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NATT trail No. 31: Manang to Khangsar (3745 m)** to Sheree Kharka

Pfeil gleb Gif transp Annapurna Circuit:  on this page you will find information and pictures of the trail from Manang to Khangsar and how you can continue to Yakkharka on the way to Thorong La


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Khangsar is definitively one of the jewels of the upper Manang valley. And the good thing is that it is nearly on the direct way to the Thorong la. Instead of staying two nights in Manang you can go instead for one night to Khangsar or the new lodge on the way to Tilicho Lake and then continue to Thorong la. This will be even a better acclimatization to the altitude and you will come closer to the breathtaking rock wall of the “Grande Barriere” it will take you around 2 hours from Manang to Khangsar. On the trail to Tilicho Base camp there is a new lodge in Shrfee Kharka called Tilicho lodge at Shree Kharka. This is not the Tilicho Base Camp lodge which is much further. But from this lodge you can already nearly kiss the Grande Barriere so it is an outstanding experience. From this lodge there is a rather flat trail leading over old Khangsar to the Manang valley viewpoint and then to Yakkharka. If you stayed one night in Khangsar or even better in the new Tilicho lodge in Shree Kharkayou can continue the next day without problem till Churi Lethar. There are now a few standard lodges in Khangsar.

Khangsar--0892x 700

The Khangsar valley

Natt trail 31:

If you are heading to Thorong La there are various combinations possible:

Day one:

  • Braga- Manang (lunch and sightseeing) Khangsar
  • Braga- Manang Khangsar –new
  • Manang –Khanagsar-Tilicho lodge (I call it kissing the Grande Barriere**)

Day two:

  • Khangsar-Manang valley viewpoint**-Yakkharka ( Churi Lethar)
  • Khangsar- New Shree Kharka Lodge –viewpoint **-yakkharka
  • new Shree Kharka lodge - Tilicho Base Camp (only in the morning!)

Day 3: Tilicho base camp lodge - Tilicho lake***  TBC-lodge

Day 4: TBC- new Shree Kharka lodge- Viewpoint**- Yak Kharka

Panorama 98 Khangsar 02x 700

Khangsar in 1999


Khangsar-0852x 345Khangsar--0855x 345Khangsar--0857x 345Khangsar--0860x 345


Khangsar--0863x 345Khangsar--0865x 345Khangsar--0862x 345Khangsar--0868x 345


Panorama 98 Khangsar 01x 700


Khangsar--0889x 345Khangsar--0890x 345Making hay in summer

Khangsar--0885x 345Khangsar--0886x 345

above Khangsar we saw a few blue sheps

you can climb up the hill directly at the end of the village and join the upper trail going to the viewpoint and then to Yakkharka. Bu tfar nicer would be to continue to the Gompa and then to the Tilicho lodge ain Shree Kharka.


Going from Khangsar to the Tilicho Lodge in Shree Kharka

Panorama 98 Tilicho 03 x 700

Tara gompa

Panorama 98 grande barriere x 700

Nearly kissing the Grande barriere. Even when you dont have the time to go to Tilicho lake, The view from teh Gompa are so breathtaking that you will never forget them.!

Khangsar Tara Gompa -0896  x 345Khangsar Tara Gompa-0897 x 345Khangsar Tara gompa 05- x 350Khangsar Tara gompa 05-0001 x 350

Tilicho Thare Gompa 05-01P 0300Tilicho Thare Gompa 05-04P 0300Tilicho Thare Gompa 05-03P 0300Tilicho Mönch Thare Gompa 98-03P 0300

The lama who started to take care of the Gompa (photo in 1998)


Khangsar Tara Gompa-0900 x 345Khangsar Tara Gompa-0901 x 345

For many years the tara Gompa was neglected. But in the 90ies a monk from Khangsar started to take care. now it is agian lively and you might even can ask fo ra butter tea. With the help o fvillagesrs a huge new stupe was build. Tare Gompa with the breattaking Mountain views is a magic place on the AC.

Khangsar Shree Kharka-0903 x 345Khangsar Shree Kharka-0904 x 345

Just a little bit further you will find the tilicho lodge in Sheree Kharka which was built in 2007.  Enjoy the perfect view on the Grande Barriere. This lodge is the perfect starting point to continue to the tilicho base Camp. The reason is, that the trail is only safe in the morning, from mid day on you have a higly risk of rockfall.  The other possibility is to go from here to Yakkharka or churi Lethar on the way to Thorong La.



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