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Pfeil gleb Gif transp Annapurna Circuit:  on this page you will find information and pictures of the trail fromm jomsom to Marpha passing by Tini and Dumba lake


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NATT trail No. 60;_: From Jomsom via Thini and Dhumba Lake to Marpha

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The trail goes over Thini and Dhumba Lake** (red/white marks) 3.5 to 4.5hrs..This trek is very nice and will lead you through the nice Thakali village of Thini and a wonderful juniper and pine forest with good views of the Dhaulagiri and other mountains.

Start from the left side of the Kali Gandaki in Old Jomsom just opposite the northern wooden bridge and take the stairs beside the Annapurna Lodge.

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In old jomsom most of the houses are surrounded by walls and the narrow lanes are well protected against the wind but rater desertetd an not o interesting.

Follow the lane and you will walk on a gravel road above the fields of Jomsom protected by a long wall. a side trail will lead you to Thini, also often called Thinigaon.

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Leaving Thini you descent to the river and soon you will see the trail going up to Dhumba Lake, passing by some house. Again here a road was bulldozed into the landscape and the very few houses are now connected by a veritable ring road from two sides. 

Dhumba Lake

Dhumba Lake 0251 Photo Prem Rai x 700

Dhumba LAke and on the ridge the Hutsatemgo Gompa (Photo Prem Rai)

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After Dhumba Lake there are two possibilities:  you could continue on the road till the ridge. Up there you will see a gompa and it’s a great place with perfect panoramic views** to the north and south of the Kali Gandaki Valley. From the entrance Gate of Hutsatemgo Gompa you have to walk up the ridge to the main area. A visit is highly recommended.

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To continue track back on the ridge road till you can go down to the right (south) on a large trail/ dirt road or take some short cut right after the entrance door. The steep short cut will lead you down faster but it is a little bit difficult. I prefer the longer main trail. You will rejoin the main trail leading in direction of Kali Gandaki to the Dhumba main village.

The second choice would be to take the left trail directly after the fence and climb up to the ridge. After the windy ridge you will first pass through a prayer wheel gate and descend in the direction of the Kali Gandaki in the side valley.

Dhumba Village

When you get to Dhumba, the next village, turn to the left at a signpost and go down to the riverbed of the side river.

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Already you can clearly see on the other side a bigger trail and many smaller ones, which make it a little bit confusing going up.

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Be aware that many of the trails will go straight up to the forest to collect wood. The trail to Marpha is contouring the hill above the cliffs high over the Kali Gandaki and offers splendid views of the valley and Marpha. At a place with some prayer flags overlooking Marpha you will start a long descent.

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Finally you will reach the former Tibetan refugee camp at Chhairo, where many Tibetans are still living. At the end of this village a new lodge and restaurant with 14 beds is being built. It might be a very good idea to stay there and to visit beautiful Marpha without carrying your heavy backpack. It would also save about 20 min of your time the next morning.

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From Chhairo a path goes to a suspension bridge. After this Bridge, you have to go back for around 20 min to the centre of Marpha, but only a half of it is on the road, as the motor road contours the old village of Marpha. Quite a few trekkers leave their backpacks in one of the lodges along the road below Marpha and return after a visit to Marpha.

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