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NATT trail no. 6. Jagat – Chamje  1:30 -2 hours:

There are two villages with nearly the same name. Chamje in the lower part and the much bigger and important Chame further up.

After Jagat the dirt road continues to Chamje. Follow it for about thirty-five minutes and you will come to the two teahouses of Ghatte Khola and a small electric powerhouse. After passing the last teahouse walk up the hill to the left on a NATT -trail marked with the red/white signs. You could just continue on the dirt road and most of kathmandu based guides will do so, as they are often lazy and don’t give a dam what would be best for their clients :-( 

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But there is a far better possility :-)

a beautiful NATT-trail !

This is the old scenic trekking trail, which passes through a beautiful and romantic forest. First you have to climb some 130 m until the trail becomes nearly flat.  Then you reach the Rainbow Waterfall Hotel, which got its name from the big waterfall on the opposite side of the river.  Another bonus of this trail high above the river is that it is quieter; you’ll be able to converse with your companions without shouting all the time.

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Definitively a beautiful Natural Trail worth tobe called NATT !

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The Rainbow Waterfall Hotel is at the same altitude as Chamje, so in the end the actual difference in climbing for the two ways is less than 30 m.

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Upon entering Upper Chamje you will find the first three lodges are much quieter than the ones right inside the village. If you want to stay in Chamje the upper part is definitively the better choice.

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From Upper Chamje you have to go down a small path to the road and you are at the entrance of main part of Chamje. Here you will find some more lodges. This is a good choice if you like horning Jeeps ;-).

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At the end of Chamje the road continues straight on the right riverside. Forunately the NATT trail branches of to the river and you can continue on a beautiful natural NATT trail

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