Nepal, Trekking in the Annapurna area.

On this page you can see some possible shedules for the Annapurna circuit /Round annapurna  with different durations. It beginns with a shortes shedule.

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The trails Number correspond to the trail Numbers in the Book

When you are planning your trek including crossing Thorong la it is absolutely necessary that your bear in mind the dangers and the possibility of high altitude sickness. This is not just a little problem but can be a deathly risk and i thing that dying in your holydays is not really the best idea. Therefore planning a good acclimatization is of the highest importance and this has an impact on the minimal time you need. Even when you overcome altitude thickness without a serious problem it will spoil a possible beautiful experience. As a general rule one should not sleep more than 500 m higher than the last night.
With the new road leading up to Manang one could be tented to drive there to gain some days. Please don’t do it-it is looking for pain and problems.

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Note: Every day you have more on the trek will be a day of joy and pleasure

Possible shedules for the annapurna Circuit, the numbers correspont to the NATT- trail No.’s

Fastest trek with Bus and Jeep rides- If you have only two weeks
Day 1: Kathmandu –Besisahar by bus, continue the same day by Jeep if possible. Only take a jeep if it is going up to Chame. ( 00)
Day 2: Besisahar – Chame by Jeep. Stay one night in Chame, you need this absolutely for acclimatization
Day 3: Chame upper Pisang ( 16)
Day 4: upper Pisang- Gyaru-Ngawal ( 20)
Day 5: Ngawal Braka-Manang ()
Day 6: Manang –Yakkharka
Day 7 Yakkharka Thorong Phedi
Day 8: Thorong Phedi-Thorong la- Muktinath
Day 9: Jeep ride to Jomsom then bus to Tatopani
Day 10: Bus ride to Tatopani or flight to Pokhara
Day 11: Tatopani Pokhara by bus
Plan always at least two extra days for unexpected delays in your schedule
Flights from Jomsom are often cancelled for several days

Normal pace: AC in three weeks
Day 1: Kathmandu- Besisahar–Bhulbhule (2 )
Day 2: Bhulbhule –Bahundanda-Ghermu (3 )
Day 3: Ghermu Chamje-Tal (5, 6, 7 )
Day 4: Tal-Dharapani-Temang-Chame ( 8, 11, 12)
Day 5:Chame-upper Pisang-Gyaru (16, 20, 21)
Day 6: Gyaru-Ngawal-Braka (22, 23 )
Day 7: Daytrip to Ice lake or Milarepas cave, Manang (26, 27 )
Day 8: Rest day in Manang or Khangsar** (28)
Day 9: Manang/Khangsar to Yak Kharka or Churi Ledar (NATT )
Day 10: To Thorong Phedi or High Camp (NATT )
Day 11: Crossing Thorong la-Muktinath (NATT )
Day 12: Muktinath to Kagbeni (NATT )
Day13: Kagbeni Jomsom-Marpha (you might fly back from Jomsom) (NATT )
Day 14: Marpha to Kokhethanti (NATT )
Day 15: Kokhethanti to Ghasa (NATT )
Day 16: Ghasa to Dana or Tatopani (NATT )
Day 17: Dana to Tatopani &hot spring (NATT )
Day 18: Tatopani to Pokhara by Bus (NATT )
Plan always at least two extra days for unexpected delays in your schedule

Full delight: if you have 4 weeks

Day 1: Kathmandu- Besisahar–Bhulbhule ( 2)
Day 2: Bhulbhule –Bahundanda-Ghermu ( 3)
Day 3: Ghermu Chamje-Tal ( 5, 6, 7)
Day 4: Tal-Dharapani-Danaquiu. Temang ( 8, 11, 12) or side trip/  basic homstay in Odar (10, )
Day 5:Temang Chame-(13)
Day 6: Chame- upper Pisang- (N 16, 20)
Day 6: upper Pisang Gyaru-Ngawal ( 21, 22)
Day 7: Ngawal-Braka ( 23, 24)
Day 8: Daytrip to Ice lake or Milarepas cave, Manang (26, 27)
Day 9: Rest day in Manang or Khangsar**(28, 30)
Day 10: Khangsar -tilicho base camp lodge (30, 32)
Day 11: Tilicho base camp lode-Tilicho lake-tilicho base camp lodge (32)
Day 12: Tilicho Base camp lodge . Churi Lethar (34)
Day 13: Churi letad - high camp
Day 14: High camp -Thorong la- Muktinath-Ranipauwa (36)
Day 15: Ranipauwa -Temple of Muktinath- Purang-jharkot-Ranipauwa (43, 45)
Day 16: Muktinath Ranipauwa- ‘Chongur- jhong-Putak Kagbeni*** (50)
Day 17: Kagbeni-Tiri-Kagbeni**(51)
Day 18: High route to Jomsom: Kagbeni-Pakling-Phalyak-Dagajohng-Jomsom (54)
Day 19: Jomsom-Tinigaun-Dumba Lake- Marpha (60)
Day 20: Marpha -Chimang. Chokopani-Tukuche (61, 62) Crossing the Kali Gandaki to Tukuche on small woodne bridges is only possible in the dry season  normaly from mid/end October to May (no guaranty) Larjung
Day 21: roundtrip Larjung Naurikot- two Lakes -Larjung (drop you lugage in Larjung) (64, 65, 67)
Day 22: Larjung-Kalopani-Ghasa (65, 69, 70)
Day 23: Ghasa- Pairothapla Dana (71)
Day 24: Dana -Tatopani &hot spring (71) only 2,5 hours but the rest of the day is for jummy food and hotspring;-)
Day 25: Tatopani to Pokhara by Bus
Day 26/27: Plan always at least two extra days for unexpected delays in your schedule

Continuing to Ghorepani/Poon hill an adding some beautiful days trekking south of Annapurna

one can continue from Tatopani going up to Ghorepani with the famous and awesome view point Poon hill. ( 72) This will take you between 3-7 extra days and offer some breathtaking mountain views. If you have some mord days left you could continue even  to the Annapurna Base Camp.


Overview Annapurna region

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