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Pfeil gleb Gif transp Annapurna Circuit:  on this page you will find information and pictures of the trail along the right side of Kali Gandaki passing by Kanti, Kobang and Larjung.


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NATT trail No. 63. Western Trail Tukuche -Khobang-Larjung (right riverside)

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The western trail will lead you in about 2-2.5 hours to the little villages of Khobang and Larjung. The next day you can make an awesome side trip to the scenic village of Naurikot and the two nearby lakes and then rejoin the main NATT trail in Kokethanti on the left river side.


in the dry sdeason you can also cross Kali Ganaki river from Sauru on the easetern side to Khobang.

Continue to the southern end of Tukuche and leave this interesting village through a gate. You will have to walk around 1.5 hours on the road. In the dry season the vehicles prefer to ride on the riverbed instead of on the road so you might not be disturbed very much. But in some years the Kali Gandaki chooses a riverbed touching the rocks below the road and then everyone will drive and walk on the higher dirt road. Luckily there is not very much traffic to be annoyed about on this little stretch of road. The dirt road will turn up to the right in the village of Kanti so that you then will have again a beautiful trekking trail without any traffic till Larjung.

From here to Larjung follow again the blue/white NATT signs. The villages of Kanti, Khobang and Larjung are more or less one stretched-out and connected settlement and in each village you will find lodges.

Near Kobang you can find the Gurushangboo Cave. I haven’t been there myself but Niraj Thakali posted some nice photos in the facebookgroup Modification Jomsom. it looks pretty interesting. so just ask in the village. As i have seen signpost to the cave on the way from Larjung to Naurikot you might be able to visit the cave either on the way to Larjung or to Naurikot.

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Gurushangboo cave All photos by Niraj Thakali

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Gurushangboo_Cave 1 photo niraj thakali x700


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From Larjung you can continue directly to Kokhethanti on the main trail. It is a 1.5h trek mainly on the dirt road. If it is the dry season, ask in the village if the short cut trail over the Kali Gandaki is walkable.   But a very rewarding side trek will lead you to Naurikot and then pass by the two lakes.
You also could just visit Naurikot without luggage or skip Naurikot but visit the two lakes. Naurikot and the two lakes are also an excellent day trip without luggage and the lodges will gladly prepare you a lunch box.


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