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NATT trail  No. 10: Nice Side Trip: Dharapani- -Odar*-Bagarchhap
Blue/ white 2 hours


Trekking the AC: On this page you will find informations and pictures about the loverly side trip from Dharapani to the little village of Odar perched high above the Marsyangivalley an offering great views

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text from the guide book:

If you want to skip the narrow gorge of the lower Marsyangdi Valley you can take a nice side trip through the village of Odar on the way to Bagarchhap. Odar is situated on a plateau around 200 m above Dharapani and it provides views of wide fields and beautiful mountains.  Odar offers homestays in very, very basic private houses, but it can be an unforgettable experience and a nice change from the rather luxurious lodges of the Circuit. In any case it will be a very peaceful stay. Start from Dharapani on the road to Bagarchhap- a few hundred meters further the trail goes up directly behind the Three Sisters Lodge. Climb about 200 m on a good trail often with perfect stairs. Soon you forget that there is a dirt road just below you. When you reach the plateau, you can admire the many terraced fields and see the village of Odar. Cold soft drinks may not yet be available but we did have a tasty tea.

To continue, go down to the village until the gate and then turn up to the right. You will have to climb another 50 meters and then descend to the village of Ghelanchouk (2075m).  Pass it by and descend 80 m on the stairs you descend right into the old center of Bagarchhap. Set aside 2 hours for this side trek but it might take even longer as you may end up strolling around in the village with your camera at the ready. I liked it very much.

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Starting the climb!

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After a climb of 200 m you reach the plateau and the village of Odar with its terraced fields and a huge rock at the entrance.. What a change after the narrow valley below.


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You may also enjoy a (very basic) homestay,

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Leaving Odar

DSC_7066 x345 DSC_7067 x345

Gelangchouk, more and more villages have banned open toilets which results in a fare better health of the people and a much lower risk of diarrhea for the trekkers :-)


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As you have climbed a lot, you will again have to descend a lot. Again there are good stairs and finally you reach Bagarchhap. From there continue on the road to Danaqiu.



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