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My love Kagbeni ***


Kagbeni P 02 b550

View into upper Mustang from Kagbeni


My love - Kagbeni ***

2800m (safe water drinking station, ACAP office).

Kagbeni is an absolutely magical place and no one should miss the opportunity to see it. I have met many trekkers who first did not plan to go there and then decided to stay two days because it was so beautiful. It is my favorite village in the entire Annapurna region.

Kagbeni is situated at the confluence of the Jhong River and the Kali Gandaki River and used to control the trade to Upper Mustang and Tibet. You still can see this aspect in the old village centre, which looks rather like a fortress. Visiting it, you will feel like being in a medieval village as you pass through the narrow lanes or tunnels between old mud houses.

Kagbeni has many fields, which are irrigated by the Jhong River as it comes down from Muktinath and flows through the centre of the village.


Kagbeni P 03 b550

View to the south with the Nilgiri mountains

Kagbeni 33 h220Kagbeni 32 h220

 Nilgiri north

if you cross the bridge over the kali Gandaki river you can make this photo with Thorong la in the backround. Be there in the late afternoon to get good light.

Kagbeni P 01 b550

Kagbeni is built on a sediment plateau . in hte backround oyu see Thorong la


Kagbeni P 11 b550

Kagbeni P 12 b550

Kagbeni 20 h220Kagbeni 21 h220



Kagbeni P 06 b550

Kagbnei is sourounded by fertile an irriguated fields

Kagbeni P 05 b550



The old part

pic 17 kagbeni map old village small 500 Pix

Kagbeni 03 h220The northern part is formed by an enclosed village section with only three entrances. As you come from the river you will see the entrance on the right side below the Red House Lodge. Enter the small lane and go till the end where you turn left. A few meters later you see on the right a very long prayer wheel wall.



Kagbeni 08 h220Kagbeni 05 h220







Kagbeni 09 h220

 At the end of the prayer wheel wall continue ahead and you come to the old protector of Kagbeni. To show potential bad spirits that he really was a strong man they left no doubt about his sex. I call this statue Mr. Viagra Man.


Continue through some tunnels to the little central place. Above it, one can still see the ruins of the former Dzong of Kagbeni. Take the west lane at the end of the place and you will reach the third entrance. Near to it there is the counterpart of the Viagra Man, a very clear woman statue. The lane leads to the Kagchode Thubten Samphelling Gompa. You will have to pay an entrance fee but it is well worth it. Some people are quite content just to take some photos from the roof with its fantastic views. Have a look at the cute little wind mill prayer wheels.


Kagbeni 10 h220Kagbeni 19 h220

Some house tunnels lead to the centre plaza of Kagbeni

Kagbeni 07 h220


Kagbeni 17 h220Kagbeni 16 h220

Ialso in Kagbeni you will find ruins of the old Dzong (fort)

Kagbeni 14 h220Kagbeni 15 h220

The Gompa

Kagbeni 06 h220

kagbeni 47 h220kagbeni 45 h220kagbeni 44 h220kagbeni 46 h220kagbeni 50 h220kagbeni 51 h220

The lane leads to the Kagchode Thubten Samphelling Gompa. You will have to pay an entrance fee but it is well worth it. Some people are quite content just to take some photos from the roof with its fantastic views. Have a look at the cute little wind mill prayer wheels.


Kagbeni 12 h220Kagbeni 13 h220

Chorten and prayer wall below the gompa

Kagbeni 28 h220Kagbeni 27 h220Kagbeni 24 h220Kagbeni 26 h220Kagbeni 23 h220Kagbeni 11 h220 Kagbeni 29 h220 Kagbeni 30 h220

People of Kagbeni

Kagbeni 04 h220Sout of the river is the newer part with the bigger lodges.

Some of them are just old farmhouses






Teh fields of Kagbeni

Kagbeni P 10 b550


Kagbeni 01  h220kagbeni 48 h220


KAgbeni 42 h220kagbeni 41 Buckweat h220

corn and Buckwheat flowers

kagbeni 52 h220kagbeni 53 h220kagbeni 55 h220kagbeni 54 h220


potato harvest near Kagbeni

Lodges: There are several lodges in Kagbeni so that you should always find a place to stay. Normally I don’t recommend lodges, but for Kagbeni I make an exception: Near the entrance to the old village you find the Red House Lodge. This very old house has a private prayer room with an old Buddhist statue and offers a beautiful view over old Kagbeni. If you like basic lodges have a look at the Star Lodge beside the prayer wheel wall. In this old style house there are three basic rooms and the didi has a beautiful smile. There is no solar shower but you have a great view of the village from the roof. The third recommendation is for the Annapurna Lodge at the south end of the village. This newly-built lodge with spacious rooms offers some special menu items unique on the whole trek. If you stay there try the sesame potatoes or their cabbage rolls with béchamel sauce. Both are delicious. But to be clear, the other lodges are also very good places to stay and I never heard any complaints about a

Excursion from Kagbeni.

May people fell so in love with Kagbeni that they stay at least two nights..

A wonderfull half day day excursion is to the village of Tiri, which is already in upper Mustang but you are allowed to visit it.


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