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Pfeil gleb Gif transp Annapurna Circuit:  on this page you will find information and pictures of the trail going to the village of Lupra (Lubra) and his Bön Gompa

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Going to Lupra (NATT trail no. 41 an 44)


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going from the Muktinath valley over the Lupra Pass

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You can  choose between two trails:

NATT 41: Directly from Ranipauwa: Shortly after the Jeep station a trail branches of to the left and goes up the pastures of the hill. After reaching the hill ridge you continue on it till you come to the Lupra pass with a stone pile.. Here the trails coming from Jharkot joins you then go down to the Lupra Valley. The trail is now very visible and passes nearby a walled apple orchard. Turn behind this garden to the right and continue down till the river. Search a place to cross the river and enter Lupra.

NATT 44: Going from Jharkot: Jharkot is such an interesting and beautiful village that you should not miss it. Personally I prefer also the trial from there as you have some beautiful views on the valley and Khingsar. First visit Jharkot an turn then at the fountain near the big chorten to the left. It is more climbing than the direct trail from Ranipauwa as Jharkot is 200 m lower but it is worth the detour. You will reach the Lupra Pass and then continue as descripted above.

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The Lupra people make a very famous roksi (brandy) and bring it with horses to the Muktinath valley.

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The orchard

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In the winter month the river bed is dry and hard like concrete

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Lupra is a very small village in a deep valley with little sun. On hillside is full of a black sandy gravel which is rather tiring to walk in. in Lupra you will find the only Bon-Gompa of the Annapurna area- they are very common in Dolpo-

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The Gompa

The old Bon Religion comes from Tibet influenced a lot the Tibetan way of Buddhism with his tantric an magic rituals. But also the Tibetan Buddhism influenced the Bon Religion and it is since the 50s it is officially an accepted line of Tibetan Buddhism. Bon people turn their prayer wheels anticlockwise and walk also around stupas anticlockwise. There is no permanent monk in Lupra so you have to ask in the village, if someone has the key and could show you the gompa. Please dont forget a donation for the gompa and a tip for the people

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For me the thankas had a little chinese touch.




From Lupra you will have to walk some other hard 40 min in the gravel riverbed till oyu reach the main kali Gandaki Valley. And in the afternoon there will be then a lot of wind blowing in you face when you go to Jomsom,


if you dont want to come this trail you can visit Lupra a side trek on the way between jomsom and Kagbeni. it will tek you around 2 hours. it is the first big side valley on a place where often a smal wooden bridge is built over the little river coming from Lupra an  a big orchard is protected by a wall.

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