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On this page you will see information and photos from the trail between Ghermu and Jagat on the Manangside of the annapurna Circuit

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NATT trail no 5: Ghermu-Syange-Jagat by road

sometimes Busses  will continue from Besisahar to Syange

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The bridge of Syange

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5. Syange-Jagat on the road 2.5 hrs.:

At the end of Ghermu, descend to the river and, after crossing the long suspension bridge, you will arrive in Syange. Here you will find five lodges with a newer one a little further along the road on the left near a huge waterfall. The road fortunately bypasses Syange from above but you can still hear every jeep. If you came by jeep and want to stay I would suggest that you cross to Ghermu. It is only 15 – 20 minutes away and is much quieter and sunnier.

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The road later switchbacks its way to Jagat. You may try short cuts, but beware of falling rocks.  You will pass by a little house perched right on the side the trail like an eagle’s nest. During the recent civil war, it was occupied by Maobadis who had from here a perfect view of all traffic coming up.  Continuing on the dirt road on will approach Jagat which is high perched above the Marsyngi RiverDSC_6882 x345 DSC_6884 x345
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Jagat (1300m) is mostly a Tamang and Gurung community. There are many lodges and restaurants. The original plan proposed by the road and construction department foresaw the road bypassing Jagat. But some business people of Jagat protested saying all business also would bypass Jagat. So the road is going now through the village bringing noise and dust. But the jeeps don’t stop so there is actually even less business and many lodge owners are already thinking, that they will have to close .

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