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NATT No. 9 : Dharapani – Bagarchhap- to Danaqyu on the road: 1,5hrs.

Annapurna Circuit: on this page you will find pictures and information about trekking from Dharapani to Danaqiu(Danaqyu, Danakiu) on the road passing by the village Bagashap.

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You can either walk along the road, which will lead you in about 45 minutes to Bagarchhap. Various  guidebooks suggest that it is only a 30 minute walk but it will probably take you longer.  Bagarchhap (2160 m) has a few lodges and some nice old houses near the stupa in the centre of the village.  The Gompa is rather new. Bagarchhap has been devastated twice during the past 25 years by big landslides caused by heavy rains and some trekkers have died there. Therefore, I would avoid staying there if there are heavy rains.

Bagarchhap (Bagarchap)

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the forme main entrance gate is now bypassed by the road

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From Bagarchhap on the presence of Buddhism is more and more visible


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Bagarchhap has lost a lot of its former charm, since the road was constructed right through it. Now you hear roaring and horning jeeps and the trafic is growing. When you are not coming by Odar, i just would skip Bagarchhap und take the natural trail on the orographic left side of the river already in Dharapani.

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To continue through Bagarchhap beside the gravel road look to the right side of the road. Starting near a little stupa there is a parallel foot trail (marked with red/white NATT sign) which you can follow for around 20 min before you join the road again.  Also, some 150 meters after you pass the three houses of Dunche, for 500 meters you can walk on the old trail found on the right side below the road.

it is another 45 min till Danakyu


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