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Pfeil gleb Gif transp Annapurna Circuit:  on this page you will find information and pictures of the trail from Khangsar to the Tilicho lake. The Tilicho leke is around at around 5000 m.

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NATT trail N0. 32

From Sheree Kharka to Tilicho Lake, 2,5 h

The side trek to Tilicho Lake will take a few additional days but it’s an unforgettable experience. With the new lodges it is also much easier than before. Before starting ask in Khangsar which lodges are open as they might be closed in the off-season. As the owners are from Khangsar they might even go with you to open it.

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The Yak Herders

It was in December 1998 that i went for the first time to Tilicho Lake. The lodge at Tilicho Base Camp was already closed but the tenant was so friendly to come with us from Khangsar.

On the way to base Camp we came across a little yak herders hut, who still where there for a few days before returning to Khangsar a few days later. Like this the yaks could still live from the dry grass and the thorny shrubs. The longer the better, as hay is scarce in these villages.

normaly Yak are very peaceful, but sometimes they attac people- so be carful!

We were directly invited for a salted butter tea and some delicious Buckwheat chapatti.


Tilicho 98-07P 0300yakhirten 0

Tilicho 98-09P 0300Tilicho Yak 98-08P 0300

Continuing to the Tilicho Base Camp Lodge

There is a difficult part of the trail passing along a steep gravel slope above the river. On this part of the trail there is quite often heavy and very dangerous rock fall. It mainly starts when the sun is heating up the rocks above and increases greatly after mid-day. For safety reasons it is advisable to pass this area only in the early morning. Make sure, that there is always a distance between one trekker and the next. If there are rocks falling it is easier to avoid them if there is space between the people. Once a fist-size rock fell just one meter behind a friend of mine; it could easily have killed him!


Tilicho 05-08P 0300Tilicho 05-10P 0300Der

Tilicho 05-09P 0300Tilicho 05-11P 0300


Tilicho 05-12P 0300Tilicho 05-14P 0300


Tilicho 05-15P 0300Tilicho 05-16 P 0300


Tilicho 05-17P 0300Tilicho 05-18P 0300


. Foto David Donaldson

The Tilicho Base Camp Lodge

Tilicho base camp lodge 05-19P 0300After a while you turn around the hill and you see the two lodges of Tilicho Base Camp at 4000 m in marvellous surroundings with big glaciers coming from the Grande Barriere.



Tilicho base camp lodge05-20P 0300Tilicho 98-11P 0300


The grande Barrière


Khangsar kang roc noir grande barriere  


The “Grande Barriere” is a brethtaking ridge full of ice going from Khangsar Khang to the Tilicho Peak.




The “Grande Barriere”

 In 1950 a French expedition team lead by Maurice Herzog went to Nepal to climb for the first time an 8000 m mountain. They first tried to climb Dhaulagiri but realized that they could not bring the Material through the Dhaulagiri Icefall. Then they were looking for a way to approach Annapurna. On an Indian Army it looked like if one could go directly from Tilicho Lake to the Annapurna 1. So Maurice Herzog started with another climber to explore this possibility.

When they had passed Tilicho Lake they were just before the Grand Barriere and had to understand that this was definitively an unsurmountable barrier.

They went down to Manang hopping to get some food but the Manang people were so poor that they could not share any so the two French had to return hungry and empty handed all the way back to Marpha.


Tilicho 99-02P 0300Tilicho 99-04P 0300

Tilicho 98-12P 0350Khangsar Khang is also often called “Roc Noir” which means black rock.

It’s wall is so steep the neither snow nor ice can stick to it.

The ridge going north from it leads to Annapurna 1



Tilicho grande BarirerePan 08 P 0600
Bild Grand Barriere XXL zum scrollen

Der Tilicho See aus dem Weltraum gesehen

Tilicho Weltraum

 1) Annapurna I, 2) Tilicho peak, 3) Khangsar Kang or Roc Noir,
4) Gangapurna, 5) Annapurna III, 6) Khatung Kang, 7) Yakawa Kang

"Image courtesy of Earth Sciences and Image Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center."  See, Part of picture STS055-152A-104  , adaption Andrees de Ruiter
see more space pictures of Nepal

Tilicho Grande barriere Pan 05 P 0600

Bild XXL zum Scrollen

Going up !

Tilicho Aufstieg 99-06P 0300


Allow yourself a few hours at the lake. In any case it is not recommended to take the trail from TBC Lodge along the gravel slope when the sun is heating the rocks- this is a really dangerous area with a lot of rock fall. So plan just a full day and you will have the time to enjoy the magic of the lake. Very often there is a very strong wind up there, so don’t forget a scarf and cap and very warm clothes.


Tilicho Lake in October

Tilicho see oktober

Tilicho lake in October 1999 (4919 m) im Oktober 1999, on the left side one can see the glaciers below tilicho peak Bild XXL On some maps you still can see a trail going on the south side on the glacier along the lake. This is absolutely nonsense and dangerous as there are often avalanches coming down from the rock face of Tilicho peak. I have seen once an avalanche going right into the lake!


Tilicho 99-07P 0300Tilicho see 99-08P 0300


Tilicho 99-09P 0300Tilichosee 99-10P 0300

Am Westufer

Tilicho see Westufer Pan 12 P 0600

Der See vom westlichen Ufer aus gesehen Foto XXL

Tilicho 99-16P 0300Tilicho 99-17P 0300

Tilicho 99-11P 0300Tilicho 99-19P 0300

with my friend Bachan Rai

Tilicho Peak Pan 11 P 0600

the rock wall of  Tiliicho Peak Bild XXL

.On some maps you still see a trail going around the lake on the northern side. This is also absolutely not possible as at the western part of the lake a huge cliff makes any forthcoming impossible. People of Khangsar had started to carve out a trail in the cliff, but they stopped before achieving it. But it is a good walk which offers great views and great photos.

Tilicho lake 0053 Photo Prem Rai x 345Tilicho Lake 0059 Photo Prem Rai x 345Tilicho lake 0041 Photo Prem Rai x 700

On this photo one can see the new trail which stops dead at the lase decisive Cliff. it might be possible to walk on the ic eBeginn of March but i myself would not dare to take the risk. Photos Prem Rai Mai 2014

Tilicho Tal during the year

Mid December

Tilichosee Dezember

Mid December 1998 , there was so much snow that we could not reach teh lake Bild XXL

Tilichosee DezemberTilicho 98-14P 0300


December 2005, much warmer then in 1998

Tilichosee Dezember Pan 01 P 0600

Mid december 2005. Just a little bit ice on the lake. Bild XXL But we hade to walk the last 30 min in Snow


Tilicho Pan 02 P 0600

Photo Tilichosee  XXL zum scrollen

Tilicho 05-21P 0300Tilicho 05-23P 0300

Tilicho 05-22P 0300Tilicho 05-24P 0300


Tilicho 05-25P 0600

With our Nepali Crew led by Bachan Rai we had already contourned Manaslu

Tilicho Pan 04 P 0600

Foto tilichosee XXL zum Scrollen


Tilichosee März

The magic Tilicho lake in  March2001  Photo Richard Beatson


Tilicho Lake 0040 Photo Prem Rai x 345Tilicho Lake 0051 Photo Prem Rai x 345

Tilicho Lake mid May 2014 Photos Prem Rai


Overview Annapurna region

 Annapurna overview 

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