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On this page you will find a description of a beautiful trail going far away from the road from Besisahar to Bhulbule

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shematic trail map from Besisahar to Dharapani

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NATT 2: From Besisahar to Bhulbule


From Besisahar (810 m) to Bhulbhule

Many busses continue either their journey from Besisahar to Bhulbhule or even further. Otherwise one can take a bus in Besisahar to Bhulbhule (or maybe Jagat)  or take  a Jeep. If you want to take a Jeep to go further up be aware that they normally start already full in Besisahar. For this reason it is very difficult to get later a place along the road so you better step in already in Besisahar. Besisahar is probably the only place for westerners with long legs to get a front seat.


Walking from Besisahar to Bhulbhule**

But there is a very rewarding side trek through beautiful rice paddy fields from Besisahar to Bhulbhule, bypassing most of the road. Besisahar-Bhulbhule by side trail is 2,5-3-5 hours, 200 m climbing, 165 m going down. It is definitely a very nice alternative to a bumpy bus ride and  those who have done it enjoyed it very much. For me, the beauty of Nepal is not only the high mountain region; the lower region has its own beauty and should not be missed!

When you come to the end of Besisahar the road plunges down to the river.  Here on the right hand you can take a little shortcut trail leading directly to the river, which you can cross on a little wooden bridge.

After reaching the road, you follow it for approximately 30 minutes. On the way you can already see the suspension bridge going over the Marsyangdi River. Between a few road shops, the trail starts to the right; just watch for the red/white signs. Soon you will reach the bridge and cross the river. On the left, the trail goes up through the villages of Lete, Mulbazar and Simalchaur, a settlement named after the Simal tree, which flowers in spring with big red flowers. From there you still have to climb a lot to reach the highest point at 1030 m (200m above Besisahar). On the way down, you pass some houses and have a beautiful view of the Marsyangdi valley and the Manaslu range.  Coming to Bhulbhule you pass a nice little Buddhist stupa. You reach Bhulbhule, where people coming by bus will join you crossing the Marsyangdi River on a long suspension bridge.

Starting from Besisahar you first have to follow the road. There is a pedestrian shortcut at the End of Besisahr, just on the right side at the beig tree before the road plunges down to the side river.

Trekking in Monsun round Annapurna  BesisaharDSC_6812 x345

Teh lover Marsyangi Valley. On the right photo you see the last Busstop in Besisahar just before the road plunge down to a little side river. Here you can get a Jeep or start to walk down. A shortcut trail starts just behind the big tree.

Trekking in Monsun round Annapurna starat NATT trailPrem Rai

You have to follow the  road for about 25-45 min till you reach some little shops. You can already see the bridge leading over the Marsyangi River. Watch out for the red/white NATT sign. On the right photo Prem is painting the first NATT sign of the side trail to Bhulbhule.


DSC_7962 x345

First you reach the little village of Le the you continue beautiful paddies  to

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Nepal Monsun treking   Annapurna MulbazarAnnapurna Mulbazar trekking

DSC_7954 x345DSC_7952 x345

from Mulbazar there is another step ascent through lushy pady field to the village of Simalchaur.

Simalchaur got his Name from the famous Simal tree, which blossoms in January with big red flowers. These trees grows all around the village and a particularly beautiful specimen grows in the village itself



NATT 02 2001-1 x345NATT 02 2001-3 x345NATT 02 2001-7 x345NATT 02 2001-2 x345simal flower nepalsimalchaur Annapurna

The simal trees

When we were in Simalchaur many people wher coming for  a big village gathering

DSC_7947 x345DSC_7948 x345

NATT 02 2001-8 x345

The main reason why i love so much to come to Nepal are the wonderful and beautiful people :-)

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After Simalchaur one has still to climb some mor altitude meters. But from above one has a beautiful view into the Marsyangi valley and at the horizon the Manaslurange

DSC_7961 x345DSC_7960 x345

white poinsettia in nepalwhit pointsettia Nepal Annapurna

i was very astonished when i saw these white poinsettias


After climbing a lot the trail descents towards Bahundanda again through lushy green Paddies.

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And finally you reach Bhulbhule

DSC_7929 x700



Trekking in Monsun round Annapurna bhulbuleBhulbule


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