Nepal,Trekking in the Annapurna area.

On this page you will find the table of contents of the pages Annapurna circuit or round Annapurna and the treks south of annapurna.

 The numbers correspond to the trail numbers in our NATT book so that you can  easely planyour trekking journey .

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The trails Number correspond to the trail Numbers in the Book

There is not “one” general Annapurna Circuit. In the whole Annapurna area there is a grid or web of different trekkign trails. The idea of this page is, that you can get an fair  idea of the different trails and make then your own individuell itinery and shedule. To simplify your plan if you use my book, the trails have the same NATT- numbers like in the book.

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The trail descriptions: work in progress. it is a lot of work writing all these pages but i hope the Manang side will be finished till December 2014. .The Manang side along the Marsyangi Khola

starting from Kathmandu to Besisahar

The Manang side along the Marsyangi Khola
1.Trekking from Begnas Tal: 3 extra days
2. From Besisahar (810 m) to Bhulbhule
3. Bhulbhule –Bahundanda-Germupath
4. Alternative High route from Germu to Jagat high route
5. Syange-Jagat on the road
6. Jagat – Chamje
7. Chamje to Tal:
8. Tal to Dharapani
9. Dharapani – Bagarchhap- to Danaqyu on the road
10. Nice Side Trip: Dharapani- -Odar*-Bagarchhap
11. Dharapani to Danakyu on the left east side of the river
12. Danaqyu –Temang
13. Temang – Thanchouk–Koto- Chame (2670 m)
14. The Naar Phu Trek***
15. The former trail by Latamarang
16. Chame - Bhratang–Dhukur Pokhari
19. The Lower Route to Manang:  Dhukur Pokhari Munji,
20. Dhukur Pokhari – Upper Pisang and the High Route to Manang**
21. (Upper) Pisang to Ghyaru
22. Ghyaru – Ngawal
23. Ngawal to Braka (Braga)Part one  Ngawal to Munji
23. Ngawal to Braka, part two Munji to beautiful Braka***
24. Julu to Braka on the high route*
26. Milarepa’s Cave ** ~ 4000m 3 - 3.5 hours
27.  Ice Lake **
28. Braka – Manang 35 min
30. Manang to Thorong Phedi
31. Side Trek to Khangsar, Grande Barriere and Tilicho Tal (Lake)
32. Going to Tilicho Lake ***
33. Crossing Tilicho Lake to Jomsom
34. Khangsar /Sheree Kharka to Yakkharka
35 Crossing Thorung La & the Dangers of Acute Mountain Sickness

The Jomsom side along the Kali Gandaki
40 Muktinath &Ranipauwa
41 From Muktinath or Jharkot to Lupra
43 Nice roundtrip Ranipauwa - Muktinath temple -Purang- Jharkot-
50 From Ranipauwa by the northern villages: 50/1 Chongur**, 50/2 Jhong**, 50/3 Putak to 50/4 Kageni ***

51. Half-Day Trek Kagbeni-Tiri**
52 High Route From Kagbeni up to Muktinath(anticlockwise)
53. Kagbeni – Jomsom standard route on the road
54. High route from Kagbeni to Jomsom over the windy pass**
55. Jomsom to Marpha by the road
60. Jomsom to Marpha via Thini and Dhumba Lake, Marpha ***
60. part 2: Marpha village
61: Marpha - (Tukuche) - Kokhethanti Eastern NATT trail
62. part 1 Crossing the Kali Gandaki from Chokopani to Tukuche in the dry season.
62 part 2: Tukuche:

63. Western Trail Tukuche -Khobang-Larjung (right riverside)
64. Western Kali Gandaki trail: Naurikot***
65. The two beautiful lakes below Dhaulagiri
66. Climbing to the Dhaulagiri Ice fall
67. Roundtrip Larjung- Naurikot-Buddroso Lake- Sekung Lake
68. Kokhethanti to Kalopani or Kokhethanti - Titi Lake, Taglung - Kalopani
Kalopani / Lete
Kalopani old page
69. The NATT- trail bypassing Kalopani and Lete
70. The forest trail from Lete to Ghasa* (4 hours-red /white marks) Ghasa 2010m
71. Ghasa to Dana to Tatopani 
Tatopani old page
Tatopani – Pokhara by Bus or Jeep


Treks south of Annapurna

Gorepani old page old page
Rhododendrons old page
Tadapani old page
Chomrong old page
ABC Annapurna Base Camp or Annapurna sanctuary old page
Gurung villages old page
Birethanti old page

Pokhara old page

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