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Pfeil gleb Gif transp Annapurna Circuit:  on this page you will find information and pictures of the trail from Ranipauwa to Kagbeni passing throug the village of Putak.


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NATT trail 50/3 Putak

Putak is the smallest village of the Pearl necklace but very cute :-)

Putak Annapurna 17 h220Putak Annapurna 16 h220

Putak Annapurna 22 h220Short before the village a small trail is going down to the village


In September the leaves are already getting autumn colors




Putak Annapurna 14 h220Putak Annapurna 13 h220Putak Annapurna 15 h220Putak Annapurna 12 h220


Putak Annapurna 11 h220


Putak in December with the Thorong La





Putak Annapurna 21 h220Putak Annapurna 18 h220Putak Annapurna 23 h220Putak Annapurna 19 h220

 in September

Putak Annapurna 24 h220


Continuing to Kagbeni you will mainly walk in a barren and dry area.

Putak Annapurna 06 h220 Putak Annapurna 07 h220


Putak Annapurna 02 h220 Putak Annapurna 05 h220

Look on the path, in this area we found some small amonnites but dont forget to look also on the Thorong la which is so clear on this trail.


Putak Annapurna 03 h220


DSC_5294_HDRx 345


The road passes on the right side of a hill. It then descent to the Kali Gandaki river in serpentines. Watch out for the red white NATT sign. A small path will lead you to a little chorten at the end of the hill ridge overlooking the Valley and Kagbeni.

DSC_5191x 345DSC_5298 HDRx 345

View from the viewpoint down  Kagbeni



Overview Annapurna region

 Annapurna overview 

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