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Pfeil gleb Gif transp Annapurna Circuit:  on this page you will find information and pictures of high trail in the Manang valley and the trail Dhukur Pokhari to Upper Pisang

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NATT- trail No. 20: Dhukur Pokhari to Upper Pisang

- starting on the high route to Manang

pic 7 Pisang to Manang x400

In Dhukur Pokhari you have to make your choice between the two trail possibilities:

1. The lower trail ( Natt 25) continuing in the valley, passing by  lover Pisang,  the airport village of Humde and the lovely old village Braka to finally reach Manang. This journey can be done in one day but. You will walk on the road.

2. The high route branches of at the end of Dhukur Pokhari, crosses the river and climbs of to the old village of Upper Pisang. It then will continue though Gyaru and Ngawal. You will finally join the road short before Braka. The high route offers you absolutely awesome and breathtaking views and gives you a much better acclimatization to the altitude and therefore is highly recommended. In fact I never have met anyone having problems at Thorong La, who had taken the high route. ACAP has also chosen the high route as the standard new route.

I will take you two days to reach Manang. Trekking from Upper Pisang to Braka Ngawal will be one of the best days of the Annapurna Circuit!


Starting the high route: from Dhukur Pokhari to Upper Pisang (NATT 20):

At the very end of the village of Dhukur Pokhari after a Mani wall you can either take the left road going to Lower Pisang with its many lodges or you can take the recommended NATT trail** on the right marked with the red/white signs. This trail is far more beautiful and leads to the old village of Upper Pisang. Follow the trail to the river and cross it on one of the two bridges then turn left. It will first be rather flat and pass through meadows and by the football field of the Pisang Youth Club. Then the trail gently but steadily climbs up to Upper Pisang.

going up one gets a nice view of the big bowl

N07-1138 x345


Upper Pisang  x345DSC_7270 x345

Upper Pisang** (~3350)m:

This old-style village is typical for the Manang area and has a large prayer wheel wall in the centre. Just opposite of the valley is Annapurna II in all its splendour and marvellous views of the mountains can be had.

DSC_7281ff HDR Upper Pisang x345Upper Pisang 0005 x345

In the middle of Upper Pisang there is a marvelous very long prayer wheel Wall. it is deffinitively the nicest on the Manang side

DSC_7285 ff HDR uper Pisang x345DSC_7290 ff HDR upper Pisang x345N07-1134 x345DSC_7308 x345DSC_7302ff HDR upper Pisang x345DSC_7301 x345

Upper Pisang 0004 x700

upper Pisang is dominated by the impressive Annapurna 2 ond the other valley side.



High on top of the village is a new Gompa  worth visiting, but for Gompa lovers the 250 year old Gompa**, just opposite the Annapurna Lodge is a much more rewarding place to visit.  Ask in the upper Gompa if someone has the key and if they could show it to you. From the outside it looks like it is falling apart but the inner Gompa on the first floor is still in use.

DSC_2942 x345DSC_2941 x345DSC_2935 x345DSC_2936 x345DSC_2938 x345DSC_2940 x345

There are only four lodges in Upper Pisang (2012), so it might be difficult to get a room in the high season.  In this case, you might have to walk the ten minutes to Lower Pisang.

On the very top of the village there was a cute little lodge with just 3 rooms. i loved to stay there and the didi made a wonderful salted butter tea for me.

upper pisang didi x700


Bild 107 x700

i love the many prayer flage in upper pisang which start shining when the sun is illuminating them.

Upper Pisang 0001 x345DSC_7298 x345Upper Pisang 0007 x345DSC_7293 x345

Upper Pisang 0002 x700


in Winter the colours ar rather brown and grey, but during monsoon every thing is very green.

N07-1127 x345N07-1129 x345N07-1130 x345N07-1131 x345N07-1132 x345DSC_2919 x345

Climbing up from Lower Pisang

Upper Pisang 0003 x700


DSC_7310 x345leaving upper Pisang f

or Gyaru

You will never regret to have chosen the high route :-) !!!

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