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27. Ice Lake ** 4 -5 hours: blue /white NATT marks

The Ice Lake, also called Kicho Lake is situated north of Braka at an altitude of ~4600 m. This makes it a perfect half-day destination for acclimatization and you have from there a marvellous and breathtaking view of the whole Annapurna and Tilicho ranges.


There is a small trail starting from Manang, but it is rather difficult to find. Some years ago, ACAP installed some signposts, but the people of Braka were upset and said that the Manang people were trying to take all the business so they removed the signposts which were on Braka community ground. Therefore, most people will climb up from Braka on a very clear and well-marked trail. This trail begins just above the village.. When you reach it, turn to the right. After a while you will come to a junction where the trail branches up to the left ascending to Ice Lake. There should be signposts. There are two separate lakes. The first is smaller and you have to continue some 10 minutes to reach the larger one. They are rather close, but you will be aware that the air is much thinner above 4500m! Normally the lake will not be icy in October /November but it may take till March to melt again.

Starting in Braga


ice lake 01 mit annapurna 3P 300ice lake 02 lagerplatzP 300

Going up you will have a phantastic view of the Annapurna 3

ice lake 07 annapurna 2 P 300 ice lake 05 PremP 300

But also Annapurna 2 and 4 are superb!

ice lake 06 Annapurna 3p 0350
Annapurna 3


ice lake 03 GebetsfahnenbuescheP 300ice lake 04 Gebetsfahne P 300

On the hill tehre ar many prayerflags showing that the Ice Lake is also a pilgrimage destination


ice lake Panorama Pm AnnapurnamassivP 0450
from left to right:; Annapurna 3, Gangapurna, Khangsar Khang (Roc Noir) Grande Barriere with Tilicho peak Bild XL 625 Pixel hoch, Bild XXL 850 pixel hoch


ice lake 11 Aufstieg & Annapurna 2P 300Annapurna 2

We were there in Oktober and there was already a lot of snow! Annapurna 2 und  4 .




Ice lake 08 kleiner See P 300The first smaller lake

There are two lakes separatet by a natural damm




The second, bigger lake

Icelake Panorama PM 2P 0450

 Kicho Lake Bild XL 625 Pixel hoch, Bild XXL 850 Pixel hoch

It is worth going to the northen shore as you will have the best view.

ice lake 15 gr see nordblickP 300mountains north of the lake.






Prem Rai

ice lake 10 Prem Rai P 300ice lake 14 Prem Rai FotografP 300

I was there with my friend and Partner Prem rai who is also a perfect Photographer

Das Piknik

bestimmt sind.

ice lake 12 piknikP 300ice lake 13 frankfurter wuerstchenP 300

Teh snowman

A group of Israelis was just crazy seeing so much snow and they built abig snowman

ice lake 16 snowmanp 0350


Aber es lohnt sich !

Ice Lake Panorama 2 zweiter See  P 450

Panoramabild XL


Ice Lake Panorama 1 zweiter See -2 P 450

Panoramabild XL zum scrollen



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 Annapurna overview 

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