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NATT trail no. 8 Tal to Dharapani

Trekking around Annapurna: On this page you will find pictures and information for the trail going from the village Tal to Dharapani

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view after leaving Tal


While you are walking, oyou can admire the road carved out of the rockwall on the other riverside.

First the workes drilled holes in the rock and then it was blasted away with dynamite.

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Nowadays you can watch the jeep driving cautiously and slowly this rather difficult stretch of the road.


in the beginning one walks trough the narrow valley but among fields an meadows but  then the trail had to be carven out of the rock

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NEW since fall 2014 A natural trail on the same riverside :-)

Dont cross the river anymore. Shortly befor yo reach the bridge you can continue strait allong the hillside. with some up and downs you can walk on this side till the little village of Kabre without a singel step on the dirt wall. if you missed the trail return at the bridge its is less than two  hundreds meters if i remember well

But if oyu crossed the river and walketd on te road cross the river on the suspension bridge at kabre .Tt takes quite a while to continue on the road till you reach a smal suspension bridge leading to the few housesof Kabre. the NATT trail then continues again till dharapani on the left riverside. ( right on this photo)

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in kabre yo will find 4 Lodges (2012) and i’m still dreaming that ACAP will soon fix the trail to tal so thet one dont has to take the road at all. After  A while you cross again the river and enter the first houses of Dharapani.

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forunately a new bridge has be installed ;-)

Dharapani is a longstretched village with thre little village cores so tha it takes nearly an half hour to go from on side to the other. in the middle part you will have to check at the Police Checkpost while on the third part you will have to register at the ACAP Checkpost.

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The manaslu trek joins the Annapurna trek in the third, upper) part of Dharapani by  ahuge suspension bridge. on the other side is the little hamlet of Toche. If you want avoid the road, you can cross the river an walk nearly till Danaqiu on the orographic left riverside.

From Dharapani you can choose three itineries :

  • contiue on the road to Bagarshap and Danaqiu (2 hours)*
  • making a side trip by the little village of Odar to Bagarshap (+ 3 hours)
  • cross the river and walk on the orographic left side avoiding much o fthe road, which you will join again just short before Danquiu **(2-3 hours)

Annapurna overview

  Chamje to Tal Pfeil gleb Gif transp 

Pfeil gelb rechts Gif transp Side Trip by Odar to Bagarchhap

Pfeil gelb rechts Gif transp Continue on the road to Dharapani to  Bagashap and Danaqyu on the road

Pfeil gelb rechts Gif transp Walking on the left riverside on natural trail to Danaqyu and avoiding most of the road.



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