326 x345 


And while you are climbing up the steep serpentines the pisang peak peeps up above the hill range




At the end of the steep climb you will reach a huge wall with a terasse above and a big stupa and trees.. This is one of the best viewpoints of Gyaru. Lookin gup the marsyngi valley you see Annapurna 3.

Gyaru _7331 x345gyaru 070003 x345gyaru x345Gyaru _3013 x345

Ghyaru** (3670 m ):

Overlooking the valley with perfect views of Annapurna II, IV and III, Ghyaru is a typical village with most houses having flat roofs. Many of them are not inhabited anymore as the people have moved to Pokhara and Kathmandu.

Gyaru _7337 x345Gyaru _7336 x345gyaru 0006 x345gyaru 0007 x345

In Gyaru you have phantastic views on the Pisang Peak

IGyaru + pisang peak _7338 x345gyaru + pisang peak 0005 x345Gyaru +  Pisang peak 2 x345gyaru 070002 x345


gyaru 0003 x345gyaru 0002 x345

But also form Gyaru the Annapurna 2 is still an impressive  view. On the high route you are really close to heaven.

gyaru annapurna 20012 x700

I loved Gyaru in Monsoon. We scarcely saw any mountain peak, but every thing was so lushy green and the buckwheat fields were pure red!

Gyaru _2980 x345Gyaru _2989 x345Gyaru _3000 x345Gyaru _3010 x345Gyaru _2987 x345Gyaru _2999 x345Gyaru _2976 x345N07-1121 x345

Gyaru _2978 x700

Gyaru -1114 x345Gyaru -1117 x345Gyaru 3001 x345Gyaru -1115 x345

Gyaru  has also a nice Gompa*. Ask the people nearby who have the keys. From here the people with trekking peak permits for Pisang Peak start their climb.

gyaru 0013 x700

The outgoing Chorten of Gyaru with Annapurna 3 and the tip of Gangapurna. The large photo is from 1981

gyaru 07 x345gyaru 070001 x345


gyaru + annapurna 3  x700

another view of Annapurna 3

Ghyaru is surrounded by many fields, mainly of barley and buckwheat. In monsoon this give a very colourfull patchwork

Gyaru 112 x700

Gyaru _3023 x345Gyaru -1107 x345


In December the farmers will bring the manure and distribute it evenly in little heaps on their stony fields  giving them a little pimpled appearance

gyaru 070008 x345gyaru 070007 x345gyaru 070004 x345gyaru 070006 x345


As there are only 50 beds in Ghyaru, in the peak season  I suggest that you ask someone in Pisang (perhaps a restaurant owner) to make a phone call to check if there is a free room which you could reserve before you climb all the way up there.

Gyaru 109 x700

leaving gyaru toward the next village Ngawal


you will never regret to have chosen the high route!

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