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11. Dharapani to Danakyu on the left east side of the river 2h *

Annpurna Circuit: NATT trail No. 11: on thie page you find informatione about the a beautiful natural trail from Dharapani to Danaqyu on the orographic left riverside which avoid most of the road

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Instead of using the road for this stretch, there is a beautiful NATT alternative .  Cross the suspension bridge in Dharapani which leads to Manaslu area, but directly after the bridge turn left and enter the beautiful village of Thoche (one lodge). atmosphere.

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On the right side of the trail you will see a 100 year old little Nyngma-Gompa** which is absolutely worth visiting. Ask the old nun to open it. It has a very special

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From there just continue on a natural trail leading through fields and pastures and bushes till you reach another suspension bridge.

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Here you could cross the Marsyangdi if you wanted to stay in Bagarchhap for he night. Climb to the road and soon you will be passing by Bagarchhap’s entrance chorten. 

DSC_7114 x345Otherwise you climb up to the right and follow a little foot trail along the hillside. After crossing a little river, which should not pose any problem in dry season (and I hope that ACAP will soon build a small bridge for all seasons ) you have to climb up a little slippery slope. Continue till you reach the little powerhouse. Above  it the trail continues into open fields. The main trail weaves through the middle of the fields and will lead you to a house with a shining metal roof.  It was just under construction in December 2012 and will eventually open as a lodge. Just after this new house the trails descends from the plateau. Don’t take the suspension bridge which you see; instead, cross on the little wooden bridge. The trail will then lead you to the second big suspension bridge spanning over the Marsyangdi River.  Cross it and climb up to the road by a lodge. Soon you arrive in Qunche/Quinche and 100 m further you can again take the old trail just below the road. 500 meters further the trail joins the main road again.

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That’s what i call a beautiful natural trail :-)

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At the end of this plateau one descends down to the river an crosses the Marsyangi river half an hoer before Danaqiu

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