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NATT trail no. 64. Western Kali Gandaki trail: Naurikot***

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The Nilgiris seen form Naurikot

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Naurikot is an old typical Thakali village high above the Kali Gandaki valley. It is a wonderful place with one of the best mountain panoramic views I have seen on the Annapurna circuit. You have to climb several meters, but I guarantee that every meter you climb is worth the effort.

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We climbed up to Naurikot in cold December, view on Dhaulagiri

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Start in the middle or at the end of Larjung at the last lodge called Larjung Lodge where the trail starts to the right at the fountain. Follow the blue/white NATT signs and climb up. You will twice cross the road going up to Naurikot and pass two little gompas standing side by side. Often the trail leads through a fragrant pine forest. Entering Naurikot you first come to the upscale Lodge Thasang Village, where you have a marvelous 360°view with Dhaulagiri, Tukuche peak, the Kali Gandaki River and the Nilgiris in full splendor. So if you want to experience a bit of luxury and a relaxing day or two this is a beautiful place - but expect much higher prices than in the normal lodges of the area (

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Naurikot is built on a long ridge and soon you will come to the first houses. The basic lodge Guru Sangbe has a roof terrace with an even better view than the Lodge Thasang Village but charges the cheap rates of local lodges. They are actually starting to build a new building and already have four rooms available

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Continue to climb up on the right side but watch for signs as you have to turn left in the upper part of the village. You will think that you have to continue in direction of Dhaulagiri through a gate door but you have to turn back to the Nilgiri side and go down on the right southern side. Soon you will come to a bigger trail and again turn right to descend the switchback trail through a wonderful smelling pine forest.

You will finally come back to the main road near the big bridge over the Boksi Khola. Here one can see some walls near the river. In spring time the people erect yak tents on them and during a big festival, that lasts nine days, the people gather to drink fresh yak blood from living Yaks and then go to Serkung Lake where they will probably drink even more raksi. The yaks recover fast from this "blood tapping" when they go up to the pastures full of abundant fresh and tasty new grass and herbs.  You can either return by road to Larjung or continue to the two lakes.



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